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  1. I am sticking to 4.5 at the moment also. Never tried 5.1 and probably not for the foreseeable future.DX12 may be better performance wise, but too many other issues at the moment it seems. Plus no PTA or Tomatoshade ( that is a deal-breaker) . With Tomatoshade , I can make the sim look amazing and combined with proper sky textures from REX, in my eyes at least it looks great. Yes , I need to clock my CPU to the max stable to get 30FPS in some addon airports ( think FSL and FlyTampa together).. and can run Texture Exponent=10 with no issues with VRAM ( I have a 11GB card). Blaming LM considering this whole word not allowed " new normal" is probably not the best thing. Developers working from their basements and small apartments , no teamwork, useless " zoom" calling , no wonder things are not getting fixed. If this plandemic did not occur, GURANTEE that all the bugs users are reporting would have probably been mitigated by now ( like they were in V4) . When teams and developers are all over the place, no cohesion and poor communication , plus stress levels being through the roof, things don't get fixed as efficiently as before. I notice even in my work ( I work in business ) that things are just not functioning the way they were before. Much more mistakes , poor communication , teamwork non-existant - thus more errors happening.
  2. Is it just me or does it look like the entire terminal has a power outage? Plus outside lighting is very dim compared to FSDT one. Is there a file i need to install ( inibuilds dynamic lighting) or it is like that be design? Daytime all works fine
  3. MSFS2020 - Meet the new boss , same as the old boss 2003 and 2006 all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we all get I9 20090 at 5.4 GHZ , a GTX SuperTitan 3080GTX with 32 GB or Vram , we can all fly our PMDG's and FSL's into KLAS at 30FPS steady. We can dream ………. oh yes we can dream..... :)
  4. Posts coming regarding continued Device Hung/VRAM issues /CTD's coming in 10 9 8 7 6 5 ………………………………………………….LOL 🙂
  5. Thank you for the prompt response. Unfortunately , when I try to download the previous trainer,( it forces me to update the installer to I will have to wait for the update My Reality XP version is 2.5 ( latest update) thank you
  6. Hello, Just re-installed my RXP GTN 750 into my Carenado aircraft and I am getting these error messages on the log files.Says something that a trainer cannot be found even though I have installed the latest version ( I have just been " forced" to update to Windows 2004 (this was before I installed p3d 4.5 HF 3) … funny thing is the last installation I had it worked fine. Tried to re-install a few times , still nothing . Perhaps I need to update to a newer version? Strange that my previous installation ( I did a HD upgrade) - so I re-installed P3d) - worked fine and it was HF3 like now. Hope there is a solution Thank you 20/06/05 06:09:45.646 08020 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 20/06/05 06:09:45.646 08020 INFO ] 20/06/05 06:09:51.380 08020 WARN ] Autopilot not supported on this platform (vers: 20/06/05 06:09:47.681 08020 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/06/05 06:09:47.680 08020 INFO ] 20/06/05 06:09:51.429 08020 ERROR] trainer not found or not supported 20/06/05 06:09:51.435 08020 INFO ] installed: 20/06/05 06:09:51.438 08020 INFO ] 6623 nav: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\ 20/06/05 06:09:51.443 08020 INFO ] 6620 nav: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\
  7. P3d v5 is looking more tempting by the day. I am using P3d v.4.5 and it looks nothing like this. First I thought that I was watching the Xplane version. Enhanced atmosphere is a complete game changer. Good bye 2003ish "sky textures" and fiddling around with shaders! I hope the bugs get ironed out with ASN and P3d v5 soon!
  8. I just purchased it a few days ago , this is what I have observed: 1. Textures at low altitude look very low res ( especially the farm textures ). Something out of FS98 or something like that . Unlike the Orbx regions where textures look very sharp even at low altitudes. 2. Trees don't blend into the scenery well. This is with Orbx and TF trees together ( might have to experiment with tree types via the configurator though) 3. Scenery is very dark and over saturated. This presents problems if your are flying in and out of the TE areas ( you will have to change your sim HDR settings when leaving the area - since regular Global textures are much more bright) when you are in TE area - you have to significantly increase your brightness and lower your contrast/saturation .Changing settings in flight is a bit clunky. 4. The scenery looks great at high altitude and mountains look really good to. However , it may be a pass for me. I still prefer Orbx regions ( in my opinion - the "crème de la crème of Orbx products - too bad they did not do the entire Rocky Mountain areas in this. The regions from almost 10 years ago still have more high res textures and in my opinion look fine. with photo and ortho scenery , Xplane seems like the king here. But FS2020 is coming down the pipe and it might be just what we need to fly in real "photorealistic" scenery.
  9. With this plus all the DX12 hiccups and crashes and addons not compatible , it is 4.5 HF3 for me at the moment. I mainly use TS for atmospheric tweaks ( e.g. Raleigh Scattering effect , Sky Fog tuning , autogen light reflection etc). In V4 , it is a must of else my sim looks horrible ( the persistent haze effect and washed out colors) . But judging from the screenshots of v5 only with TrueSky/Enhanced AT , there may be no need for PTA/TS since it already provides a more realistic color and atmosphere. If you want to add some " icing on the cake" , Envdir can make some adjustments that will do the job. I recently found a tweak in TomatoShade which adds additional shadows to the terrain mesh , greatly enhancing ridges and mountainous areas . Gave it a try a few days ago , combined with the proper sky textures in REX SF , and other TS enhancements , and my sim has taken on a new life. Mountains are now looking almost photoreal ( this is with just Orbx LC and aftermarket mesh). Mesh looks much more high resolution , even at high altitudes. Took a flight yesterday in Mexico flying at FL350 and was amazed at the ground textures …. Wish I had discovered this sooner. Once we get into a 5.1/5.2 version , crashes are fixed , all addons become compatible , and Enhanced Atmospherics works well , will probably move over to V5 as I already have a 11GB GPU and performance looks like to be improved in v5.
  10. Don't know if it is HF3 or my new CPU upgrade ( I9 9900k) But I just did a test at FlyTampa KLAS with quite high settings and I am getting 33-39 FPS landing with the NGXu with the city and airport in view. Before ( with the 8086k I had ) I was barely hitting 30. So maybe the CPU or a comination of both?
  11. Looks good.. but unless PTA/Tomatoshade ( either is fine) , Activesky, EZDOK and various other addons are updated , completely no-go for me. Not going from my pimped-up 4.5 to a semi-vanilla v5 , regardless of the performance increase , Maybe in several months , but not now..
  12. Looks like its a hold for me. Until ALL my addons( and there is lots ) are updated I will not even consider upgrading. Most likely in 3-4 months when 5.1 comes out and hopefully some of the kinks are ironed out. I have a 11GB 1080ti GPU so it should suffice. My 4.5 with the RDpreset Tomatoshade , and REX SF my sim has never looked so good visually. However , the performance increase in DX12 and TrueSky is probably a reason to upgrade, just not at the moment.
  13. Works fine for me as long as I use the scenery.cfg method of installing. With Orbx , layering must be done correctly and FTX4 with .cfg does it exactly like FTX 3. I would prefer XML method but I don't want to take the risk of layer butchering and then issues like products ( Orbx HD Buildings) not showing up, and major elevation issues ( with airports in the FTX regions)
  14. Yes , clouds and WX are light years ahead.. Lets hope that the new sim can PROPERLY simulate a typical PNW winter day ( like rain rain and more rain , 100% CLOUD COVER to FL290) no more 2003ish era cartoon clouds, and without needing a Nvidia Super Iron Man Titan 3080TI 32GB or a I9 running at 6.0 GHZ
  15. I have a feeling that TE PNW for P3d is dead in the water too.( was supposed to have come out in 2018/2019 originally) With MSFS 2020 coming up in a year or less, it would not make good business sense to go ahead with it. Never used XP but since XP is ortho scenery by default, TE regions seem to be quicker to develop for XP. Orbx released virtually the whole west coast of US ( and Florida probably soon) in less than a year!. With P3d , this would be a pipe dream. I figure that since P3d is texture based, doing TE areas with photoscenery/full autogen is very intensive and takes much longer to do than XP. Plus it seems like TE is more of a performance hit with ESP sims.
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