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  1. Yes, I have been following the Pimax 8k closely as well.
  2. Anyone looking forward to the next gen of VR? The HTC Vive Pro has a nice resolution upgrade and is promised for Q1 2018.
  3. Although Nvidia is not 100% certain yet that GPUs are unaffected
  4. P3D will just have to change to rely more on GPU like other modern games.
  5. I really like UTL. What are people using for traffic percent settings? I found 100 a bit overwhelming at large airports (though realisitc), so I'm trying 75 for airlines and 85 for GA.
  6. I just installed the Airports of Norway package. The first two airports I tried were stunning.
  7. How does one update from Flight One? I downloaded the new installer, but no combination of my account password or the new key file I had them email me works to install it. I have a ticket with Flight One, but haven't heard back yet.
  8. I use Envshade with only Soft Clouds. Like it a lot.
  9. Still does not work for me as well. Pretty much the entire after start flow is non functional, as well as many other commands. P3D v 4.1, MJC 1.020a. MCE patched per the above post.
  10. Sorry, but this doesn't work for me even after installing the above patch. Still a lot of items in the flow do not work. I am using P3D v 4.1 with the latest Majestic patch. EDIT: Never mind, the patch did not install properly. I'll try again.
  11. Just to confirm, I have the same issue with missing flows.
  12. Not sure what you mean about no nose steering with ailerons. Works fine for me.
  13. I have recently returned to FSEcnomy, even for jet flights. I set a long term goal of purchasing a plane like the Q400, which will take a LONG time for me to save the funds in the game. That gives me a goal to work towards. I also like how FSE encourages exploration of new areas with the pilot for hire model. (I dislike being confined to bases in AH2.) FSCaptain is also very good, but lacks the dynamic economy of FSE. It is, however, possible to use both on the same flight.
  14. It's working great for me. Thanks, Bert.
  15. I have the same problem. Cannot start this plane in P3D v 4.1 using either ctrl+E or manually.