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  1. Kosta

    UK2000 Heathrow Extreme!

    FSDT can be directly compared with the quality of UK2000, and I would even dare it has the upper edge. Both being really excellent quality, and I barely see it any more - I am totally used to it, flying often from Gatwick which is on par with the Heathrow. Anything less for me, and THAT I notice.
  2. Kosta

    REX Essential Plus issues

    Darkstar, Their upgrade process does leave a lot to be desired. But I believe they now want to change it and have a bit hard time doing so, because of the overdrive package. It's basically either live with the upgrade process or they can't offer OD. I prefer the first. Concerning problems: I installed the full package from the FSS and then just upgraded with the correct package to the OD. All went well. I suggest you uninstall completely and install original + OD (the correct one). For me, everything's fine. Don't forget, this is software, made by people, and people tend to make errors too. Nevertheless, their support has always been there for me, so if you need help, I'm sure you'll get it!
  3. Kosta

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    That ain't much B) Not really.
  4. Kosta

    FSX OOM api.dll patcher

    I agree with above posts. It looks like the Pete's "dingdingding" option, but a little more "harsh"... What needs to be done is found a way, if there is such possibility, to clean the FSX VAS. To defragment it. But as mentioned, quite impossible. Or is it?
  5. Kosta

    EZDok Camera Setup Question

    Well, what I do: First have to enable the joystick in ezca - common setup explained in the video tutorials. It's as simple as choosing your joytick in the setup menu. Then create your camera, and right up assign it either a joystick button or a keyboard button. That's basically it. Now - did you run the ezca config to configure all your aircraft for ezca? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. Kosta

    EZDok Camera Setup Question

    Martin, What you want, as far as I understand it, is exactly what I have... Press a button, switch to main view, press 2nd button, switch to FMC... like cameras which change to position in the VC. What's your trouble?
  7. Kosta

    P3D launcher?

    Go to FSUIPC download page, download makernwys.exe, put into FSX folder and execute.
  8. Kosta

    P3D launcher?

    I apologize if my choice of words offended you, I was never aware it was maybe poor. Thank you for examining the files and now that it has been confirmed that it is free, I hope everyone can rest easy. Better to be safe than sorry, I say.
  9. Kosta

    FSX OOM api.dll patcher

    ralf, well, if that were possible, someone would have done it already!
  10. Kosta

    P3D launcher?

    Maarten, Your computer must be infected or something, because you just released us a Launcher filled with Trojans. I don't believe these are false alarms, sorry. The first thing here the file has been deleted, Kaspersky gave me this message, note that not only one file is infected, there is url.exe??? in the archive, WHAT FOR?): Please take all the files down before more people get infected!
  11. Kosta

    FSX OOM api.dll patcher

    Are you really checking the VAS via Process Explorer or just looking at the Task Manager? I had enough screenshots showing 4,050,000...KB in PE for Virtual Space. And VeryBumpy made a good representation.
  12. Kosta

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Yep. Having this issue almost all the time. I am sure there is some addon that is not working with it, but couldn't bother to go finding it, due to the FPS drop it causes. My FSX is totally unstable with SweetFX.
  13. Kosta


    OK, that is some seriously cool stuff! Love the gizmos! Now, let's leave this topic on topic though! :wink:
  14. Kosta

    FSX OOM api.dll patcher

    I read through this thread with great interest. Now, while we wait for 64bit and non-accel and accel, I will only say one thing: while others report crashes already at 3.3-3.5 (VAS?), my FSX does not crash before reaching 4.05GB or about of VAS. And that is really a lot, I must do lots of thing to crash it with that much. Or simply set ridiculously high LOD_RADIUS.
  15. Kosta

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Nein, sind's nicht. Habe die deutsche Tastatur und ich kann es mittels Rollen auf- und abdrehen.