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  1. Hi. IVAO have made some updates, meaning that we can´t use FS Commander propperly. Wil there be an update of FSCaommander 9,6 for P3D ?? B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  2. Hi. Im trying to install me ATR 42-500 but the numbers of install are exceted. How can I get a reactivation?? B.g. Steen Hoejebgaard
  3. Hi I often have problem with the camera position, when I load Chace Plane. I have to ajust the position, and then when I use the PGup/PGdn key it start th Rewers throttle, and when i use my arrow keys it disconnects the autopilot. What can I do to solve this problem B.g Steen Hoejengaard
  4. Hi again Sorry I think I found it B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  5. Hi Thank You for the answer, but Im sorry I cant find it., In ChasePlane preferences, I have: General; Camera, and Control Assignments, and I dont see Cinematic Mode Auto anywhere. B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  6. Hi. Im new user of Chase Plane, and I have a Little problem. When im flying then after some time it suddenly change cam to outside of my plane. I then just have to touch my mouse, then im back in to the flightdeck Again. How can I solve this Little problem?? B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  7. Oh thank You for the answer
  8. How can I get behind the seats in the flightdeck. I want to go longer back, but the seats is in the way?? B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  9. Hi How do I make a backup of my camerastiithgs?? B.g Steen Hoejengaard
  10. I have Installed MD11 Combobox for FSX. How can I change the Panel State I think i remember i hat a button at the Add Ons button called PMDG. I dont have that any more. How can I get that button back B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  11. Hello I have a big problem with my 747 v.3 when i climb above 10.000ft the autopilot disconnects, and I cant engage it Again. I have ajusted the deadzones in my joystick configurations, but with out luck Im using Windows 7/64 FSX SE Saitek X65 I really hope somebody an help me B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  12. Hi. I do have a problem with the autopilot in B 747 v.3 When I go ower 10.000ft the autopilot disconnect, and When I engage it it disconnects after a few seconds How can I solve that problem?? B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  13. Thank You for all answers It was verry helpfull B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  14. Hi Same problem Where do I find maintenance section, cool and replace the brakes first, then replace the tires ??? B.g. Steen Hoejengaard
  15. Yes im sure about that, but when I have to land in some time, I will try to brake without using my pedals, when im going to land in some hours A friend told me that i could adjust it via the FMC, but I dont remember where:-(
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