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  1. Hi JasonW, in your xml I noticed that in the scenery category, the line showing your path ends 'scenery\world'. I think it should be 'scenery\world\scenery Mike
  2. Hi Jevon, Many thanks for sending me the mod. Everything appears to work well. Using the NAV button, the aircraft followed the flightplan from the GTN750, but using VNAV it also followed the vertical profile which I had added to an identical flightplan in the FMS. I added several new waypoints en route, with varying altitudes, and the aircraft successfully followed them. One thing I noticed with both the original and the modified version is that a very steep descent is possible. At one point, with approx 80% fuel load, I was able to descend at 6,500 ft/min at idle without gaining speed, as if there was a large speedbrake in use. I don't know how this compares to the real aircraft. Thanks again, I'm really enjoying flying with this mod. Mike
  3. Hi Ray I think Task Manager doesn't show the overclocked speed. I use a utility called CPU ID (one of many available), which shows information about the CPU, including the actual overclocked speed. My new PC confused me initially, as the speed shown in this utility jumped up and down. This was due to a resource saving function - when required - ie under load, the CPU remains at its maximum overclocked speed. There are other utilities which will show you CPU and GPU temperatures as well as speed - you can watch these as you fly low over detailed scenery! Best regards Mike
  4. Hi, Problem solved. I have used a fix mentioned in another forum post, removing wxstationlist.bin, as described on the Chaseplane Support Page: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/support/products/ChasePlane/ Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi, I bought Chaseplane recently, really like the program, but have a problem switching views from cockpit to outside view. I am using P3d v4.3. I can switch the view to outside using the P3d menu - views, and have created presets for cockpit and outside views. I followed some of the suggestions in this forum, deleting the cameras.cfg file, and allowing Chaseplane to rebuild it. I also deleted the Prepar3d.cfg file, ran the default F-22 flight at Eglin, and all worked perfectly. I could switch aircraft, go to other US airports and switch to outside views and back with no problems. As I normally fly from the UK, I tried starting a flight at a UK airport, and the original problem returned. I also noticed that, once the problem had come back, returning to Eglin using the 'Go to airport' menu item did not recover the ability to switch from Cockpit to Outside again, until P3d was restarted. I have tried disabling UK scenery addons, and antivirus, but with no success. I have Activesky installed but am not currently using it. I've also found that during the loading process, Chaseplane Bridge occasionally reports that it has closed, but after restarting the sim it has loaded OK. I have sent a report file as you have requested from others posting in the forum. Thanks Mike
  6. Mike_G

    Earth Wind Map

    Thanks, fascinating! Mike
  7. I agree completely - I installed the demo and think it is the best scenery I've ever seen in FS. Also, I found that even when flying low the detail in the scenery still stands up.Looking forward to the full product!Mike
  8. CraigLook on the bright side.Cost of aircraft fuel $0Maintenance costs $0Airworthiness inspections $0Landing fees $0Upkeep of US road network $0Airport maintenanceand staff costs $0Bargain?And you have some great addons!My wife is not yet convinced by this argument but I keep trying!Mike
  9. I bought it yesterday and have been flying it ever since. Ther are some really nice touches, great gauges and lots of information for the pilot. The 'smoke' effect is really impressive, and gives the appearance of hot air behind the engines.Mike
  10. Thanks for all the information about the F117 - it sounds like a fascinating product at a reasonable price. The replacement radio gauge file may well prove useful with addons like Radar Contact, which does change radio frequencies for you.Thanks againMike
  11. I just read Brian Fletcher's interesting review of the F-117 Nighthawk, and am wondering if this will work with Radar Contact, or if the aircraft is so accurately modelled that ATC is unable to track you.Stealthily yours,Mike
  12. Thanks Bryan and Randy for your info. I think the Philippine airport that you mentioned may be Butuan Bancasi - from a file search I found that Ver Walter Gulfan has worked on several airport sceneries. Also, Fly Tampa Midway is on my wanted list (I have their KSFO and KSAN) so hopefully will see those 'passengers' sometime!Mike
  13. I wonder if there is a developer working on simulating people in FS. I recently purchased Mega-Airport Frankfurt, which is a wonderful add on, with extensive animation of trucks, buses, and cars on the autobahn. But imagine how much more real it would seem if there were small groups of people working on the tarmac, and passengers moving inside the terminal. Fly low over a village and you might catch a glimpse of people in the street or on the way to the pub. Yes, I know it's a flight simulator, and as such it's primary aim should be to provide as real a flying experience as possible - but, like scenery, I'm sure an add on like this would add enormously to the fun of FS. You could also check the quality of your flying by entering the passenger cabin to see how green the passengers looked.Maybe one day.Mike
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