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  1. Well - its now miraculously working! Wonder if there was an issue server side downloading files? Anyway, all good!
  2. Yeah I intentionally turned on "experimental" in order to try the new version, however I now cannot access it at all, despite reinstalling.
  3. Hi, All was well until I activated the experimental option. When it restarted I got an error "There was an error initializing chaseplane...". It then closes. I have uninstalled many times but same issue. I cannot get into the program to turn off the experimental option so its pretty much broken. What should I do?
  4. Hi, on screenshots and in the Manual link in this forum there is a Track IR enable switch in Camera > Advanced, however this doesnt appear for me. Im using v0.1.98 Alpha. Is this correct?
  5. Thanks all much appreciated!
  6. When I set a step climb in the FMC by typing /410S for example, it accepts the value but all following waypoints remain at the original altitude (fl390). This doesn't feel right. Can anyone help?
  7. Thanks all. It's definitely [dst]. Also I've noticed [alt] as well. I assume this is altitude but not sure why it's there?
  8. A route I've just seen it on is KVOK to KJAC created through Route Finder in Aivlasoft EFB. The [dst] part appears as though it's in the STAR approach (runway 19, ILSY, DNW transition)
  9. Hi. I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but as I'm using P3D I picked here so apologies if it's wrong. When flight planning with Aivlasoft or Route Finder etc I often see [dst] or other things in square brackets. What does this mean? I've tried searching but I can't find an answer! Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. Thank all for the responses so far. I mainly fly GA but often IFR and I think the p3d standard ATC is really bad. Has me changing altitudes at random times and not really vectoring correctly so looking to upgrade this. I like the fact SIDS STARS are included with pro ATC but aren't they also in pf3?
  11. Hi all, I've been researching ATC addons for a while now and have narrowed the choices down to PF3 or Pro ATC. I'm just wondering if anyone has any useful insight into which of these is best and why. I've read a few threads but most were over a year old and there's very little I could find on comparing these two specifically. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks all, I'll post on Orbx Forums too - much appreciated.
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