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  1. Original PMDG MD-11 Manuals and Checklist. Never used and in perfect condition. Chick list is laminated and manuals have durable plastic covers. Included: - Flight Crew Operating Manual - Aircraft Systems and FMS Suppliment - Laminated Checklist From a pet and smoke-free home. These cost over £125 (GBP) new and I don’t even think they are available to buy from PMDG anymore. Contact me for shipping costs. £75 + shipping. Based in the UK but happy to ship overseas at cost. PM me for photos.
  2. CrashEd

    P3D and micro stutters

    Then it's not that then Try setting your frame rate to something other than 30 exactly (eg 32) and fly a default plane with no addons. I think there are some combinations of (v2 incompatible) addons that aren't helping.
  3. CrashEd

    Microstutters? 1/2 refresh fix?

    Limit your frame rate to something higher then 30 e.g. 32 or 33 (read the LM forum for an explanation). Try setting your TrackIR priority to High in task manager. These two things pretty much eliminated microstutters on my setup, which is very similar to the OP's. Some have reported better performance with the latest Nvidia driver, although this may not sort your microstutters, it could be worth trying at some point. It made a big difference on my setup, running Orbx Global and various UK2000 Extreme airports.
  4. CrashEd

    P3D and micro stutters

    I found that setting my TrackIR priority to High in Task Manager pretty much eliminated all of my microstutters.
  5. CrashEd

    L/M P3Dv2 Patch

  6. CrashEd

    L/M P3Dv2 Patch

    Good news. Mike, do you know if they are going straight to v2.1 or is it more likely to be v2.05? I haven't been keeping track. Hope this doesn't end up like FSX. It took them a year to get the first patch out! LM seem to be on the ball though at least.
  7. CrashEd

    Upcoming V2 Releases

    Just read that it doesn't have a proper FMC (no SID/STARS) so I'll wait and see what reviews it gets. The Metroliner is looking like a good option interns of something different.
  8. I seem to be getting better results having it locked, but I have it locked to something slightly higher than a round number (as suggested by LM, in order to minimise stuttering). I usually use 32 or 33. Oddly I got better results in FSX on unlimited, but as we know, they are different beasts. I have nothing locked in Inspector with regards to frame rate. There are so many variables when setting up FSX/P3D2 that there is little wonder that we all have varying success with drivers etc. Sometimes I think it just comes down to pot luck!
  9. Same here. I can now fly UK2000 EGLL Extreme and it not go below 20fps using a certain 737. Getting much higher frame rates in other, smaller aircraft.
  10. CrashEd

    Upcoming V2 Releases

    Yeah that sucks, which is why I'm not buying into it. I'd rather wait 3 years for PMDG to bring their version out. Anyone tried the Caranado B1900D? It's supposedly v2 compatible.
  11. CrashEd

    Carenado 1900D Released

    Anyone tried this out in P3D v2 yet? It looks immense.
  12. Ok, thanks. Just been reading the iFly forum and it appears that there is no upgrade path from the FSX version to the P3D v2 version. Unless I've got it wrong - it all seems opaquely clear... So $95 + ASN to try out the weather radar in p3d is not going to happen...
  13. Looks promising. Is there a P3D v2 specific installer/version of the iFly 737? I have the FSX version, so I don't want to shell out again for a P3D installer. Do we know any details regarding the wx radar? Will it be a purchasable addon?
  14. CrashEd

    Razbam just released Metroliner for P3D v2

    Thanks for pointing that out, it's still a bit pricey for me, but maybe I'll give it a go at some point.
  15. CrashEd

    Razbam just released Metroliner for P3D v2

    Yep, a P3D2 only version would make me buy it. As it is I'll probably not bother unless it gets good reviews.