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  1. Most defiantly, loved the MD11 back in the old days.
  2. Can you have both v3 and v4 installed at same time?
  3. I had to disable GSX/couatl module to have crash free flights. Was getting the stackhash crash log. Of course I will install a newer version and try it out as i miss GSX.
  4. Yeah I have disabled it until one works, not had a crash since.
  5. What's the point of getting an i7 CPU if you turn off HT? may as well go for an i5.
  6. Had a VAS warning just now over Africa so saved and restarted the sim(P3D). Doing Heathrow to Cape Town, was at 54% when i re loaded but now at 64% in the space of 20 mins. Not sure why it does that?
  7. What cooler and motherboard do you have? Overclocking the CPU would give you good gains, GPU not so much.
  8. Ah thanks very much. Also is there any basic OMDW scenery? Emirates operate the B744F's fro mthere but can't find any scenery for P3D.
  9. Thanks, will give that a go.
  10. Ok new problem. It seems that after roughly five hours into a flight P3D will start freezing mouse cursor goes into a circle then recovers then does it again. Only way to fix this is to restart P3D and continue my flight. Very strange. I noticed in the add on list that FSUIPC has gone so maybe FSUIPC is crashing after 5 hours?
  11. Yeah. I don't keep 10 files just one but save every 10 min. Never had the problem in FSX:S. Guess I'll just turn it off and save manually. Thanks
  12. After getting the odd crash i decided to use the auto save feature and set it to 10min and keeping one file. Problem is that it causes the sim(P3D) to freeze for 5 seconds then continue as normal, anyway to stop this and has anyone else got this problem? Thanks.
  13. Another PFPX user, great program. Also using the default 747 profile which is pretty accurate for me.
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