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  1. kolaf

    Multi monitors distortion fix?

    For those of you who don't want to check it out yourselves I created a couple of short videos that show the effects. The first two videos compare backups just dragging the window over all three screens because with and without the cylindrical distortion fix just panning around the cockpit on ground with a FOV of about 135, suitable for spreading over three monitors with 45° angles. The final video is in-flight footage using the cylindrical distortion fix. It looks much better on three wrapping screens than on one long flat one :-). The seems to be negligible performance it, although the image appears much more draining after being put through the additional postprocessing step. I'm not sure if I'm using it as intended, and I'm equally sure if this is something I will stick with.
  2. I'm not sure if this is new in V4 or not, but I was playing around with trying to fix my distorted view using multiple screens when I found something that might help. I have three monitors for my main display, covering around 135°. When they stretched the single view window over these three monitors I get significant distortion at the edges where everything seems to be enlarged. This leads to things appearing to be closer than they are in your life, as well as the textures appear unreasonably blurred given how close they seem. I have tried setting up a view group covering the three monitors, and while this solves the problem, it reduces my frame rate from 50-60 to around 30 in a FTX region with the same settings. I noticed that there is something called custom cameras but you can create by right clicking and selecting "Custom cameras" that allow you to apply postprocessing filters. One of these filters is called something like "DistortionFixCylindrical". I created a new custom view, added this filter, and the results looked completely different from before. Is it any better? I'm not sure. It appears to apply some magic to stretch and compress the image in an attempt to make it fit better into a cylindrical projection (at least what we is approximate as a cylindrical projection with three flat surfaces). The sides are no longer so stretched out, but the scaling when panning around seems a bit alien at first glance. Has anyone tried to play with this before? If so, what are your experiences and how do you think it looks? I haven't flown enough with it to decide whether I like it a lot since it feels completely different than the original setup without the additional postprocessing.
  3. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    A completely different issue. I'm afraid I do not believe this worked before, I never tried it. I have a saitek radio panel which I have used the old SPAD to control. Seeing that this was now supported in the GUI of LINDA I decided to have a go. It seems to control my radios okay, but the displays are not working properly. Initially I see only dashes, and as soon as I start fiddling with the knobs the displays turn blank. I was expecting the displays to mirror the radio values?
  4. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    Thanks for parking brakes. I found no off in the engine starting section. No worries, I can always add it myself :-)
  5. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    My bad, I did not realise that the parking brake and magneto switches had changed the names. Switching to the one called Breaks PARKING works :-) This might be a bit off topic, but I can know no longer find an explicit parking brake release or eng magneto 1 off. Are these no longer available, or have they been moved?
  6. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    I meant that FSUIPC 5.1 was correctly recognized on the settings page. Sorry for the poor wording. For the parking brake I use the default fsx parking brake set and release. I can get you some screenshots when I'm back at my desktop.
  7. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    Did a quick test, it seems to work as the old one, apart from FSUIPC being recognised on the settings page. Magnetos and parking brake and stuff still do not work, but this is perhaps an issue in FSUIPC?
  8. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    Sorry, I misunderstood what the problem was, then.
  9. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    Good point, sorry I forgot that I had already read that :-). That's weird, because FSUIPC gets itself should not have changed? On a related note, it seems that both my saitek quadrants (one connected to the yoke and one connected directly through USB) are working correctly on the Baron. I think you wrote earlier that would this was a known problem?
  10. kolaf

    P3D V4 Support

    I have been playing around a bit with version While many of the mapped buttons appears to work, there are also a bunch that do not work. For instance, battery, avionics, instrument lights, landing lights, pitot heat, and fuel pump work, but other stuff such as parking brake, flaps, spoilers, and magnetos do not. I have no idea that has why this is the case. It does not seem to be aircraft dependent, I have the same issue with multiple aircraft.
  11. kolaf

    New LINDA 2.9.6 released! (17 May 17) v3

    Version 2.6.7 with FSUIPC5 works with P3D V4. It cannot find fsuipc.ini, but regular button assignments work excellent :D
  12. Could you please imbue my simulator with some of that certainty? Unfortunately I have poor experience with jedi mind tricks and computers ;-) Update: You might be right after all :-). Further testing revealed that the issue only occurs if Chaseplane is running before I launch prepar3d. Update 2: This again might be related to the fact that after the reinstallation the client was no longer run as administrator. Fixing this seems to have cured also the issue with Chaseplane .
  13. I had an issue with FSUIPC after upgrading to hot fix 2. Upgraded FSUIPC to version 4.959, but my p3d now stops loading shortly after the splash screen (I never get to the scenario setup window). It worked the first time I launched, but thereafter it always hangs. Memory usage rapidly grows to around 450 MB and it maxes out one or two cores, but nothing more happens. It can stay like this for hours. I can disable fsuipc in dll.xml and everything works, so I am pretty sure this is the culprit. I see no messages in the Windows event log, probably because it doesn't crash and I have to kill it manually. I downgraded to the previous version again and things started working better. Oddly enough, anything that is set up in the ini file to run automatically refuses to run (e.g. ActiveSky), but apart from that all my controls that are assigned through fsuipc seems to work without issue. As anyone else experienced problems with the latest FSUIPC version?
  14. kolaf

    P3D and my initial thoughts

    In case you haven't solved the problem with reduced frame rates when using panels on a second monitor, take a look at this thread. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=117054&p=147290#p147290 During my last reinstall I made the mistake of installing all the crap that came with my (embedded) soundcard, and the process mentioned in the thread came in this way.
  15. I have removed my spoiler axis mapping and rechecked everything related to takeoff warning and cockpit configuration. The takeoff warning was caused by the spoilers being up while taxing when the flight/taxi switch was in flight. Switching it off (to taxi) removed the warning. I noticed that the spoilers go down when in flights mode when giving takeoff power which seems reasonable. Still I get no flight director. Can someone please remind me when it should appear? Should I see it while taxing, or does it appear during the takeoff roll? Could the perhaps be some kind of configuration I have messed up? I do not see the flight director on the HUD either. I'm certainly feeling embarrassed and wondering if everything was caused by not setting the target altitude...