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    I've loved Flight Simulator from the very first days of the PC. Loved it so much, I decided to get my private pilots license in the mid 90s. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the availability of such great add-ons, but much to my wife's dismay, I've found myself spending a lot more time lately in the virtual cockpit!

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  1. FSLabs, GSX, Pilot2ATC all working fine on my system with all current updates.
  2. If you click on the screenshot, it will appear normally. Somehow, it became distorted only in the post.
  3. I'm definitely not an expert in this area but they look quite good. The manual states "Over 1500 custom-made buildings incl. the whole downtown, bridges, stadiums, harbors/marinas,trains, memorials and other objects; all FPSfriendly, with night textures and PBR effects". Here are some closeup images:
  4. Just picked this add on up and the folks at DD knocked this one out of the park!
  5. Yea, my recommended settings across the board on installation were set to ultra. All data settings are on with no data limitation. I have gig speed fiber to the house so no problem there.
  6. One of the firsts things I noticed on my initial MSFS2020 flight was some of the missing landmarks in Atlanta. Places like Truist Park (previously Suntrust Park) and Mercedes Benz stadium. I thought this data was downloaded real time from Bing maps. I checked Bing maps and of course both of these site are there. Does anyone have any insight on how this works?
  7. Yup, no weather in Atlanta. It's storming right now and I was hoping to check out live weather. No luck so far.
  8. I've bought every version of MSFS since way back in the day. Then I got my private pilots license in 1995. I remember my solo flight and the "wow factor". No desktop simulator can replicate the seat of the pants feel of actually flying. Sometimes, I even feel silly when I post about "flying" on these boards. I'm sitting at a PC, recreating the experience as best as I can. Since then, I've learned a ton about using systems one the big jets that I would never get to experience in real life. There is a "wow factor" to that and it's probably why I've spent thousands of dollars on P3d add on's and hardware upgrades. When I fly on our corporate jet and sit with our chief pilot, I'm amazed by how much I learned from P3d (and I think our chief pilot is amazed that I've had no formal training flying a plane like that!) So now, I just spent about an hour "flying" MSFS 2020 from my home airport and visiting my new house, my old house, our country club, my office, and the "wow factor" I experienced doing that is like nothing I've every experience from any previous sim or in real flight. What Microsoft and Asobo have created is simply amazing. As the third party developers kick into high gear, it is going to be an incredible time for flight simulation. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and I can't wait to see what comes next!
  9. Just to make sure; you placed your cursor inside the box, correct? I wonder what would happen if you deleted the bu0836 profile. Maybe there is a conflict.
  10. You have to place your cursor in the "SEARCH BY INPUT" box, then activate whatever control you want to assign Elevator Trip Down. Be careful though, I assigned elevator trip to one of my joystick axis. In the case illustrated above, you'll have to assign a button.
  11. It takes a little while for airports to download.
  12. Purchase, download, installation all very smooth. No crashes, disk errors or anything like that. I bought the premium edition from the Microsoft Store. Controller was not recognized. Had to assign manually. Learning curve is high, not much help on how to do this. I'm sure it is frustrating for some. Airports took a while to download. At first, my home airport was not installed (KRYY in Cobb County Georgia). Saw it after about 15 minutes. Scenery is pretty amazing but in some cases not up to date. For example, I could see my office building (which was really cool) but Truist Park is not installed and neither is Mercedes Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta. You can see the old Turner field which is still there, and the Georgia Dome, which is not there anymore. Weather was working for me. KATL & KRYY are okay, but definitely not 3rd party quality. Control tower missing from KRYY Frame rates doing a quick flight in the 172 were very good. Flew from KRYY to KATL. I do have a gig speed fiber connection so I'm sure that helps in this area. I could definitely fly to KATL using visual reference. Took a longer flight in the 320 Neo from KATL to KORD: ATC needs some work. Didn't get very good vectors. Ended up doing a visual approach to KORD. The 320 is definitely not study level. Lots of inop controls. AP didn't seem to be very reliable. couldn't click on the FMS, etc. Basics are there but that was about it. Frame rates were okay, even landing into KORD. I'm excited for the future!
  13. When you look at all of the assignable options, it can be a little overwhelming. I had your same issue at first, but that was because I assigned elevator up and elevator down to my Saitek instead of assigning elevator axis.
  14. If you open the devices and printers menu from the Windows control panel, you should be able to see if your controller is being recognized. If it is, then MSFS will see it, you just have to manually configure it.
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