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  1. I have had this bug too. In addition to what others have said, I recommend that you not hit escape (pause) during your flight. Doing so seems to trigger the climb performance issue for me every time in the CRJ.
  2. I recently purchased the JF Turbo Arrow. Try it out. I think you will agree it is superior to even A2A, RealAir, etc. and shows how good MSFS can be with the right planes. In my maiden flight, I was buffeted by cross winds, and the plane's response just felt so believable. I had a big grin as I struggled to land and thought, "MSFS has finally arrived."
  3. You must not have flown the Just Flight Arrow.
  4. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but some planes in the real world such as the CRJ700 usually are equipped to not offer vertical descent in RNAV. Thus, NAV mode (rather than APR) is used for lateral only with the pilot using VS mode for vertical.
  5. Quick flight in the C208 form EGLL. Initial impression: amazing scenery. Getting 30-35 FPS in a RTX 3070 at ultra settings and the usual crappy weather for UK in winter. Frame limited by CPU, so switching to high setting only increased FPS by 5.
  6. I have not had a single CTD that was not caused by a mod in the community folder (Navigraph being the latest culprit). 0 crashes for me with a clean community folder. This is by far the most stable sim I have used.
  7. All default planes that I have tried work with the default driver from the Saitek web site. However, sadly, the Saitek panels do not work with the A320 mod.
  8. Let’s all celebrate that our niche hobby has now produced the fastest selling simulator of all time! I know some want to pan it, but it is impressive and clearly shows that MS will be in it for the long haul, especially since it is a showcase for their Azure technology.
  9. The developer video stated that they will be adding an economic expense element. My guess is that there will also eventually be a way to use the cash you earn to build a career or lifestyle in game (economic progression) and surely a way to use the XP. As it is, even in early access, I love it for giving me a purpose to fly to new areas. It is somewhat unique in letting one fly any plane anywhere with tours and bush trips (once the devs open that up)--more like a virtual airline in that respect.
  10. I am really impressed so far. Just flew my intro flight. I notice that there are no tours or bush trips, despite having those as search filter options, so I'm sure that more content will come during the early access.
  11. Also, the subscription is optional for additional online content. The base product is a purchase.
  12. Looks quite interesting and unique. Glad to hear that it will be released "very soon" as early access.
  13. Despite flying a lot in OnAir and enjoying it, I plan to purchase AH2 as well. OnAir is better for the flexibility of flying anywhere, but AH is great for simulating a business that is tied to bases. This will be my fourth AH purchase, lol (AH, AH2, AH for XP, MSFS).
  14. I’ve tried them all, and they all have merits. However, I am currently having fun with OnAir because it allows one to hop into any plane for an hourly rental as a pilot for hire. This allows for game play similar to FSEconomy. I am also using a random flight generator program, so I am forced to fly in unique locations (Albania was my last flight). Unlike FSEconomy, most airports have planes available for rent (I force myself to fly whatever is at the airport that the random flight generated) and all airports have profitable jobs. This way of playing is possible in OnAir because one can change the settings to allow instant player transport at no cost. Last I saw, that was not possible in NeoFly and certainly not in Air Hauler, whose focus is on long term ownership or leasing of your own plane. While those two may be more realistic, my way of playing OnAir is a lot more fun in my opinion.
  15. I much prefer listening to real ATC rather than actually using it. Thus, I love X-ATC Chatter for XP and would love to see something like that.
  16. LM has been supporting P3D for many years now, even though it is likely a money loser as it’s own division. Reason? It helps them market their hardware (the jets) and the training for that for which they can charge high fees. The same will be the case for MS with hardware (XBox), Game Pass, and (most importantly) Azure.
  17. I also play with no AI and love it. Much better and more in depth than FSE.
  18. Flew through my first one yesterday and was stunned. I posted this in another topic, but for those who want to see MSFS in all its glory, fly in Papua, New Guinea with live weather on. The live weather works great (mountain turbulence, correct winds and clouds, etc.), and the scenery is breathtaking. There are bush landing strips every 10 miles or so throughout the highlands that present a real challenge. My route yesterday was AYMH to AYMI. I just checked, and the weather today looks even worse there though.
  19. OnAir is a persistent online game and has about 300% more features than FSE, thus the need for servers to run it and a subscription model to pay for those servers. Also, it is constantly being updated with new features. It's really not a high price to pay imo to combine the best of AirHauler and FSE.
  20. I’m playing in Papua, NG with a G36. It’s an amazing experience, both in regard to OnAir and the sim. For those who haven’t tried bush flying in NG, it has to be seen to be believed. Turn on real weather and it is HARD. I spent an hour yesterday on a 20 mile flight just trying to find the gravel strip in the awful weather (winds of 10 to 20 and no visibility). MSFS really shines in the bush, particularly in NG where the real weather has consistently worked for me. As to OnAir, it is a winner. Perfect for bush flying and much better than FSE.
  21. https://www.vg247.com/2020/09/03/microsoft-flight-simulator-1-million-players-date/ Bodes well for add-ons and the future of this franchise.
  22. OnAir is a lot of fun. I currently am playing on the "Thunder" server (no AI planes) and have rented both a G36 Bonanza for some short hops and a TBM 930 for longer hauls. To me, OnAir combines the best of FSEconomy (the freedom to find the right plane for the job and rent it anywhere it is available) and Air Hauler (more realism, damage tracking, experience, missions, etc.). I've never been able to keep a company going for long in Air Hauler because I get too bored with being tied down to a starting base location, so OnAir is great if you prefer more flexibility.
  23. Remember that 80% of France takes the month of August off for vacation.
  24. I agree. I think this is a fix on their end rather than anything to do with the client software. I say this because the bug is not universal and some geographies have correct weather.
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