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  1. Italy actually has had CAVOK weather recently. At least the NOAA meter has said that for each of the last three flights I took….
  2. SimBrief already include the SIDS and STARS. Do you mean the approach? Or you probably want to know if ATC can assign the SID and STAR if you leave it out of the flight plan.
  3. Yes, there is an option for it to do that. I instead just paste the route from SimBrief and pick the approach, but ATC can assign it with P2ATC. The biggest downside is no interaction with MSFS traffic, so I have been forced to turn off live traffic or risk getting too many go arounds. My understanding is that this is a limitation of every third party ATC except perhaps the upcoming FSHud.
  4. I just flew Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to KMIA. Beautiful flight that sees three countries.
  5. +1 for Skypark. Fly any plane anywhere. I’m really looking forward to the devs adding additional airplane costs so it is more of a career sim.
  6. I have had this bug too. In addition to what others have said, I recommend that you not hit escape (pause) during your flight. Doing so seems to trigger the climb performance issue for me every time in the CRJ.
  7. I recently purchased the JF Turbo Arrow. Try it out. I think you will agree it is superior to even A2A, RealAir, etc. and shows how good MSFS can be with the right planes. In my maiden flight, I was buffeted by cross winds, and the plane's response just felt so believable. I had a big grin as I struggled to land and thought, "MSFS has finally arrived."
  8. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but some planes in the real world such as the CRJ700 usually are equipped to not offer vertical descent in RNAV. Thus, NAV mode (rather than APR) is used for lateral only with the pilot using VS mode for vertical.
  9. Quick flight in the C208 form EGLL. Initial impression: amazing scenery. Getting 30-35 FPS in a RTX 3070 at ultra settings and the usual crappy weather for UK in winter. Frame limited by CPU, so switching to high setting only increased FPS by 5.
  10. I have not had a single CTD that was not caused by a mod in the community folder (Navigraph being the latest culprit). 0 crashes for me with a clean community folder. This is by far the most stable sim I have used.
  11. All default planes that I have tried work with the default driver from the Saitek web site. However, sadly, the Saitek panels do not work with the A320 mod.
  12. Let’s all celebrate that our niche hobby has now produced the fastest selling simulator of all time! I know some want to pan it, but it is impressive and clearly shows that MS will be in it for the long haul, especially since it is a showcase for their Azure technology.
  13. The developer video stated that they will be adding an economic expense element. My guess is that there will also eventually be a way to use the cash you earn to build a career or lifestyle in game (economic progression) and surely a way to use the XP. As it is, even in early access, I love it for giving me a purpose to fly to new areas. It is somewhat unique in letting one fly any plane anywhere with tours and bush trips (once the devs open that up)--more like a virtual airline in that respect.
  14. I am really impressed so far. Just flew my intro flight. I notice that there are no tours or bush trips, despite having those as search filter options, so I'm sure that more content will come during the early access.
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