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    I've loved Flight Simulator from the very first days of the PC. Loved it so much, I decided to get my private pilots license in the mid 90s. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the availability of such great add-ons, but much to my wife's dismay, I've found myself spending a lot more time lately in the virtual cockpit!

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  1. mmcwill1

    TFDI 717?

    I’ve never had the CTD issue with or without Chaseplane.
  2. Thank you so much for your work over the years. I've been looking for a GA ATC and this gift is super timely.
  3. Weather is perfect for shooting approaches at KRYY. Just above minimums. I've been sitting here for almost two hours flying my Alabeo M20 and my wife thinks I'm crazy!
  4. Well, I went out and updated the base pack then bought the expansion, loaded everything up, chose the MD-88 in Delta colors then went to my local class B airport (KATL), cold and dark, and took a screen shot. All I can say is WOW. I didn't get KORD for Christmas, but this will certainly do!
  5. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    Is the 757 working well under 4.4? I've got it but haven't even tried it yet...
  6. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    I had a coworker who owned a Mooney; absolutely a beautiful plane. I went up with him several times for short flights around Georgia. He used it for angel flights, vacations, etc. But in the end, all of the fees you mentioned became too much. And that was for a retired Naval officer with essentially two incomes. It was at that point, I knew I probably would never own a plane (unless i win the lottery some day!)
  7. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    All my friends who own planes or go in on planes all say they are money pits. I'd keep renting as well!
  8. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    Our company owns a Hawker 850XP that I travel in from time to time. I love standing up front just watching our pilots do their businesses. It's the only way to travel!
  9. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    I don't understand the delay. Such an iconic airport, major hub, etc. I know things are changing there, but still, I figured by now something would be out!
  10. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    I second that!
  11. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    Man, for $10k more, you could get a nice, used Cessna 152!
  12. mmcwill1

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    For me, it's an updated KORD. At this point, I don't really care who comes out with an update first! I check the forums every morning hoping for some news... What are you waiting for?
  13. mmcwill1

    NYC Dusk on 9/17 - Stunning!

    Really great views!
  14. I've only purchased one Carenado Expansion pack for the Citation S550, and I'm relatively happy with that purchase, but of course, that does not have a G1000 installed. With the release of the F1 Mustang, I bought that right away, but as noted, the G1000 does not support VNAV. I was wondering if any of you have purchased any Carenado G1000 Expansions (100/300 Phenom or PA46 Meridian) and are happy with that purchase. Thanks for the insight!