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  1. BTW are you using Dynamic lighting with SSAA? No matter your GPU this is a performance killer , even with a 1080TI I get severe lagging FPS jumping from 18-50 in some add-on airports with SSAA and DL. GPU spikes to 99% . During the day , I turn DL off and keep 4xSSAA, smooth . Dusk/Dawn/night - turn on DL , use 8XMSAA and FXAA on and no FPS hit and max GPU load is around 65%
  2. BTW are you using Dynamic lighting with SSAA? No matter your GPU this is a performance killer , even with a 1080TI I get severe lagging FPS jumping from 18-50 in some add-on airports with SSAA and DL. GPU spikes to 99% . During the day , I turn DL off and keep 4xSSAA Dusk/Dawn/night - turn on DL , use 8XMSAA and FXAA on and no FPS hit and max GPU load is around 65%
  3. Just upgraded .. works quite well so for .Love the wingflex and the model. No major bugs so far , seems to run like the NGX. Performance slightly less, but works fine with all the lights enabled. Just don't use SSAA at night. With DD Seattle Orbx PNW and DD KSEA I hold in the 30s FPS. Disabling FO displays gives you more performance boost I use a 1080TI and 5.0 ghz 8086k
  4. Found this on the IAG forums Had the issue with soundpack not downloading - here is a solution that worked for me https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=31288.msg314427#msg3144
  5. Unfortunately , when installing a more recent version , I have to completely nuke all the folders after uninstalling the old version ( the FSLABS entry in c/Program files , and the entire entry in the add-on folder( including livieries) If not , I get a CTD with ucrtbase.dll as the offending module when loading up the plane( with an existing livery) Deleting all traces of the old installation , and then re-installing everything ( a bit more time consuming) resolves the issue.
  6. I am thinking of moving from UTXL ( when I do my re-install) to this tool. Did some research and looks very promising ( especially with updated liviries) Just want to make sure that when using this tool , that no core Flightsim files get modified ( e.g. all files can be saved outside the main FS folder). So just in case you get a CTD or other issues , you can easily delete various models and stuff outside the main sim folders
  7. 1080 to 1080TI mostly to use TextureExponent=10 You will need almost all VRAM you can get Speed and FPS and negligible With Orbx Buildings HD , Orbx Socal and FT KLAS , FSL A320 even on a clearish day I can max out around 10.3 GB of VRAM , and that is with a 1440p display and 2048 textures. But the scenery looks oh soo amazing. Not a blurry texture in sight ! IN normal scenery areas you use around 7-8GB
  8. It probably needs an update .. Hotfix 1 was pretty much just a FPS fix , however with HF2 some shaders must have changed I get an I/O error when trying to save and then when I fire up my sim my clouds and horizon is all orange colour.
  9. Exactly what I experience also. Everything works like the FTX3 with the added features of Orbx Central ( plus you can purchase new products easily). Layering of addon sceneries whether its scenery.cfg or addon.xml. is paramount. Or else you will encounter issues ( like I had myself) like products not showing up ( Orbx Buildings HD - still default) , elevation issues around airports ( Orbx Central Rockies) . Addon.xml needs some major fixing . Once that is fixed and insertion points are kept, Orbx Central will be great!
  10. FTX central seems to be working satisfactorily at the moment for me as long as you still use the scenery.cfg method of installation. The updated version of FTX4 gives you the option to either use scenery.cfg or addon.xml. If you are using Lorby addon organizer , I would still use the scenery.cfg method to install scenery. I am just re-installing P3d and used FTX3 to install all my regions, openLC and airports. I then did the upgrade to FTX4, and uninstalled F3. I forgot to install LOWII after the upgrade and was worried that installing it would completely scramble my insertion points. Lone behold , I was given the option what method to download , installed LOWI and it itstalled perfectly fine and in the correct layer. I would highly suggest at the moment that if you are doing a clean install is the use the scenery.cfg method and when the addon.xml layering issue is fixed and compatible with Lorby tool, you can migrate over. If you are just upgrading from F3 to F4 , do not migrate. Just use F4 to install new software and to update existing ones.
  11. +1 for Central3 Central 4 is a great design and concept, but it just does not work properly at the moment. Scenery layering and insertion points is completely broken , Orbx entries all over the place and even if you go in to manually layering them properly , the MINUTE you change a setting or add another Orbx product, there we go , all entries scrambled. Plus Orbx buildings does not display . You would install it , Central would say installed , but fire up your sim and voila - still default autogen buildings. Again , a layering issue. When central 4 is compatible with Lorby Addon Organizer ( as V3 is ) , and the scenery layering is fixed , eventually it will be a good upgrade. For the meantime , went back to 3 and everything works 100%
  12. I am doing a new installation of P3D at the moment Having to download all the sceneries yet again is a big failp s.Fortunately I have a steady fast internet connection with a lot of data so I set the downloads to start at 11pm and woke up in the morning with the sceneries all done. Unfortunately , some users do not have a very fast internet connection and downloading everything could take days. There should have been a provision to be able to use the installation files from FTX v 3.0. At least they are using the addon-xml method and it is now more consistency with other addon installation . Plus you can disable areas much easier. And if you do re-install your sim at a later date , you don't have to re-install the sceneries again , just point the library to your Orbx addon folder.
  13. Runs great on my system and no FPS hit. It does use a fair bit more VRAM due to the 4096 textures. I was surprised when I fired up FT KLAS , the FSLABS A320 , and Buildings HD with Texture_Exponent=10 , I was almost maxing out my 11GB 1080TI ( VRAM was at 10.4 GB!). Where before Buildings HD it was running around 7.5 GB max. Visuals were amazing though.
  14. Had this problem big time when in the QW787 VC Anytime you clicked the autopilot or any other switch , the screen would flicker Disabling full screen optimization solved the issues completely.
  15. I got my 30% FPS back from the original 4.5 Problem solved at least for me.:)
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