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    I've loved Flight Simulator from the very first days of the PC. Loved it so much, I decided to get my private pilots license in the mid 90s. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the availability of such great add-ons, but much to my wife's dismay, I've found myself spending a lot more time lately in the virtual cockpit!

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  1. mmcwill1

    NYC Dusk on 9/17 - Stunning!

    Really great views!
  2. I've only purchased one Carenado Expansion pack for the Citation S550, and I'm relatively happy with that purchase, but of course, that does not have a G1000 installed. With the release of the F1 Mustang, I bought that right away, but as noted, the G1000 does not support VNAV. I was wondering if any of you have purchased any Carenado G1000 Expansions (100/300 Phenom or PA46 Meridian) and are happy with that purchase. Thanks for the insight!
  3. Great shots! I just had my 550 out flying from KRYY to KTPA. Lot of fun to fly!
  4. mmcwill1

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    My coupon is still not working as well. I noticed that even though the link on Flight1 indicates the coupon is for the FSX version, when I run the coupon in the wrapper, it's asking for a P3d order number. I do loathe that Flight1 wrapper setup!
  5. mmcwill1

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Yea, I'm debating with myself whether I should just pay full price and then submit the ticket for the refund. The Mustang was one of my favorite planes!
  6. mmcwill1

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Same problem, coupon code not working.
  7. mmcwill1

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Well as of 19:18 Z, the coupon needed to get the discount is not available. There's a note saying "coming soon"!
  8. mmcwill1

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    I got an email from the Wilco support team thanking me for the solution. Sounds like they are working on fixing a bunch of the bugs in the plane. I don't know, I really have to give all of you developers out there a ton of credit, even the guys at Wilco. The work you all do is amazing. When I think how far flight simulation has come, I'm really blown away. Thank you for all of your work!
  9. mmcwill1

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    Here is a screen shot of the Falcon on start up. I haven't figured out a way to load cold and dark, but I figured this was a good start.
  10. mmcwill1

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    So here is what I did: Ran the installer and pointed to my default Prepar3d folder. This installed a Wilco/Falcon 7x folder. In the Falcon 7X folder, there are two folders with the files that are needed to run the gauges and displays. The Driver folder contains a file called Falcon7xFMS.dll and the Gauges folder has two files, Falcon7x.CAB and FalconCockpit.dll. I copied all of these files into the Wilco/Falcon 7x/SimObjects/Airplanes/Wilco_Dassault_Falcon7X/panel folder. You'll notice that there are the same files in this panel folder but they are an older date. I created an archive folder and put the old files there. Once I did that, I was able to run the Falcon. I was able to update all of the nav data using Navigraph and as I mentioned, I did a test flight from KATL to KIAD. It was an okay flight. Wilco products do tend to have a few more bugs than I like, and FPS took a hit on final approach. The landing lights lighted up the flight deck and not the runway, but hey, other than that, it was a decent flight.
  11. mmcwill1

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    I do have the latest version and did experience the issue with the VC and displays not working. After a bit of troubleshooting I was able to get it working. I can share the solution as soon as I get home from work. I did a flight from KATL to KIAD. There were a few bugs, and I did run into a FPS issue on final, but overall I enjoyed the update. Before I got it to work I was in touch with a member of tech support. He achnowledfed that there is an issue with the current version and P3D 4.3. He was interested in my fix as well. I’ll be able to share in just a bit.
  12. I love the Maddog! The textures really do look great and it is a lot of fun to fly. I take a lot of short haul business trips out of KATL on Delta, so I fly in a lot of MD-88s and it amazing to see how close the Maddog matches the real thing.
  13. mmcwill1

    LatinVFR KMIA Lighting Issue

    I did have my AA set to 4x MSAA by default, tried to set it at 8 with no change. This is an interesting problem, haven't really come across anything like it. KMIA is the only airport that does this. I have several addons, including LatinVFR KSAN and KBWI. Well, hopefully we can get it figured out. Thanks again for the input.
  14. mmcwill1

    LatinVFR KMIA Lighting Issue

    Thanks for the input. Do you have suggested settings for AA or other graphics setting?. I tried each setting, and the problem didn't go away; FPS just kept getting worse. Do I change those settings from within P3d or use the Nvidia control panel? Thanks!
  15. While I'm waiting to get the ability to post in the LatinVFR forums, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with this runway lighting issue at KMIA. I've played around with various settings buy have not figured out how to get the "spiky" lighting to go away.Any help would be greatly appreciated!