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  1. CrashEd

    L/M P3Dv2 Patch

  2. CrashEd

    L/M P3Dv2 Patch

    Good news. Mike, do you know if they are going straight to v2.1 or is it more likely to be v2.05? I haven't been keeping track. Hope this doesn't end up like FSX. It took them a year to get the first patch out! LM seem to be on the ball though at least.
  3. CrashEd

    Upcoming V2 Releases

    Just read that it doesn't have a proper FMC (no SID/STARS) so I'll wait and see what reviews it gets. The Metroliner is looking like a good option interns of something different.
  4. CrashEd

    Upcoming V2 Releases

    Yeah that sucks, which is why I'm not buying into it. I'd rather wait 3 years for PMDG to bring their version out. Anyone tried the Caranado B1900D? It's supposedly v2 compatible.
  5. CrashEd

    Question to PMDG about NGX Service Pack 2 ?

    I'd also like to see better support for hardware, such as the FlyEngravity CDU and other vendors, such as VRInsight. The export of more variables for cockpit building would be fantastic - such as the Electrical System display. To get this working on the VRI Overhead (or any overhead) would be awesome.
  6. CrashEd

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Awesome stuff, many thanks for this guys :)Downloading now.
  7. CrashEd

    Angle of Attack Training

    Check out the videos from 'Skysurfer', iirc, if you want to go down the YouTube route. He's a (nice) guy on this forum (CircleToLand) and a 737 pilot.
  8. CrashEd

    Angle of Attack Training

    Summed it up perfectly.
  9. CrashEd

    Angle of Attack Training

    I apologise for calling you an idiot mate, didn't mean it to come across like that, but all you hear is people saying, ' why can't i have my videos immediately, blah, blah, blah'. It seems you are not one of those, but there are far too many impatient people these days...If they are having problems with editors etc, then so what. There are a lot of companies in crisis at the moment. Agreed, they could be quicker, but Chris is doing an excellent job of filing the void by producing some good 'flow' videos. Three in just over a week if I'm not mistaken. I'll be sticking with them for now. I've got faith in those guys - far better than the majority of home brew vids on YouTube which are often incorrect. Agreed though that there are a lot of good alternative resources out there.
  10. CrashEd

    Angle of Attack Training

    Then you were an idiot to give them your money in the first place. They make no secrets about their videos not being available at the time of purchase. Still, I bet you are far too busy reading the FCOM as we speak ;-)
  11. CrashEd

    737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

    Yeah it's been on here a whole now. Fantastic tutorial, well worth a read.
  12. CrashEd

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    No problem mate, glad it helped.
  13. CrashEd

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    No probs mate. Let me know if it sorts out the problem. Annoyingly I'm away forth next few days so I won't get a chance to try it.
  14. CrashEd

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    Try this mate in the meantime (if you're sigh Ed up). Let me know if not.
  15. CrashEd

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    Yeah, me too. Thought it would be an easy fix! I've posted over in the EZdok forum so I'll let you know if I get it fixed.