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  1. MarkSC

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Can anyone speak to the performance of dynamic shadows (not lighting) in 4.3? That has always been an FPS killer in the past.
  2. MarkSC

    Track IR & EZDOK

    You will still want it so that you can snap views to gauges. I wouldn’t dream of flying without both.
  3. MarkSC Use?

    Anyone using Simbuddy? I tried it a year or so ago and wasn't that impressed. However, I gave it another try and am glad I did. The VA function, although still in beta, is really neat. It is exactly what I have been looking for to add some purpose to flying without being too boring like most VAs. Anyone still wishing for FSPassengers to be released for P3d v4 should give it a try for sure. It takes just minutes to create your own airline and routes. Then you can either fly solo or recruit other pilots. I created a simple airline and am flying solo from a base at LOWI. Simbuddy simulates monthly overhead costs, which are realistic but quite high with me as the sole pilot. (A typical route from LOWI might net $5,000 profit, but the monthly overhead is over $120,000, so you do the math.) However, the dev promises that he will very soon release a template that allows users to customize all costs and other aspects of the VA. This will allow one to build a career from small planes to the heavies if one desires. The in-flight interface is slick, with lots of options to manage the flight crew and passengers. The best feature is the report card you receive on flight's end. If the passengers are happy, they reward you with reputation, which will increase your earnings. It gives one a real purpose to fly. Over the years, I have tried all of the career add-ons like Air Hauler, FSPassenger, FSEconomy, etc., as well as numerous VAs. In my opinion, Simbuddy is the best of the bunch. I am currently using just the free subscription, which limits the number of routes available. However, I plan to upgrade to the paid subscription once the custom template is released.
  4. Update: it has nothing to do with the sim pause. I just randomly lose the program every 30 minutes or so of flying. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. I did not have this issue with the prior version of MCE.
  5. I am having a problem recently that the co-pilot stops responding after a flight sim pause and unpause. It has happened on three consecutive flights now with PMDG 737. The MCE program is still running. However, no commands are executed, however. P3D 4.2 and latest version of MCE. I should add that the program icon in the task tray is unresponsive when this occurs. That is, I cannot get menu options by right clicking the icon, nor will the program go to the screen when left clicking.
  6. MarkSC

    "Fly the World" Career Add-On Experience?

    Thanks.. It looks really interesting. I guess I would describe it as a more sophisticated FSEconomy with a career mode. Like FSE, one can be a pilot-for-hire and fly anywhere in the world if the airplane and demand is there. (It is a player-driven economy as in FSE.) However, a key difference is that there are pilot ranks. Everyone starts at the bottom, and one has to put in hours to fly larger planes. Like FSE, one can purchase airplanes and FBOs with virtual cash. However, FTW also adds the concept of airlines: players can start a VA-like airline and recruit other players to join it. Players can fly for airlines or fly pilot-for-hire jobs. So, all of the virtual dollars (Euros) one earns as a pilot can be put to use by purchasing planes, FBOs, fuel stations, and/or starting an airline. Anyone who has used this, please let me know your thoughts or if I am missing something. It sounds pretty neat.
  7. Do any of you have experience with "Fly the World" ( I just became aware of it. It is run by some Germans and currently in beta. I am having problems translating the handbuch using Google Docs so I thought I would just ask. Can anyone explain the main differences between it and FSEconomy? Pros and Cons?
  8. MarkSC

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    I also have both and like aspects of both. Two negatives for XP in my opinion: At least on my system, it crashes far more often than P3D, no doubt due to all of the plug ins that are required to add features like Saitek panels, Lua, etc. Also, I really wish that FSCaptain and ProATC X worked with XP. I would fly a lot more some of the great planes like the IXEG 737. As others have said, GA flying is the strength of XP. There are some cool planes that have not been seen in P3D, and the flight dynamics seem more real to me (although I am not a real pilot). Many GA planes and add ons like the Reality expansion packs are of the same quality as what A2A offers with P3D.
  9. MarkSC

    VAs With Economic/Performance Progression

    I didn't get a response, so I did a lot of internet searching. Elite Air Taxi has a nice system. The ranks are hour-based, but you progress from piston aircraft up to jets, so it adds some purpose and some great GA flying. Also, there is an economy aspect much like FSEconomy. The flight pay you earn can be used to purchase airplanes that you then earn money from when others fly.
  10. MarkSC

    Looking for GA VAs

    I just joined Elite Air Taxi. It has some very nice features for the GA pilot, and you can progress up to small jets if you want.
  11. Are there any VAs out there that implement a robust progression system? I'm thinking of something like FS Captain that rates and pays you based on flight performance and tracks your reputation. I've seen a few out there that offer pay or award points based on flight performance, but then they don't seem to use that pay for anything except keeping score, i.e.., a proxy for hours flown. I'm interested in a VA that grades your flights and sets limits on your career based on flight performance. It seems as if SimAir might offer this if it ever is released, which seems doubtful. Simbuddy is also headed in the right direction I think, and perhaps AirHaluer 2 VAs once that is beefed up a bit. Are there any others?
  12. MarkSC

    Flight Sim Store Closed?

    The Flight Sim store servers have been down over a week now, and I cannot download my purchases. Is there any word on this?
  13. I have this same problem. About one in 10 times it launches, otherwise no. If I try to kill the process, it says that the process is not running. The wizard also will not run. I have tried all of the steps above. I uninstalled and reinstalled MCE to the default folder, gave the folder full permission, excluded it from the antivirus (also tried with Defender off), and ensured that UCE is at the default level. Edit: I just reinstalled MCE with Windows Defender off. So far it has successfully launched 5 times, so it seems to be working.
  14. I just ordered the Odyssey. Really looking forward to trying it out.