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  1. Hey Dave, Was just wondering, would it be possible to implement immediate take off clearance if P2ATC can see AI on long final or within a certain distance of the runway? Another would be a hold for takeoff in the previous AI has just departed. P2ATC is now reading AIG traffic again which is great Thanks
  2. I have P3D and in the first instance of showing ground and airborne traffic it works. If I turn it off and turn it back on, it no longer works.
  3. Interesting. Had to fresh reinstall windows and added some of the microsoft voice's before P2ATC. When I installed P2ATC, all the voices came up automatically so maybe there is a way to do it
  4. Hi, Just downloaded lots of the microsoft SAPI voices and was wondering if there was a way to add them all en mass, rather than one by one. Tried the Reload Voices but it doesn't seem to do as above. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I have a lot of external scenery and was finding with P3D 5.1 and 5.2, it was taking a long time to get to the loading screen with all of my additional addon.xml files - even when they were disabled. So I moved all of my scenery to the scenery.cfg file and moved things folders like 'Effects' to the core directory which seemed to work fine. Loading times were massively sped up so kept the structure I read a post on LM website that they were looking at speeding this process and was wondering if anyone had noticed loading times increased in 5.3 HF 1? I don't want to move everything back to the addon method if its gunna be a 10 minute load each time vs 30 second load time. Any help would be appreciated. I guess I could use Lorby's Addon organiser to move things back and forwards as I still have the addon.xml files in each scenery but didnt want to mess up a good thing I have at the moment! Thanks!
  6. Yes, I just saw from my log file that Advanced Animations was switched off and wondered if there was a setting in P3Dv5 to turn on.
  7. Hi Bryan, Do you know where this option is in P3Dv5? Thanks
  8. I too had this problem. Either I was garbled, or the controller tells me that "This is tower, please repeat your request'
  9. Thanks Dave. Had a look at the 'Say it' section but it wasn't in the list/
  10. Hi Dave, Is there anyway that a few new phrases could be implemented in the next update? A lot of places, Australia included will use phrases to the tower such as '[Callsign] holding short of runway [xxx]' prior to them receiving their take off clearance. This allows tower to tell them to hold, line up and wait or takeoff. Also is there a chance that a 'Cleared for immediate takeoff' and 'Be prepared for immediate takeoff' phrases could also be added if there is AI traffic nearing or on final for the runway? Thanks John
  11. Thanks Dave. It just seems strange, as you can see from the log that ATC says 'Taxi to runway 21 via.....' but instructs me to Runway 3. I checked in Taxi Mnt and all seems correct as per real world. Just looks like P2ATC was getting confused with something? Took off from Runway 3 in the past and was given the correct taxi instructions (Via M3, M4, M5)
  12. Hi Dave, Just wondering if you could shed some light on something. The other day, heading out of Lisbon (LPPT) the winds were 290/5 when I got my clearance with AI were landing on 21. Then the winds moved to 310, meaning that the AI started using Runway 03. When requesting taxi, P2ATC said 'Taxi to runway 21 via......' but actually gave me taxi instructions to Runway 03. What happens when the winds change and the other runway becomes active? I continued taxi to 21 and had to turn off traffic to avoid collisions. Is there a way to re-dispatch said clearance in that situation? I do have the 'Match Sim Runway' checked. Not sure if that makes a difference. Log is attached for you to view. Thanks John
  13. Sure, Open up Windows Speech Recognition (I normally just type it in the start menu) -> Left lick ( to enable) and then Right click the microphone -> 'Open the speech dictionary' -> 'Add new word' -> Type the word ' Gate' and select 'Record the pronunciation after finish' click box. I did this for both 'Gate' and 'Eight' so that the speech recognition could determine between the 2. Its not perfect but a whole lot better than before.
  14. I added the word 'Gate' and 'eight' to the speech recognition directory so that the words would be picked up better. No issues since.
  15. Another way I found to correct this was to say: [CALLSIGN] at flight level [xxx] request [ILS/RNAV etc.] approach to runway [xxx] Found this better to get the correct STAR to the requested approach.
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