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  1. Hi Remy, This ATIS was provided to us by the Dutch VACC - they have a tool that generates an ATIS soundfile based on a library of recorded words from the real life version.
  2. Hi all, Following on from a set of similar videos I did for the PMDG NGX a couple of years ago, I was asked to produce another for the 777. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAJ4qz_BYw This video is fairly long, and covers a cold and dark start, flight deck preparation, take off and raw data procedural NDB ILS approach into East Midlands. More about our upcoming 777 training here: www.777training.com
  3. Andy - the lesson summary is approximately one minute of video, and always at the end of each lesson. If you wish to save yourself that one minute please do feel free to close the video at the appropriate time. Other than the lesson summary, what other repetitions did you note that extended the video length by 7 minutes? Latest member update here: http://www.flyaoamedia.com/737/737ngx-training-updates/
  4. Look at the registration - JY-XXX is a Jordanian registration. Take a look on airliners.net for Jordanian B737s. Looks like it's probably a 'Jordan Aviation' operated -300, judging by pics on a.net at least.
  5. Ray - there is systems depth in our product that you will not find in FCOM Vol.2. Lessons are constructed from scratch with an emphasis on teaching the content logically. While writing the lessons, the FCOM only provides basic framework. The meat is from the AMM. Never unnecessarily complex mind, just enough to add a unique element that captures the interest and give you information that the FCOM doesn't go near.
  6. As far as I know there is no way to export the EZdok 'General Settings'. You can export the DHM settings and cameras etc, but as for the rest it's all in the menus. Changing the panning settings is a piece of cake, just play around in the menu with the rotary settings to change the speed/smoothness etc. Angelo - the EZCA motion can make it difficult to hit clickspots sometimes, which is partly why I don't have it turned up all that high. PMDG has made very accessible clickspots for the NGX, so you shouldn't have any problem. There are a few videos on the simforums.com EZdok forum that are easy to follow and will get you set up in no time!
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys.Ethan - the scope of our product has ballooned since we started, and the 8 months we have spent on it thus far simply has not been enough. We will not have completed sections for initial release, no. It's not really my place to describe exactly the situation though, I'd better let Chris do that as I don't want to reveal too much! We'll be as transparent and honest as we can throughout the development cycle, don't worry. We strive for mutual trust between us and the customer - the customer trusting us to do as we promise, and us trusting the customer to keep a cool head and not overreact. It's a fine balance but we think we can do it.
  8. http://www.flyaoamed...gx-walk-around/ You can hear the APU and TE flap motors in that one, but as for engine sounds...it releases in less than a week, I think you can wait
  9. I had to chuckle when I read that question - when you sneeze the camera moves accordingly :( I actually sneezed in this video: http://www.flyaoamedia.com/aoa/nicks-737ngx-takeoff/ I edited out the sound afterwards, but it's pretty obvious when it happens. I also apologise for it shortly afterwards!
  10. We would love to do subtitles, not only for the hard of hearing but also for those for whom English isn't their first language. The training itself is scripted, so there is potential for this. At the very least I would imagine that we will provide the scripts, but we will definitely look into subtitles. It's been requested by many over the past months. Certificated MTOW for the -800 is 174,200 bs. Some airlines may choose to have their airlines certified to lower limits. Quite why the FCOM says 155.5 I'm not sure, especially as it's not an airline specific version. See the Boeing site and several other sources, and you'll see that the actual value is 174,200. Max taxi weight is 174,000lbs. I looked it up afterwards, I was actually right that it was Laker Airways, but it was a UK carrier, not a US carrier! We won't have completed content to release on day 1. Thanks for the kind words, that means a lot! I had the EZCA settings fairly low, that is independent of the NGX. As for 'realistic' settings I think that's hard to quantify! Your body/head/eyes dampen the motion in real life anyway.
  11. Awww crap did I actually say that? Whoops....! By the way another thing I noticed in the video - I was talking about the BAC-111 operator that was using reduced thrust, it was indeed Laker Airways, but it was actually a UK carrier! Somehow I thought it was US, not sure why.
  12. I tried to find a decent equilibrium - obviously you want to be able to hear what I say, but I also wanted the aircraft sounds to stand out! PMDG balanced the engine sounds a little better in a recent beta, they sound fantastic. As for the training, the sounds will be very finely balanced, yes! That's vital.
  13. I don't bother with FSUIPC for the toe brakes - I just set null zones in the FSX control settings and that solves autobrake issues.
  14. Not a problem, looks like I was about a minute too late!
  15. Hi all, We've just released another video: http://www.flyaoamedia.com/aoa/nicks-737ngx-takeoff/ It's just under 50 minutes long, features a quick preflight prior to a raw data takeoff from London Gatwick. I then talk a little about the Yaw Damper - a simple explanation but it shows off some of the finer points of PMDG's simulation nicely. Enjoy!
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