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  1. Hi, I cannot get the FO to set the flight level on the MCP. I have tried the commands 'set Flight level' and 'Set altitude' with various numbers but he doesn't seem to be able to change. Also tried headings but he is unable to change these either. Can you take a look? Thanks John
  2. John_Clarke

    'Bug up' Issue

    Thanks for that. The problem is if I have my window open while playing P3D, my microphone picks up the wind, causing MCE to take that noise as 'bug up'. This also happens when I raise my microphone to mute it. Not sure if there are some filtering controls I can look at.
  3. Hi, Is there any way to turn off the 'bug up' command. I am finding that the co-pilot seems to pick this command up a lot when I'm not saying anything. Thanks
  4. John_Clarke

    MCE, GSX and FSl A320

    Think I may have found the issue. Changed the config file Nopax and Nocargo autohandling to 1 and the issue resolved. I think it was a conflict with GSX and FSlabs.
  5. John_Clarke

    MCE, GSX and FSl A320

    P3D - the latest version of FSL - v2.0.1.266 Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Just a quick one - when calling for catering with GSX using the FSlabs A320, when the vehicles are in place and asks to open the Right side, MCE opens all of the doors and then when finished, closes all doors. Is it possible to look at and find a way to only open the Right side? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I was saying checklist but MCE only seems to pick up on the 'before takeoff'. I shall try again with the word check and see if I have any better luck. I think this may have happened last time and I deleted some of the ' XXXXX flow' scripts but kept the 'XXXXX procedure' ones.
  8. Hi, Having some trouble with running some of the checklists with MCE. Using the FSlabs A320, I can see the checklists in the UI of MCE and when I ask for certain checklists e.g. before take off to the line and before take off below the line checklists, the FO performs the before takeoff flow or ignores me, no matter of my wording. Is there any trick to getting the checklist instead of the flow? Thanks
  9. John_Clarke

    ND Lines

    Ah thanks @SAS443!
  10. John_Clarke

    ND Lines

    Hi, Am flying from CYYZ to KLAX and about 250NM into the journey, I found these 2 dashed lines on the ND - does anyone know what they are? I zoomed out as much as possible - looks like they meet in the north?