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  1. Is the change in how the aircraft flies apparent when you fly it manually as well?
  2. The answer is simple. There's more demand in FSX right now. More demand = more money. That being said, there is still a demand among those that fly in Prepar3d and X-Plane so that's why PMDG will be producing products for those platforms too.
  3. Joel

    WX Radar

    "Are we there yet" threads should be blocked but discussing the prospect of having WX radar and how it should be implemented is far from a "can we have it now?" post.
  4. Joel

    WX Radar

    Indeed things have changed so this topic is (in my opinion) open for discussion until newly addressed by PMDG.
  5. Joel

    WX Radar

    Give it time and you'll be flying PMDG products with a working weather radar. PMDG keeps quiet about this sorta stuff but I'm sure they're working on something in the background.
  6. Exact situation on my end. Cold and dark. I wonder if it happens if you start from any other panel state.
  7. I feel like it's something to do with liveries. Another kind of livery manager? One where you don't have to download each separate livery?
  8. I'm leaving for Indonesia on Thursday for three months so it looks like I'm gonna be flying it when I get back. It will be a great way to unwind from my adventure.
  9. I always wonder how word gets around.
  10. I checked Frooglesim's Facebook a few minutes ago and apparently he was interviewed about PMDG by the Wall Street Journal. Here's the quote: "There comes a point where you look at this whole YouTube thing you've created, and the fallout from it and go "WoW!" Just did an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the 777." I hope to read the article.
  11. PFPX does a lot more than just get you a route to fly. If you are the kind of simmer that would like to just grab a route and fly it, PFPX might not be for you. I personally am most excited about the accurate fuel planning as well as ETOPS flights.
  12. Well the VRS F-18 uses that technology so I don't see why PMDG won't.
  13. I wish Tony and his wife good fortunes in this time of need. Get better and I really wish I could be flying on the 18th.
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