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  1. Hi, I have spent ages getting my groups just right for P3D v4 using the addon organiser. Now with P3D V5, is there anyway to copy all of my groups and sceneries in that format from the V4.X to V5? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have had some frame rate loss due to the Navigraph charts being open at the same. Switching off the EFB and/or returning to QW charts seems to help and I regain all of my FPS. Try and see if that helps
  3. So when the call ready for takeoff / landing comes through, could a command such as 'answer the cabin' where the PM 'presses' the cabin button, then the reset button on the comms panel?
  4. Hi Bryan, Would there be any way to incorporate a 'Answer the cabin' command for takeoff and landing? Norman seems to call sometimes at inconvenient times! Thanks John
  5. Think it may be something to do with GSX actually. I'll message their forums. Sorry Bryan.
  6. Hey Brian, Any chance that the option to not use rear door (As in FSLabs) can be added in next update? Thanks
  7. Ah so it's not my doing? 😁 Thanks, downloading now
  8. Hi, For some reason, landing alt pressurization is set to 6000 ft for both my last flights since updating to 1.2? Flew from KMIA - KMCO - KMIA where both airports aren't that high! Sorry, I had saved a new Panel state where 6000 was initially set!!
  9. Also having this problem. I thought that in the 'Before TO procedure' callout would switch on the runway turnoffs? Also, in the voice setup, the flow goes 'Before TO procedure' to 'Set TO thrust' to 'Takeoff roll'. There is no prompt for 'Takeoff'. This is using SOP 2 though
  10. Thanks Bryan - for some reason, I thought that the PF called out 'transition altitude' when passing it. Maybe I am confused with another aircraft.
  11. Hi Bryan, Since updating to the released V1.1, the PM doesn't call out transition altitude anymore - even though it's set on the departure / approach briefing? Also, the 1000 feet above approach keeps changing back to no each time I open the sim. Thanks John
  12. Thanks for that. Just another little thing I've found - each time I run the PF, it changes 2 of my callouts in config - runway in sight and PA: Cabin crew prepare at 20k. I select these to yes, run PF and they change back to no?
  13. Hi, Ahhhhh thanks. Yes I have that option selected to Yes in the 'Packs off b.to checklist'. Is it better to have it as no and keep the packs on or off on the departure brief? When would the PM set packs off if this was the case? Thanks John
  14. Hi, Seem to be having some issue with packs off for takeoff. Selected in the departure briefing as Packs: Off, when lining up, I put the nose light to TO and the PM does his flow but never turns the packs off? I have tried several flights and this happens on each of them. Thanks
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