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  1. I had posted about this earlier but didn't seem to get much traction. I found that if you press active pause as the lesson starts and wait. The altimeter will spin around to the correct height - that's what I found, this might be the same for you too.
  2. Never mind. I've found that if you press Active Pause and wait for the needle to spin around and stabilise, it works as it should from there on.
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to ask if this is a bug or due to poor flying skills, when carrying out some of the flying school scenarios, I can't seem to get the altitude checkbox ticked and completed despite being at the asking altitude. The altitude seems to change even when the plane isn't in that steep of a decent/climb. I have read around about this ATC Altitude bug but as I don't use ATC I am unaware if this is the bug that I am current experiencing or not. Cheers
  4. Looks like you need to adjust your screen resolution within the P3D settings.
  5. Hiya, Are you using the aircraft variant specified in the tutorial? If the problem persists, then go turn on the battery on the overhead pedestal to turn on the FO's FMC, navigate to the PMDG menu and select start-up state to default. Once you have done this, press load start-up state and then let the plane restart and go through its 20 second sequence. Hopefully this helps. Cheers
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