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  1. As for the unlimited visibility bug ... i was able to apply the LM code fix in the shader file That along with the new AS version - works like a charm now.
  2. Wondering if anybody has experiencing the unlimited visibility issue with EA off again. Updated client did all the " delete generated files" and cleared shaders - installed new AS beta. Lets hope this bug has not cropped up again.
  3. I did a "stress" test on my just recently updated 5.3 HF1 installation Completely clean from scratch installation including add-ons . FSlabs A320SL with Orbx Regions and FlyTampa KLAS BLI ( Riddellz scenery) to KLAS 3/4 sliders and lots of cloud shadows. 2.5 hour flight absolutely no issues with stutters ( maybe a slight pause when DD Seattle Airports/City was loading but no big deal).Easily 35+ FPS even upon landing in KLAS with 35% road traffic . Even with my VRAM touching 9.2 GB ( i have a 11GB 1080ti) , no issues with DXGI Hung errors either. Now in contract, i tried the same flight from LHR to AMS and did notice some degradation and significant stutters when flying out of LHR. Then coming into EHAM , a MAJOR 15 second pause followed by lower FPS when approaching the Dutch coastline. Have a feeling that there are some bad BGL files here and there and i don't think it is the P3d engine that is causing this.
  4. Just an update ... Re-installed 5.2 HF1 Everything at default - )- Haze is back to normal. 5.3 - no haze whatsoever with EA off. and no addons. ..everything stock. Looks like another HF to fix this ( seems like too many lately ) Back to 5.2 indefinitely Worked fine for me ..
  5. +1 Still having issues with unlimited visibility and cannot change anything in the settings EA off
  6. Hello, Just did a full installation of v 5.3 plus the new ActiveSky Beta 8005 ( cleared shaders, P3d.cfg etc) Noticed that my visibility is defaulted to unlimited and changing settings in AS have no effect. Everything is defaulted to unilimited. Changing VolFog settings has no effect. This is with EA off and Custom weather mode selected in AS Also done a complete re-install of ASN and P3d. Anybody having this issue of am i missing something? (5.2 HF1 works fine) thank you
  7. Lets hope the shiny ground issue when the sun is at certain angles has been improved ( PBR terrain)
  8. I do not suffer from DXGI errors ( so far ) knock on wood. I think this boils down to: 1.Faulty drivers ( remember newer is not always better ) . I use 471.91 ? seems to be fine. 2.DX12 - too much processing being done by the GPU and combined with an old 2005ish engine causing issues. 3. Incompatible add-ons.( less likely) 5.2 most likely offloaded quite a bit of processing back too the CPU from the GPU, this greatly reducing these DXGI hung errors. Unfortunately , this has resulted in sometimes a significant FPS issue -especially with some add-on sceneries. in 5.1 , FPS were amazing and you could definitely see the difference. With 5.2 ( CPU hit harder than before0 , while still better than 4.5 , the gap between the 2 is narrowed. When you are running the latest and greatest CPU at 5.1 GHZ all cores plus a still-good 1080TI and barely hitting 30 FPS , that is a problem. And that is not with maxxed out AG settings. with MSFS maturing and a lot of the add-on devs ( Orbx, REX ) moving on to bigger and better things. Combine that with more regular sim updates and an up to date SDK, P3d's days are numbered. This is 2006 FSX ( yes 2006 ) dressed up. Take a look at weather in P3d with white mountain syndrome and visibility issues - then go to FSS2020, you see the 15 year difference in tech. When video card stock comes back plus study-level aircraft come available , MSFS will pull away further from the pack. Scenery in P3d - 2009 Scenery in MSFS - 2020 You smartphone in 2021 is more powerful than a fully loaded PC in 2005. You can probably play FSX on your Iphone with good performance.
  9. Speaking of FSStudios , does anybody have their GPU going insane and major FPS loss are their airports ( especially CYVR and CYLW) especially at night? I can use 4xSSAA at FlyTampa, Flightbeam FSDT airports with ease , but try that with a NGXu or even the MJC Q400 and FPS dip to below 30 and GPU is running at 99%. Dialing down to 2XSSAA or even better 8XMSAA improves it , but still some night lighting just kills the GPU ( i have a 1080TI) and running at 1440p resolution. This is running both 4.5 and 5.2HF1
  10. Is it just me or has there been so many " rogue" updates the past 18 months? MSFS( sim update 5) , P3D, Windows 10, the list goes on I have a rule " if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I notice even at my workplace. 'Updates " not properly beta tested , issues arising everywhere. Hotfixes needed. Performance issues, visual issues, new bugs .etc .etc. etc. its the same song and dance! COVID everybody "working from home" lack of focus, distraction , bugs and errors maybe being pushed on to the side. We need our old normal back NOW.
  11. What a coincidence! Just bought the old version last week that works with P3d v5.Unfortunatly , looks like no taxi and runway/approach lights . Lets hope that is fixed here!
  12. Back on topic. FPS are incredible. Flying over KLAX area with the FSL A320X with sliders VERY far right . Barely a stutter and FPS 30+ consistent. Even with about 35% car traffic on all those roads!. Yes i do have the latest CPU (I9 1190K) and an 11GB 1080TI ( good for the VRAM issues) . In contrast , 4.5 in the same scenario , FPS barely in mid 20's stutter and lag and this is with the CPU overclocked to 5.1 GHZ. DX12 is a game changer and FINALLY we can run the most demanding payware planes into major hubs with smooth performance.
  13. PTA and Tomatoshade has this GREAT tweak called " sky fog tuning" . basically , you can let a weather program like REX or ASN to manage the fog .. P3d v5 has this annoying light blue ring in the distance ( which P3d v5 had - but you can eliminate it via TS or PTA) . So may tweaks that make such a difference ( e.g. a shadow tweak giving the impression of more detail in terrain mesh) , aircraft lighting , sky saturation , the list goes on. ENVDIR is a decent substitute but does not have the full functionality of a PTA of TS.
  14. P3d V 4.5 with TomatoShade or PTA. Did try v5 but just did not do it for me ( strange haze issues , visibility etc. even with AS5). EA not working well for me , just cannot get it looking right. We should be on P3d v 5.3 at the moment , but with everybody working in "remote land" and " new normal " everything is delayed .
  15. Just installed v5.1 and installed some addons and the NGX. Performance is on par with a 2-3 generation upgrade in CPU. Almost a 10FPS boost from 4.5. Can run the NGXu in FT Las Vegas with higher autogen draw distance 35+ steady FPS and smooth. Less stutters Unfortunatly , there are some issues that probably will make me go back to 4.5 1. DGXI hung crashes . I don't use EA , VRAM is consistently running at 50% ( i have 11 GB card) .Only running NGX and FT Las Vegas. I really don't have time to test all these Nvidia drivers to see which one is the " magic bullet" 2. Major haze issues. Running Volumetric Fog on basically turns the atmosphere into a hazy mess( kind of like a forest fire). Was happening in v 4 too but the only way to remedy is to use PTA/TS and there is a parameter called SKY FOG TUNING - put that slider all the way to the left and let Activesky control the haze . 3. No PTA /TS - this is a deal breaker. I have some settings that make the sim look amazing. Particularly a shadow tweak that makes terrain mesh more detailed and lifelike. So many other tweaks that are missing too. Tried using EVSHADE but i don't see much of a difference. 4. Strange terrain anomoly in dawn/dusk when looking at the sun. Was not present in 4.5 5./ REX Skyforce not compatible 6. 4.5 rock solid stability. Never a CTD in the past year Caught between a rock and a hard place here. The performance increase and smoothness is excellent , but too many other issues . If a PTA/TS similar replacement is available and the DXGI errors can go away , then it is a no brainer to upgrade.
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