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  1. The tests we did some time ago, the user was Descend Descend, he has two GTX580s, and I we were making comparisons with my own computer, and in the end, measured up to *almost* double FPS (if I remember correctly) in some scenarios. Yes, this will only work for scenery-view only, as apparently, SLI got broken through various cockpits, so yes, only for cockpit builders. Really? Where?
  2. Yes!! A man after my own taste! Since I moved to that, my hat, even when I fly with the joystick which has a hat, is useless. I so much go used to EZCA keys, that it's WAY faster to change anything than with the hat... Consider this: if you are right handed, then you fly with the joystick, and each time you want to click something, you have to hat-move first, then move the hand onto the mouse and click, or you can pan with the mouse conveniently, like I do (FSUIPC allows for that). If using EZCA, I press the button, with the right hand already on the mouse, and it changes to the throttle view, for example, on which I just then have to press cutoff buttons. Also looking left or right is super-fast, I have it mapped to 9 and 0 keys on the keyboard.
  3. Yes, if Aniso is turned off in NI, like it is in mine. Then you simply have trilinear filtering. But if NI is set to Aniso, then it doesn't matter what's in FSX. At all. I feel the FSX is smoother with Aniso in the sim, and NI off.
  4. Yeah, no problem, just shoot if you have questions... If you want shots, shoot me over an email, I'll gladly email them, as it's easier than attaching each single onto forums. Shot of the reverser configuration:
  5. Sure, no problem. It will only help you half though, as I would have to screenshot every single axis and button I configured, and there are many. Not gonna do that. Yes, the DLL is in my modules folder. No, not used. Only placed it into dll folder. That should be done like that AFAIK. Hard to do a shot... you'll have to wait until I have the setup ready for flying, otherwise I can't call the axis in the FSUIPC. Easier would be to do it via Teamspeak. I have various configs, yes. Basically a profile for each aircraft.
  6. Another 737NG company, the iFly, offers a cockpit builders option, to be able to completely build a cockpit around the iFly, providing external displays. Seems to me much similar to Project Magenta, but the iFly delivers the sounds, flight characteristics and all the goodies that come with it. Besides, it's cheaper tham PM (I asked). Does NGX provide anything similar? I'm aware I could undock the displays on the same computer, but the idea is running separate computer only for the graphics and sounds, rest, the computational data, display refreshing, ran off another computer etc... meaning the best possible performance in 3-screen configuration, giving you basically enough FPS to be able to fly heavy addon airports with lots of autogen, clouds etc in a huge display resolutions with sick amounts of anti-aliasing. Something like the ultimate in flight simulation...
  7. Dinshaw, exactly, that's the one! Have my eye on something like that when I really have the money for such things ;-) http://www.revolution-jetstream.com/Gold_Line_Yoke.html
  8. Ah OK. There was another one, uber-expensive, also coming as force feedback yoke, standing, not the table version... cost somewhere around 2500€...
  9. Yes. Not even entering settings and "OK"ing them.
  10. I don't know about W8, why don't you open the task manager and look yourself?
  11. That said, FSX should never be started with other aircraft than default cessna 172 started. This will ensure correct operation of other addons.
  12. 1/2 RR in NI has no impact on the windowed operation of the sim. This is only for the full screen. Windowed is impacted by the ForceWindowedVsync line in FSX.cfg and the quitting of the dwm.exe from task manager (either manually or via FSUIPC like described in the guide).
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