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  1. For me I work on the road a lot and honestly don't have the time to join a VA. I tried BVA but due to my busy schedule had to resign after a month of being with them (not there fault but mine they are a good group of people.). I personally think this will give me an opportunity to do more realistic airline flights with the bonus of I get to fly as any airline that I want and when I want. So many people have tried to incorporate ACARS/CPDLC into the aircraft with mixed results. I personally think PMDG is going to close this gap and it is going to be ridiculously amazing and open the door for new tech and innovation. They mentioned API and opening up to other developers at FSExpo. It makes me wonder if we are not far off from seeing inflight VATSIM/IVAO CPDLC messages show up on the EICAS.
  2. I'm pretty excited about this product. I think it is really going to immerse you into the daily routines of being a pilot for an airline. I was surprised non PMDG aircraft could be used in the system as well. This is a product I plan to purchase when it comes out.
  3. I am not a programmer or very computer savvy. I use my rig to sim but also VPN and occasionally VDI (telecommute) into my work for my job. 1) In your opinion is there any risk of my PC being hijacked or the file in question being commandeered by a third party? I have had the FSL A320 installed for 2 months with no visible problems with my rig. 2) For clarification purposes is this a potential backdoor or vulnerability. 3) Should I uninstall this program until this is sorted out?
  4. What is the EICAS Info (information) button? I noticed that was the only one he didn't push when going over the EICAS system. I have been ripping through Google and 747-8 documentation on the internet for the past 20 mins with NEGRES.
  5. Once the aircraft is at cruise and the flight deck speakers are on and tuned. What is the FO and Second Officer doing (assuming the CAPT leaves the flight deck)? What are they required to check and what is the frequency? Do airlines specifically state that every *insert minute* the crew is required to scan all EICAS synoptics and verify fuel with FMC, and etc? Is their a RW airline procedure or checklist that they use? Disclaimer I am not a RW pilot and the googles bring back no results. Ash Keelson,
  6. I just wish they would hurry and do a modern wood pigeon with a SDK.
  7. I dont think it has anything to do with there being a market It has everything to do with Gulfstream not letting developers accurately model their aircraft without forking over loads of cash to do so which makes the project not fiscally worth while from a corporate stand point.
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