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  1. OnAir Airline Manager already features integration with MS2020, as well as XP11 and P3D. It is a great career add-on. Yes, it is subscription-based, but you get a ton of content for that.
  2. It’s almost certain to be released this year. They began the marketing effort last year, which would not have occurred if the release date wasn’t anticipated to be relatively soon. Just looking at the features they are working on like the A320 suggests that the core sim is in good shape. My bet is July or August.
  3. I recently built a new computer with enough SSD space to download all of Orbx TrueEarth and some other orthos for XPlane. Wow, it’s like an early preview of MS! I can’t stop flying now and, honestly, don’t care if MS comes out this year or not.
  4. Any recommendations for freeware clouds that work well with XVision, or should I stick with default? I also own Active Sky XP, but I haven't tried its cloud textures. Any thoughts on those?
  5. The HD mesh with a few plug ins is about 9 GB for me. By comparison, ORBX PNW in SD is around 14 in populated areas.
  6. I recently came back to XP after a couple of years away. I’m really impressed with the changes and improvements.
  7. Ok, can we just close this topic? It is clear that MS will support TrackIR. It would be colossally dumb not to. If they don’t then any developer can create an app to do so in a few days. It is trivial as long as MS provides an SDK and has mouse view or the like.
  8. They employ a guy with a PhD in rooftop reconstruction. Wow.
  9. Relax everyone. TrackIR will almost certainly be supported. It is relatively simple to implement, which is why every flight and space sim and nearly every driving game have it. I can’t explain why the devs said it won’t be there. Maybe they are not familiar with it, but they certainly will be made so after critical feedback from testers.
  10. We can only guess. I read some posts where people speculated a year or more to release. I find that highly unlikely. MS has begun pretty heavy marketing efforts, press, etc. They would not do that for a game that is a year away. I predict an initial release in late spring.
  11. 26:15 mark in Frooglesm's preview states that the simulator does not use ray tracing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj8h6yibHHc
  12. Can anyone speak to the performance of dynamic shadows (not lighting) in 4.3? That has always been an FPS killer in the past.
  13. You will still want it so that you can snap views to gauges. I wouldn’t dream of flying without both.
  14. Anyone using Simbuddy? I tried it a year or so ago and wasn't that impressed. However, I gave it another try and am glad I did. The VA function, although still in beta, is really neat. It is exactly what I have been looking for to add some purpose to flying without being too boring like most VAs. Anyone still wishing for FSPassengers to be released for P3d v4 should give it a try for sure. It takes just minutes to create your own airline and routes. Then you can either fly solo or recruit other pilots. I created a simple airline and am flying solo from a base at LOWI. Simbuddy simulates monthly overhead costs, which are realistic but quite high with me as the sole pilot. (A typical route from LOWI might net $5,000 profit, but the monthly overhead is over $120,000, so you do the math.) However, the dev promises that he will very soon release a template that allows users to customize all costs and other aspects of the VA. This will allow one to build a career from small planes to the heavies if one desires. The in-flight interface is slick, with lots of options to manage the flight crew and passengers. The best feature is the report card you receive on flight's end. If the passengers are happy, they reward you with reputation, which will increase your earnings. It gives one a real purpose to fly. Over the years, I have tried all of the career add-ons like Air Hauler, FSPassenger, FSEconomy, etc., as well as numerous VAs. In my opinion, Simbuddy is the best of the bunch. I am currently using just the free subscription, which limits the number of routes available. However, I plan to upgrade to the paid subscription once the custom template is released.
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