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  1. OK, that is some seriously cool stuff! Love the gizmos! Now, let's leave this topic on topic though! :wink:
  2. Is it out of financial reasons you decided to stay with AMD?
  3. I didn't believe there were still people out there without this fix! You should buy it, if you didn't already. The guy really deserves the support.
  4. I tested the tool on some sceneries, including Amsterdam, I saw FPS increase of about 10% in the same view, 31fps vs 33fps. But I didn't test anything else yet. Neumanix, see if you can solve the problem. In the meantime, I'll unpin it. When you are done and tested, we'll see further.
  5. I'll pin this temporarily, see how things go. You say one can't mess up this sim - I hope it is like that. Let's see what it brings.
  6. In that case no prob. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. Yes, just look in the link in my sig. It's definitely a good guide due to hundreds of reports in the thread. But if you want to go with Bojote, you're very welcome.
  8. Yes, I did. I don't really understand what the question is?
  9. You can load it just as same in p3d and run it. Need to copy 737 though from fsx, don't forget the gauges, sounds, effects if any... I know i ran it back when p3d came out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I saw none. Had a clone config running back when I was testing different monitors before I got the Catleap, didn't notice any drops.
  11. LOL guys... come on, this ain't the 3DMark competition, eg. who has a .1 decimal score more!
  12. Thanks Yves. This is a clear test many are asking about how many performance one loses when going from one to 3 screens. Basically 25% performance is lost.
  13. No, BP=0 should actually have a positive result on the benchmark.
  14. I'm aware there might be erroneous results, but in general, list tells what it should - if you get a similar hardware, you have enough computers to compare with and make sure your performance is on par - this is what the list there for in the first place.
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