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  1. For those who don't know, the wonderful program Ideal Flight allows for exporting of flight plans (including the airports that are not in the GTN database using custom waypoints) in GTN format. I believe Steve is now finalizing the v4 wrapper with Flight 1, so it should be updated soon for v4.
  2. Yes, I tried that.
  3. I can't. It does not recognize my certificate.
  4. A good suggestion, but it didn't work for me. The GTN trainer works, so it is installed properly, but the GTN is blank in the sim even when power is on, avionics is on, etc.
  5. Too bad they haven't added GTN Complete to the forum yet. I have been unable to access the forum.
  6. Strange, the GTN Simulator program from the Garmin Trainer will run fine on its own, but will not run if called by the Flight One GTN or the trainer's G500 or G600 trainer. That is evidently the cause of my black screen issue.
  7. Still just a black screen in the sim. I've tried everything I can think of. Uninstalled and reinstalled, disabled antivirus, etc. Does anyone have a solution? The GTN trainer program works fine.
  8. I was able to get the trainer working by reinstalling and running the installer as an adminstrator. However, I have been unsuccessful at getting the GTN to display in the sim.
  9. Kodiak works fine
  10. Thanks. Although Aerosoft did not change the time stamp on the new file from the one I previously downloaded, a redownload of the file from the German mirror site solved the problem.
  11. The installer I used is shown as P3D v4 on the Aerosoft web site, and I confirmed that it is the new installer. A few more facts for background: I previously owned P3D v3 and 737NG but uninstalled both a few months ago when moving to XPlane. I now own P3D v4, which is installed to E:\P3D v4. I checked the registry and made sure that P3D v3 and v2 folders were deleted, so only P3D v4 remains. The install path in the registry for Lockheed Martin/P3D v4 correctly shows my P3D v4 folder as the install location. Please advise. Thanks. Mark Neath
  12. Um, today is Wednesday. it is indeed the new installer. Please advise.
  13. Um, today is Wednesday. it is indeed the new installer. Please advise.
  14. I am trying to install using the new v4 installer from Aerosoft. I know that it is the correct installer (or at least assume so) because of the readme file that addresses v4 and the file date. I am getting the error that installation cannot continue because "your registry does not show a valid P3D installation location." I verified that the registry is pointing to the correct location for P3D v4. There are no other P3D installs. I verified that NGX was uninstalled (it had been for many months and no longer shows in the add/remove programs or the registry). I rebooted the computer. Am I missing some other step? Mark Neath
  15. GTN 750 FSCaptain & Ideal Flight NGX MultiCrew Experience Vector