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  1. Yes, I just saw from my log file that Advanced Animations was switched off and wondered if there was a setting in P3Dv5 to turn on.
  2. Hi Bryan, Do you know where this option is in P3Dv5? Thanks
  3. I too had this problem. Either I was garbled, or the controller tells me that "This is tower, please repeat your request'
  4. Thanks Dave. Had a look at the 'Say it' section but it wasn't in the list/
  5. Hi Dave, Is there anyway that a few new phrases could be implemented in the next update? A lot of places, Australia included will use phrases to the tower such as '[Callsign] holding short of runway [xxx]' prior to them receiving their take off clearance. This allows tower to tell them to hold, line up and wait or takeoff. Also is there a chance that a 'Cleared for immediate takeoff' and 'Be prepared for immediate takeoff' phrases could also be added if there is AI traffic nearing or on final for the runway? Thanks John
  6. Thanks Dave. It just seems strange, as you can see from the log that ATC says 'Taxi to runway 21 via.....' but instructs me to Runway 3. I checked in Taxi Mnt and all seems correct as per real world. Just looks like P2ATC was getting confused with something? Took off from Runway 3 in the past and was given the correct taxi instructions (Via M3, M4, M5)
  7. Hi Dave, Just wondering if you could shed some light on something. The other day, heading out of Lisbon (LPPT) the winds were 290/5 when I got my clearance with AI were landing on 21. Then the winds moved to 310, meaning that the AI started using Runway 03. When requesting taxi, P2ATC said 'Taxi to runway 21 via......' but actually gave me taxi instructions to Runway 03. What happens when the winds change and the other runway becomes active? I continued taxi to 21 and had to turn off traffic to avoid collisions. Is there a way to re-dispatch said clearance in that situation? I do have the 'Match Sim Runway' checked. Not sure if that makes a difference. Log is attached for you to view. Thanks John
  8. Sure, Open up Windows Speech Recognition (I normally just type it in the start menu) -> Left lick ( to enable) and then Right click the microphone -> 'Open the speech dictionary' -> 'Add new word' -> Type the word ' Gate' and select 'Record the pronunciation after finish' click box. I did this for both 'Gate' and 'Eight' so that the speech recognition could determine between the 2. Its not perfect but a whole lot better than before.
  9. I added the word 'Gate' and 'eight' to the speech recognition directory so that the words would be picked up better. No issues since.
  10. Another way I found to correct this was to say: [CALLSIGN] at flight level [xxx] request [ILS/RNAV etc.] approach to runway [xxx] Found this better to get the correct STAR to the requested approach.
  11. Sonny, like you I had the same issue. I bought a decent gaming mouse where I could change the DPI settings and no longer had this issue.
  12. It basically does the same thing. I found that when I set my 4k monitor to 30HZ, I got major mouse lag as don't have a 4k enabled mouse. I tried what Noel did but personally found that moving around the cockpit using chaseplane as my camera system very sluggish. The reason I set 33 is to give a 10 percent buffer - I found the same fps when I set my monitor to 30Hz so wasn't any different. I use argus monitor to check temps and utilisation and found a drastic drop in both GPU and CPU temps. I have my sliders pretty high and use a night lighting system which can drain CPU even during the day but can still maintain good performance. Try each way and see what works for you. I'd love to see the amount of times that P3D has been started and quit just for testing purposes! Let us know which one works best for you.
  13. Hey Ben, I had the same issue with you in regards to stutters - same monitor as you. Found a way (which works well for me). Keep your P3D settings as you've stated. In Nvidia control panel, try this and see if it's any smoother: Max frame rate - 33FPS OpenGL - Your GPU Power - prefer max performance Threaded Optimisation - On Triple buffering - On Vsync - Adaptive (Half refresh) You will only get 33fps at max but the sim works a lot smoother and I can maintain frames with no stutters. See how you go and if it works for you. John
  14. Hi, I have spent ages getting my groups just right for P3D v4 using the addon organiser. Now with P3D V5, is there anyway to copy all of my groups and sceneries in that format from the V4.X to V5? Thanks
  15. Hi, I have had some frame rate loss due to the Navigraph charts being open at the same. Switching off the EFB and/or returning to QW charts seems to help and I regain all of my FPS. Try and see if that helps
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