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  1. I had posted about this earlier but didn't seem to get much traction. I found that if you press active pause as the lesson starts and wait. The altimeter will spin around to the correct height - that's what I found, this might be the same for you too.
  2. Never mind. I've found that if you press Active Pause and wait for the needle to spin around and stabilise, it works as it should from there on.
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to ask if this is a bug or due to poor flying skills, when carrying out some of the flying school scenarios, I can't seem to get the altitude checkbox ticked and completed despite being at the asking altitude. The altitude seems to change even when the plane isn't in that steep of a decent/climb. I have read around about this ATC Altitude bug but as I don't use ATC I am unaware if this is the bug that I am current experiencing or not. Cheers
  4. Looks like you need to adjust your screen resolution within the P3D settings.
  5. Hiya, Are you using the aircraft variant specified in the tutorial? If the problem persists, then go turn on the battery on the overhead pedestal to turn on the FO's FMC, navigate to the PMDG menu and select start-up state to default. Once you have done this, press load start-up state and then let the plane restart and go through its 20 second sequence. Hopefully this helps. Cheers
  6. Hi there! Thanks for all the replies, i have started reading the pdf that Geoff kindly pointed out to me! As some of you were saying its pretty difficult for me to get to grasps with it as I don't have the knowledge that someone working with this kind of thing everyday in real life! Thats what im hoping to improve on! Will be interested in seeing that some of the future tutorials to come out will be broken down into more simple forms that the ones currently out! Thanks again!
  7. **Edit, it appears my other post was deleted, so please don't discard this post as there isn't another copy of this post! Cheers!
  8. Hey there, I just wanted to ask if anybody knew a worded tutorial on how to use the PFPX effectively utilising the features e.g. ETOPS or NOTAMs or how to set up the 777 for it with an example route etc etc. I have searched around and only seen youtube videos, these are difficult for me to understand as I am deaf. Thank you very much ^_^ Double Post, please discard My apologies
  9. Sorry, was trying to be helpful by stating a download link may be found on the PMDG website where you can view your orders for those less fortunate who might not have had an email sent out yet.
  10. Just paid for it literally 30 secs ago, got the download link from the page where you can review your order on their website
  11. Hey people! How do you figure out where which airline parks at which gate at which airport? For example where do the Thompson mainly park at London Gatwick? Hope this makes sense to you! I've tried researching online but no avail, the only thing I've managed to find is certain YouTube uploaders actually posts which gate there depart from! But that's the rare few that I have found! Cheers! Sam Book
  12. Hello there,I have searched the forums for the same problem as mine. The problem is as follows, when i click the .ptp file, to install the livery, the manager just hangs, looks like its doing something, then it stops responding. I havent been able to get any liveries for this bird installed, i've tried running it as administrator but its still does not work. Any ideas what may be the problem, also if you know how to fix it, could you please tell me.Many thanksSam Book
  13. Hello Your angle of attack videos look BRILLIANT. The reason I chose to be involved with flight simulator is purely because I know in the future I will not be able to become an airline pilot due to my deafness therefore through flight simulator, i can get a feeling of what it may be like. Im watching these videos and im just seeing a moving picture, unfortunately I cannot hear any speach. So what I was wondering was if subtitles/captions were avaliable in any of these videos. I understand it would mean alot of extra work, especially time, which you havent got because the beautiful bird is coming out rather soon!! But maybe as a consideration for any future videos? I have a whole wide range of friend who also are deaf and love aviation, but always are disappointed when to see any tutorials have no captions. I'll look forward to any responses.Many thanksSam Book
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