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  1. Speaking of IFR long halus, another cheater here. For PMDG DC-6 and Aerosoft DC-8, I use time compression (2x or 4x). I need to manage fuel or update the INS (or tune NAV radios if I use them for flying - not really possible anymore over Europe). I usually sit in front of my desk, check the aircraft from time to time and play a guitar, read a book, watch a film ... Speaking of other aircraft than the aforementioned two (some A2A or Milviz GA aircraft, Aerosoft Bus or Mjc Q400) - I see no reason to fly long flights in them. I tend to keep the flights up to 90 minutes. One of the most entertaining flights I've done recently in Aerosoft A318 was from London Biggin Hill to London City 😄 .
  2. This list https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-05-21-AIRAC/html/eAIP/EG-ENR-4.1-en-GB.html#ENR-4.1 contains only 4 NDBs. E.g. it contains Woodley (352 kHz, WOD) which is a part of 4 ATS routes and a couple of EGLL procedures but not Chiltern (211 kHz, CHT) which is only used on some approaches. Both are charted on both Navigraph charts and on real world ICAO 2171CD (Southern England and Wales) Ed. 46 (for year 2020). Unfortunately, SMF NDB is charted on neither of them. May be it really is a history. Since the European VORs, NDBs and even ATS routes (in some FIRS) are being decommissioned at a crazy pace, this wouldn't surprise me. (You can actually see that some VORs were decommissioned but their collocated DMEs remained in service - e.g. Dean Cross - DCS 115.20 MHz.
  3. Wow! I paid USD68 (in today's exchange rate - the rate between my currency and USD changed a lot since then due to the bad Corona (the non-Mexican one 😄)) and still I think that the price was more than reasonable. Especially compared to some 85-ish for Aerosoft Airbus 320 (which was a good money as well, BTW).
  4. Yes. Since you can upgrade the edition by paying just the price difference it's wise to start with the Pilot and upgrade later if you like the aircraft.
  5. I am subscribed to Navigraph and FsAerodata. Couldn't recommend them more. It probably depends on your style of flying. I use the Navigraph Charts app as a moving map for taxiing (running on a separate computer). Sometimes there are things missing from the default scenery (speaking of Seattle, even runways 😄 ). But you can get a lot of either free or paid for scenery if it bothers you.
  6. Although not youtube, this helped me a lot: https://www.airline2sim.com/course/q400-cadet/ https://www.airline2sim.com/course/q400-first-officer/ I don't remember whether the guy said which European airline used to be his employer but from the route structure he showed (he showed only the things he had done at work*) he was flying for FlyBe. * e.g. he didn't fly to EGLC so they didn't show that but they picked another steep approach showing the technique
  7. Although there is some learning curve to the FMC, it's not that much harder to use than Boeing FMC or the Airbus one. If you are familiar with the Boeing one you will learn it quickly (not as quickly as the Airbus, though - if the design behind the Boeing FMC was to make a usable FMC, the design behind the Airbus one could be to make it as convenient and intuitive as possible but overdone in a typical French way so the opposite is true; the design behind the Q400 FMC could be to do it in the least convenient manner possible 🙂 ).
  8. As a European, I do get it. Since virtually all of them are RNAV in Europe, this will not work. (RNAV is mandatory for IFR flying in Europe, so no "/A equipment" for IFR like in USA). Some countries even abolished airways. Look here https://skyvector.com/?ll=48.34432367501014,18.937866213635473&chart=304&zoom=3&fpl= LHBP undefined LZZI . So yes, without GPS (or other RNAV equipment), you fly VFR. In P3D, nothing prevents you from inputting them manually (you would lose the "mandatory fly-over points" but in a sim, no big deal) if you don't fly on IVAO or VATSIM. On these networks you can always ask for radar vectors and this is what you would get IRL if your GPS failed during the flight. Same thing happened to radios - 8.33kHz spacing is mandatory in Europe. Edit: I understand that flying some complex SIDs/STARs just with radios and charts is quite a fun in sim and I do it as well. I bought this model even I knew it does not support SIDs and STARs and I really miss them but I am not trying to bash this model because of it. I just hope that it could get this feature sometimes. I don't care that much whether it uses the default nav data or is updateable from Navigraph - I have subscribed to both Navigraph and FSAerodata.
  9. When I bought my current rig, I had only one SSD. So I installed it to the default folder (C:\Program Files...). When I bought another SSD (specifically for games) I moved the whole directory and made a junction (https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/278262-mklink-create-use-links-windows.html) so the system still thinks its on the disk C although it physically is not. Not a single problem because of this.
  10. And if somebody took your stick away and you were left with only a keyboard, all that would be left is GTA V. 😄
  11. I "fly" helicopters as well so no rudder pedals = carpal tunnel syndrome :-D . I wonder not how you can land an aircraft in crosswind but how you can keep it on runway without differential breaking... Since you have "cz" in your nickname ... are you from Czechia? If so and if you live near the border with Poland, check the prices there. I bought my Saitek pedals approx. 30% cheaper during one of my trips to Kraków.
  12. Aircraft MJC Q400 PMDG DC-6 Milviz Beaver + expansion Utilities Plan-G Navigraph Charts Android app Flight1 GTN Airport/Scenery ORBX South Alaska ORBX Vector Return to Misty Moorings sceneries Textures REX SkyForce REX Airport buildings ORBX Global
  13. emko

    Which AN-2?

    OK, thanks very much!
  14. emko

    Which AN-2?

    Thanks very much! BTW the Aerosoft one looks it has "only" wheels, not floats or skis whereas the ATSim looks it has straight floats and skis. Is it true?
  15. Hello, I'd like to add a Russian aircraft to my virtual hangar (well, hope I did not insult Ukrainian friends around here - AN-2 is from Ukraine :) ). Since I do most of my flights low and slow over ORBX regions of Alaska, AN-2 is a very good candidate. However I found there are two versions of it, one from Aerosoft and one from AT Simualtions. How do they compare, please? I was not able to find a decent comparison. Thanks! M
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