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  1. neas1982

    TRU failure

    Hi Andrea, It was a coupled approach, but according to the manuals the cross bus tie relay will allready open even if the A/P is not engaged. It will open even if both F/D are switched on
  2. neas1982

    TRU failure

    Hi everyone, Question here regarding a recent electric failure I had on a flight. It was a TRU 1 failure. The QRH says: DO not use AFDS approach mode and Autoland is not available an OM B from a european airline says: With any AP or both FD in approach mode, the cross bus tie relay will open upon glide slope capture. This results in a cascade of failures as TR1 is disconnected from its backup. Upon TOGA push all returns to normal. Solution: Use raw data Max 1 FD in APP mode AP on: VOR/LOC with V/S Now after I received the failure I checked the QRH and the OM B and decided to continue and do an autoland (which I never do normally unless the weather calls for it) just for the sake of trying. (It's my curious nature, can't help it :P) Anyway upon G/S capture no failures happened and the a/c continued for a safe autoland in NZAA. It was my understanding that PMDG completely modelled the electrical system on the beautiful aircraft. Is it possible that this small detail was missed ? Or did something else cause the aircraft to behave normally? Thanks (This is in no way any criticism, just a simple question)
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