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  1. I would say pull the trigger now 2024 is coming out this year but for addons to become compatible it will be minimum 6 months. Its not " compatible on day one" . not at all.
  2. Like the saying goes " a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else" My work IT has put some cumbersome security also and whenever we have to change our passwords , its like running the gauntlet. 2 step verification , apps that don't work or accept passwords, etc. BTW my issues was resolved quickly. Just needed to re-set my activations and now REX works fine thank you
  3. Seems like it has cropped up again Tried to re-install my REX Accuseason Advanced and keep getting " activation key no found" I have activated this in the past with no issues , suddenly nothing works Opened up a ticket a few days ago but no resolution yet. Maybe their activation servers have been down the past several days?
  4. With MSFS2024 on the horizon , i don't think there will be any major aircraft releases before late summer 2024. PMDG 777 maybe 1st quarter but nothing else.
  5. 1. A flight saving utility that saves your present flight and panel state . Kind of like the save function in P3D/FSX. You don't lose your settings or panel state. And you can change the weather. 2. Q400 3. Cure for the minecraft textures in Canada ( lack of satellite coverage). Hopeful MSFS2024 improves in this aspect . Funny that virtually all of the flights i have done in Europe and USA rarely have this issue.
  6. I noticed that when i enable GSX and exit the sim , the assistance settings get reset.\ I disable it ( via Addons Linker) before exiting the sim , settings are kept.
  7. Nice to have this tool working for SU14 beta Even with the new sky colors in SU14, sunrise and sunsets are way too red. If you are flying in lets say a very polluted area with tons of haze , then it looks quite realistic. But for me ( Canadian west coast) , sunrise and sunsets are generally a bit more blueish. Especially in fall and winter . The only time when we have very red/orange sunsets is when there is a hint of wildfire smoke in the area( which can happen in summer).
  8. 2 or more second pauses i find are due to scenery objects loading ( e.g. airports , cities, POI's like cranes, marinas, wind turbines etc.) I notice around KLAX , these pauses happening like crazy. Funny that i had the same issues in FSX , P3d 32 bit ,and P3d 64 Bit. Must be the increased latency
  9. LNAV and VNAV seem to work fine on the SU13 beta for me However i seem to be having very choppy and laggy displays on the latest beta ( General FPS are fine , but the displays are running at like 10 FPS) . Maybe a refresh rate issue?
  10. I tried out the beta and seem to be having 1-2 second pauses in US PG areas that seem to linger until i get out of the areas. ( default scenery ) Plus sim CTD when exiting a flight and going back to main menu ( the 00000005 error log) 4090 DX12 .. everything seems fine on SU12.
  11. Its a game changer , for me at least. Flying at 50-60 FPS even in the most demanding scenarios ( think Fenix and LAX) and feeling like a real simulator , and not something from 2010 I find 30 FPS to be jittery, stutter and just old school. P3D and FSX was the same way. the 4080/4090 aint cheap but until we have CPU's that run 6+ GHZ an all cores " out of the box" , this is the best we have. A Gsync/Freesync monitor is also essential or else you get screen tears and stuttering. I lock my FPS in NCP around 90-100 FPS , Vsync off in both game and driver , turn full G-SYNC on and it seems to run well.
  12. Nice to hear that reverse thrust sound on landing finally.
  13. Same with me :) 20+ years of insane FRUSTRATION with low FPS with complex scenarios. Did countless number of upgrades , but never found that sweet spot ( i tend to fly complex airliners into complex cities and airports!). Took the plunge last fall and got an i9 14900k at 5.4 GHZ and a 3080TI.... P3D ran smooth as silk, MSFS , well another story. Consistent hitting the VRAM wall , stuttering and low FPS ( i was trying to land in CYYC with the Fenix A320 and barely getting 30FPS -- on a latest generation CPU). I said " enough is enough" My impatience just ran out after 2 decades of this. Had a nice bonus from work, splurged on a 4090 with 24 GB of VRAM , turned on Frame Generation ( after having tons of driver crashes - but this is now long since resolved - thank god). Same scenario. over 60 + FPS everywhere! Landing my Fenix in CYYZ with all the Fly Tampa goodies actually feeling like a REAL FLIGHT , and not a 2005ish barely there flight simulator. FG is almost that magic bullet we have been waiting for for decades. Bar none. Yes, you have to configure your monitor and stuff ( to avoid screen tearing) . but GSYNC/FREESYNC will mitigate that. Seeing my VRAM touch 20 GB in some complex sceneries and everything smooth as silk , its a game changer., Until CPU's come with 6+ GHZ out of the box , a 4+ series GPU is that we need! . And with FS2024 coming out , who knows how much VRAM it will need . If textures and even higher res and more lifelike, i bet 20-24 GB will be the norm.
  14. Depending where i fly. in the USA - MSFS by far However, in northern Canada (especially in the Arctic) , where MSFS textures look more like Flight SImulator 1998 than 2020, then P3D v5. Like 80% MSFS and 20% P3D v5 ( fingers crossed that MSFS 2024 solves the " missing " satellite issue.
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