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    Been a Flight Simulator user since 1987, still have all the Charles Gulick books, but not sure my simming skills have improved much over the years. Too many long breaks.
  1. jpkaye

    RealAir Customer Support *Please Read*

    Flight Sim heaven! Just got back to simming with a new machine capable of doing P3D v4 justice, and spent a week attempting to make the Milviz 310R my twin. Hopeless, with poor instruments, an unworkable autopilot, and just hard to fly with any pleasure. Found this thread, and installed my old Turbine Duke with the new installer. Works 99.5% absolutely fine, and a joy to use and fly. The only oddity is a missing thousands finger on the altimeter, which I'm sure used to be there in P3Dv2. A big thank you to Sean Moloney for caring about us. Now I'm just sorry I didn't upgrade my Legacy at the same time as the Duke!
  2. jpkaye

    Just one version?

    Norman,That's excellent news. Many thanks for pursuing this. I'll look forward to the repaints.John
  3. jpkaye

    Just one version?

    Oddly enough I did exactly the same, on the same day. I was sure I'd seen an anti-nuclear flash white version shown in a review somewhere, and was very surprised when I saw that such a version was not included, nor does a repaint exist, nor is there a repaint kit.OK, some of the price goes to the rebuild project, but I'm still a little put out. If there was a repaint kit (and some repaint have been posted) I'd have a go myself.jpkaye