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  1. Thx I was afraid something like that was the case, suppose it will be like the F1 GTN and we will have to wait for aircraft to be fielded or modified.
  2. I'm confused. With what aircraft will this currently function?
  3. FSX Steam compatible yet?

    The only reason I don't have a J41 is it is not FSXSE comparable, if there were to be a P3D version, I grab it even faster. Please some of us are not inclined to fly zeppelin-sized aircraft, there is a market for a smaller aircraft of PMDG quality
  4. I am appalled at this situation and greatly appreciate the general community being informed of it. I am far to 'young' a flight simmer to be flying a PMDG aircraft, but they are a goal I hope to attain. Personally, I much prefer to purchases games on Steam due to the convenience, but in the flight sim world I purchase from FS retailers or the companies direct. Becoming aware of the enormous cost to developers of using the STEAM distribution chain, I feel much happier about buying more directly and feeding the money to the ppl who make this community possible. I'm sure coding for such an exotic market as FS is a skill known to few and we as consumers of their products must realize that if the developers are not fed they will leave. If I understand the situation correctly, this is a FSX issue not one that will affect P3D, which I have been resisting but which I will instantly transfer to if any company threatens the continuing survival for the small companies that make this community possible.
  5. RealAir Simulations Closure

    Perhaps a dumb question. I know RA sold the Legacy and Duke as FSX and P3D separately, but can I somehow fly my FSX Legacy 1 or 2 and my Turbine Duke 1 or 2 in P3D? I don't expect GTN750 to work, but otherwise are they flyable? My plan had been to get the P3D versions in late December, but that plan has been royally screwed. Love the planes but may be migrating to P3D. the lost of my RA fleet is the biggest problem. :(
  6. RealAir Simulations Closure

    This is so true. As I have made slow steps toward becoming familiar with this hobby it became very clear that there were only a very few developers producing the highest quality product. I fear that RA Secret Sauce will be lost which will be a lose to all of us. But once again, best wishes for what you have shared and prayers for a full recovery for Carla. Final thought, wonder if it would possible to easily put the name 'Secret Sauce' on the Legacy and Duke?
  7. RealAir Simulations Closure

    Thank you very much for your quick response. I may well have misunderstood something. Re - Reinstall - I have logged into the RA site and attempted to download the Installers - Lancair Legacy v2 FSX Retrieve Installer, my most favorite aircraft of all time, downloaded with no problem - Turbine Duke v2 FSX Retrieve Installer, my goal aircraft for twin engine - this required Name and Address, neither of which has changed since I became your customer, however this resulted in No Records Found. I will be doing the follow up suggested at the site. - Although I have both of these in v1, I don't see a need to reinstall them in the future. Regarding reinstalling, as best I understand since I have to have an active internet connection, I have to be able to contact RA to complete the install. Since RA is going away, I believe this is where your comment "I have asked Sean to remove the activation/protection function. He is in control of it." becomes relevant. If I understand correctly, until or unless Sean does in fact remove the activation/protection function in some manner (it would seem this would require a download?) the software is un-reinstallable. Please advise if I have misunderstood or missed something. I did indeed read the prior comments and the only one that seemed specifically relevant was your post about Sean needed to deactivate the activation/protection function. Once again please advise if I'm missing something. And I know this is probably a lost cause, but if the activation/protection issue is resolved, I (at least) would immediately purchase the P3D versions of both. I'm sure I'm not alone in a desire to complete my RA Hanger. Perhaps the person in control, Sean?, might consider making this possible for us long time members of the RA site.
  8. RealAir Simulations Closure

    First, last and foremost; best wishes and prayers for the full recovery of Carla and may all of you have an excellent life after Real Air-the standard against which all FS aircraft have been judged. Please advise on how to not lose the wonderful aircraft we have purchased. 1) How to reinstall our aircraft in the future? 2) Any hope of being able to install them into P3D as purchase of the P3D versions in now denied us? Frankly, after having invested in a number of your aircraft over the years, I'm feeling abandoned. I've purchased the products, but I can't install without your presence and now you are gone with us holding a moderately expensive bag of dying aircraft-aircraft that are gems of their kind.
  9. <p>I did read what Bert had to say. Putting the .exe file in the general simobjects/aircraft not in the actual specific aircraft folder was . . . odd. However, tried it before starting FSX and something processed, but nothing changed in FSX. Will have more time tomorrow to try to figure it out, wish it was clearly explained SIGH</p> <p> </p> <p>UPDATE</p> <p>Just checked again and now I'm seeing and it works. Either I missed it while looking right at it last night or a system reboot with me turning the computer back on this evening helped. Either way success.</p>
  10. OK, downloaded the new updated TB10TB20_103 and installed it. Please share the secret of how to get the GTN750 mounted in the console, as so far nothing I could imagine, lacking any support info, has worked. Come on guys Carenado already has the crown for selling undocumented aircraft, so share the secrets.
  11. Pilatus PC-12, Where Is Everything?

    Just loaded the same aircraft today. Bert's suggestion should work "As for liveries.. are you sure you only got the white livery? Do you have "show all variations" checked?"
  12. Flight1 GNS 430/530 released

    WOW Think I'll stop whimpering about FS prices :wink:
  13. Flight1 GNS 430/530 released

    Would that be for GTN 750 and/or 650, or GNS 430 and/or 530. As a pure sim pilot I have no clue, though I suspect all are pricy. And thx, for the info
  14. Flight1 GNS 430/530 released

    Curious, what do these units cost in the real world?
  15. Does the Trinidad accept/support the brand new Flight1 GNS 430/530? And if not, can we look forward to you tweaking it to support these?