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  1. OK, that is some seriously cool stuff! Love the gizmos! Now, let's leave this topic on topic though! :wink:
  2. Is it out of financial reasons you decided to stay with AMD?
  3. For the real comparison it must be made sure the same addons are installed and configured. Only SUCH comparison can be measured. And smoothness is non-measurable. It is only subjective.
  4. Yes, workarounds are fine, but the point is the principle. They force you from the beginning to use it.
  5. What bothers me is that Microsoft is FORCING us to use a Metro as a start up. I do not want that. EDIT: And this is what I said as my 8000th post! LOL
  6. As they say, you don't make the same mistake twice.
  7. Indeed. And made lots and lots of mad customers (I am dealing with them daily). I know that VIsta is basically W7 under the hood with some serious fixes. I am not saying that W8 is a flop systemwise. It is what is over the hood that will make it flop. Vista was a systemwise flop, something people could not see. But were disappointed with the instability afterwards, something you didn't see as you probably don't face hundreds of private customers buying laptops and PCs with Vista. W8 will suffer the other flop, and that is that people will not convert to W8 being on W7. Not to mention the awful Metro. The only way people are going to be forced to buy W8 is via buying hardware with preinstalled windows. And our hardware sales are going to drop, that I predict. And not only ours. Yes, it is also something I noticed. It must be a business plan, to push the sales of upcoming OS. See MacOSx, they barely have these problems, they never have "bad" OS... yet, their sales are not as nearly as high as Microsoft's.
  8. Are you serious? Vista was nothing but failed 7. Even today with all the updates and service packs, Vista is a flop.
  9. I don't understand people going W8. I bet you guys who went W8 also went Windows Vista when it came out? Not that W8 is as bad as Vista was, but it's gonna be a bigger flop than Vista... many are predicting that.
  10. I didn't believe there were still people out there without this fix! You should buy it, if you didn't already. The guy really deserves the support.
  11. It's the reason I didn't get it... the need to fiddle with cfg files for each aircraft makes my head spin. Good addon if you are ready to do that.
  12. I tested the tool on some sceneries, including Amsterdam, I saw FPS increase of about 10% in the same view, 31fps vs 33fps. But I didn't test anything else yet. Neumanix, see if you can solve the problem. In the meantime, I'll unpin it. When you are done and tested, we'll see further.
  13. I'll pin this temporarily, see how things go. You say one can't mess up this sim - I hope it is like that. Let's see what it brings.
  14. In that case no prob. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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