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  1. the B717 is never on sale, snatched it fast.
  2. It's a year later and I had exactly the same problem and the older Install Manager Timest provided is working perfectly, so far, at least it is downloading the files I paid for. Cheer, William
  3. https://www.aerosoft.com/us/sale/military-aircraft-sale/?p=1
  4. this information has cost Carenado a sale. Like the Falcon 50 and like the Carenado glass cockpit, but like the functioning FlySimWare better.
  5. https://store.flightsim.com/vendor/virtualcol/
  6. https://fselite.net/deals-offers/flight-sim-product-spring-sales/
  7. Clearly doesn't sound good and if coming out of China probably 'interesting' if have to go to resolution.
  8. Interesting, and sad. I'm assuming it was something coming to you by mail.
  9. Sale going on. Know nothing about them, just showed up in FB. Just sharing. https://realflightshop.com/en-us/?fbclid=IwAR1Jx-IvZfVhr_4QVtJ1dDbhjqDwYkPVZxJXHuBB9J-5a00zp0H1qee7i6c
  10. Thx, Alistair, guess I failed at their website puzzle.
  11. opps, still new to this p3d thing, thx for the info.
  12. Noticed in the Bargain forum that Eaglesoft was having a 40% sale and out of nostalgia went and looked. They now have the basic GA Liberty 2 for P3D and having just switched to P3D and having bought it as it was my first aircraft in FSX. It was a great first aircraft for familiarization and I could install F1 GTN 750 and learn about that in an otherwise benign environment. A really nice little bird to learn on. However, when loaded up in P3D the instruments in the panel are blank, all of them. Had a similar problem back in FSX with the GTNs being blacked out, but just correcting the F1GTN.ini file fixed that. However, in P3D there is no .ini file. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I've signed up with their Support Forum and waiting to be approved, but thought someone here might know the simple fix? Just noticed, there are no switches on the panel either, so no way to switch anything on, though the aircraft starts with the engine running so presumably power is on.
  13. Checked out their site and no sign of a sale present. Used to be a big fan and would consider 40% off for a multi-platform DA42, but as I said, no sign of a sale.
  14. "Hal Stoen: "Stoenworks Aviation CD"" Thank you for the name he was using for his products. Sadly Mr. Stoen died in 2016 and his website is down, but I found an archive and will be checking it out. In addition, to the two books I mentioned above I have his two books of flying VFR and IFR, which are the best I've ever seen, not massively technical, but invaluably informing for a newbie like myself. He had a good run, but I wish he had had longer (pure selfishness, I like his books). Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20160512154839/http://www.stoenworks.com/Aviation home page.html
  15. Got it, needed the correct title for some reason. My search got me the parts catalogue LOL
  16. Bert, What was title of the Cessna 800B Autopilot Manual? Cessna 800b takes me to Cessna 300B, 400B, 800B Integrated Flight Service Parts (part# D4566-13)
  17. Many thx, my search kept taking me to places with bad English and great uneasiness. The C421 is looking like my summer study aircraft, in between plowing up the landscape. There is so much support for this new aircraft.
  18. I've looked a bit and not found this, where did you purchase you 800B Owner's Manual?
  19. Many Thx, awesome stuff. You have a great instrument suite! Wish Alabeo had used your c421 as it's base model.
  20. My system warns me away for this insecure site.
  21. The Cessna 421B Owner's Manual: How to operate the Cessna 421B Kindle Edition $5.00 https://www.amazon.com/Cessna-421B-Owners-Manual-operate-ebook/dp/B00IHI82D4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1528510744&sr=8-2&keywords=hal+stoen
  22. Reading further in the book and just got to the joy of icing. Does FAX model icing, or P3D? If yes, and which, does the Alabeo C421 model deicing?
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