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  1. kaloska

    DA62 VRAM Usage? Spikes to MAX....?

    Hi Bert Better with those settings, but the internal engine sound lag terrible and it's useless to me. The VRAM load goes back to 3-4 GB, frame rate was acceptable now, but the sound issue is there. I've tried everything already (motherboard sound driver reinstall, sound quality settings back to 16bit/44000Hz CD, and Nvidia HD audio disabling, Latency check). The engine/prop sound goes up and down very slow and laggy, compare to the external sound. And every change on the G1000 screens, while reloaded the data, cause framerate drops and sound lags. Every other addon works good (PMDG NGX, F1 B200, Majestic Q400, A2A, F1GTN). My system is poor for this addon I think. I was not patient enough with this purchase. I don't want purchase any hardware for my aged system, and my video card only 5 months old, because the preious card ruined. A complete new system too much for me now. Uninstalled again 😞
  2. kaloska

    DA62 VRAM Usage? Spikes to MAX....?

    Hi Lenny777 ! I have the some VRAM and performance problem too. I have only 4GB Nvidia Gf 1050Ti card (and an old i5 750/3500 MHz 8Gb/1600MHz RAM system), and this plane unusable for me at this time and uninstalled now. This plane perform worse from my addons. Worse then F1 B200 ( Surprisingly), Majestic Q400,and PMDG737NG which I can use without big problem with my outdated system with internal locked 20Fps. My GPU load 100% with this addon and I have a lot of microstutters, and with my F1 B200 with similar G1000 I have only 25-30% VRAM load. Reduced all sliders a lot but it's not helped too. Internal sound is gradually changing (Steep with 1%) with the engine speed changes and not continuously fluid as in the external sound. Updated the GPU drivers too. I'm very disappointed because I didn't read minimal system requirement before I bought it because the AVSIM Membership reported good performane with this nice addon. I have fresh P3D v4.4 and with only several planes installed now, no OrbX or other framerate killer apps installed so far. Sorry for my bad english, not my native language .
  3. kaloska

    Aerosoft Piper Super Cub Thumbnails?

    Or use this free software to make thumbnail: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Autothumbnail&CatID=root&Go=Search
  4. Thanks for the quotes, I will try the demo I think.
  5. Hi Folks , I'm thinking about the purchase of Flight1 GTN 750 for FSX. My config: i5-750/3.3GHz(OC), 4Gb 1333MHz RAM, AMD 4980/1Gb Graphic card. Will there be enough power for this software ? I read that the requirement is 8Gb Ram, but I don't want to buy any new hardware now. Thanx
  6. kaloska

    Flight1 B200 v1.4

  7. Hi I like to ask folks, what news in the v1.4 version compared to the v1.3 ? New features or only reduced bugs ? thx
  8. Hi ! I tried this trick, but regularly saw the runway lights through the mountains, especially at night. It took some time before I realized the cause of visual defect. I restored the original config, and the error was gone
  9. Hi Folks ! Is it possible to write out to the screen the current seat / eyepoint "XYZ" positions-coordinates, like the zoom factor ? What must be write to the fsx config ? How can I do that ? Thank You !
  10. Hi ! First thank You for the work. I like to ask, that It is necessary for me to install Bert's last Mods, or just enough to install this ? And, if necessary, in what order ? Thank You !
  11. kaloska

    How can I get all the fixes?

    Hi Bert ! Please send me Your last updates to zkalos@t-online.hu Thank You very much !
  12. Very nice work ! And how can I put a photo scenery layer ? What is the process order and for example, how do I find photo scenery to a specific airport ? And one more question: Can I use objects from an installed airport too ? Thank You !
  13. kaloska

    OOM with damaged FSX data?

    I hope may be help for checking it, if You have not already read it.: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/449198-objective-vas-analysis-a-lua-script-to-assist-with-ooms/