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  1. And if somebody took your stick away and you were left with only a keyboard, all that would be left is GTA V. 😄
  2. I "fly" helicopters as well so no rudder pedals = carpal tunnel syndrome :-D . I wonder not how you can land an aircraft in crosswind but how you can keep it on runway without differential breaking... Since you have "cz" in your nickname ... are you from Czechia? If so and if you live near the border with Poland, check the prices there. I bought my Saitek pedals approx. 30% cheaper during one of my trips to Kraków.
  3. Aircraft MJC Q400 PMDG DC-6 Milviz Beaver + expansion Utilities Plan-G Navigraph Charts Android app Flight1 GTN Airport/Scenery ORBX South Alaska ORBX Vector Return to Misty Moorings sceneries Textures REX SkyForce REX Airport buildings ORBX Global
  4. emko

    Which AN-2?

    OK, thanks very much!
  5. emko

    Which AN-2?

    Thanks very much! BTW the Aerosoft one looks it has "only" wheels, not floats or skis whereas the ATSim looks it has straight floats and skis. Is it true?
  6. emko

    Which AN-2?

    Hello, I'd like to add a Russian aircraft to my virtual hangar (well, hope I did not insult Ukrainian friends around here - AN-2 is from Ukraine :) ). Since I do most of my flights low and slow over ORBX regions of Alaska, AN-2 is a very good candidate. However I found there are two versions of it, one from Aerosoft and one from AT Simualtions. How do they compare, please? I was not able to find a decent comparison. Thanks! M
  7. emko


    I have Milviz Bell 407. It's a fine model but to be honest DCS Huey and Gazelle feel much better to me. I'd really consider it if you are into combat flying.
  8. From what you listed for buying I have only the REX SkyForce. It's an overhyped eye-candy, definitely not a necessity. I usually "fly" over Alaskan fjords with ORBX SAK and Return to Misty Moorings scenery so the beautiful clouds increased my 'fun factor' by a lot. For me it was worth it but I recommend to think twice before buying it. If you like hiking in a mild rain and starring at the mountains partially covered by clouds (like I do), then buy it. BTW do you like VFR flying over some area which is covered by ORBX? If so, I'd think about that first rather than special effects. Edit: I second to what /u/Dazkent said. Haswell family processors were definitely not bad but the 4th gen Core is getting a bit old nowadays. Currently I have i7 Skylake (6th gen), upgrade from my previous Ivy Bridge (3rd). It is a difference even the clock speed is similar. P3D is a bit specific case that every MHz of clock speed is noticeable but still, 4th gen i7 3GHz will perform worse than a comparable 8th gen i7 3GHz. If upgrading to a newer CPU is not an option, can you overclock it?
  9. emko

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Thanks, I am aware of that. I'm going to buy another 1x16GB later*, exactly the same as this one therefore I'll have a dual channel later. BTW How much it affects the performance in P3D? Usually it's noticeable only by overclockers who beat the dump out of their PCs. Which, clearly, I am not 🙂 . * For gaming it is overkill but I'll use the computer for other tasks as well. For some, I barely fit into 32GB. (Yes, you guessed it, I code in Java 😄.) Thanks! But is it able use faster RAM than specified?
  10. emko

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Thank you for your inputs! As djbully suggested, I decided to go with faster RAM - 1x16GB 3000MHz CL15. The 3000MHz should be the fastest Ryzen 5 2nd gen can handle, according to the spec. Or am I missing anything? Thanks!!! I will definitely check that. TBH I am sitting on a fence whether Rx580 or 1060. I'm yet to have a good experience with an ATI card. What I like on Rx580 is just the bigger VRAM. What kind of CPU was that? AMD is a bit of hit and miss. I remember having two Opteron based servers at work, one Bulldozer 1st gen based and one Piledriver based. Bull was pretty bad, we jokingly said 'Paid nothing, got nothing' (compared to Xeon). Pile was pretty OK. Ryzen 2nd gen is based on Zen+ architecture (Pinnacle Ridge), they should be pretty good.
  11. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a new computer and I'd be delighted to hear your opinions. Budget needs to be kept "wife-friendly" which in my case means USD 900 (it's actually 1150 but here in Europe electronics is more expensive than in the USA so 850-900 is a better baseline). Further upgrades like more RAM or another HDD are planned. My typical mission is flying around ORBX SAK + Misty Moorings scenery or DCS Gazelle (low and slow flying helicopter) - these are the missions I would like to optimize for. For flying PMDG or Q400 I don't really care whether I have 60 or 24 fps. I'd like to have REX clouds, very dense scenery, detailed clouds, dynamic lighting, volumetric fog and 30fps stable at 1920x1080 resolution. HDR lighting, some autogen, water reflections and shadows would be a nice bonus. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6 core with hyper threading, 3.4-3.9GHz) GPU: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ Rx580 8GB Hard drive: ADATA XPG SX8200 M.2 NVMe 480GB MB: Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro Memory: 2x8GB ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 (2666 MHz CL 16 Non-ECC) PSU: Corsair TX650M (650W, 80+ Gold) I plan to add another at least 16GB of RAM and 1TB HDD in the future. I saw couple of benchmarks and the Ryzen 5 CPU was on par with i5-8600 which cost twice as much (at least here). I wonder if it's worth the extra cost. Same thing with the GPU - Rx580 is roughly on par with GeForce 1060 in benchmarks and the cost is the same but has 8GB of VRAM while the NVidia has 6GB. What are your opinions on this, please? Thanks!
  12. emko

    Bush Flying in P3D V4

    I second http://return.mistymoorings.com/. There is even a virtual airline, named Misty Moorings Flying Club http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/. For their sceneries to work you need ORBX areas or Tongass Fjords though you don't need them all at once. Milviz published Beaver and Otter which have their places in bush. You can have a lot of fun with Aerosoft Twin Otter as well.
  13. emko

    Can my laptop run p3d v4? :)

    I have Intel HD520 in my laptop. Performance-wise the P3D v4 is the best, then P3D v3 and FSX:SE is even worse. I run ORBX scenery of Alaska (not airports), Milviz Beaver and B732 are the most demanding aircraft I have. It works. Barely but yes. Your graphics card is much better. The same goes for CPU, I have i7 6600U. My installation folder is 70GB with all add-ons. Having it on SSD makes a huge difference, don't underestimate the speed of a disk. So yes, it will run on your computer quite happily. But be prepared for some tuning depending on scenery/aircraft/types of flight you want to fly. You will have to make some sacrifices.
  14. emko

    Elevator Issue

    Is this behavior present on other aircraft or is this issue on the ground or in the air? This really can make a difference because Q400 has small control surfaces on its elevators which moves the opposite way to ease the force needed to move the elevators. It's possible that on the ground you see these surfaces, not the actual elevators.
  15. emko

    Windows 10 and P3D

    If you want to start really fresh, just backup your most important data, start the installation and do a full format of your hard disk. However you can't revert back. So if Win10 doesn't work for you, you'll end with a freshly installed Windows 7 (if you still have an installation media) and a nasty feeling that you literally wasted a truckload of your time. If you install Windows 10 over existing Windows 7 (or 8), you can revert back later - your original Windows installation is automagically backed up. However this is not a fresh install so if your present Windows installation is already bloated, slow and sluggish, it won't get any better. You can do the same thing I did - I installed Win10 over Win7, checked that everything worked properly and then I performed a fresh install of Windows 10.