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  1. Yes, 2639 works fine without the error message. However, 26391 did not help the adverse effects to go away. I see them in the same way as before, no matter which aircraft I choose. It is really ok for me leaving the flicker reduction off (I found another quirk using 777+MCE+ GSX+P3Dv2 that I will ask in another thread). Thanks very much for your try anyway!! /Yuji
  2. Hi Gerald, I tested it. Humm... it went somthing wrong . I did the following, 1) backed up fsinsider.dll 26381. 2) replace to 26391. Set ReduceAtcFlicker=1 3) Start p3d v25 build 44. 4) Error message pops up showing "This feature requires that (smartassembly) is available on this computer". Back to desktop. (So I could not start the sim!! ) 5) I could not start p3d anymore showing the same message. Setting ReduceAtcFlicker=0, repalcing back to 26381....still I can not star the sim. I can start the sim only when I delete fsinsider.dll. Did I currupted somthing?? I hope I could recover by reinstalling MCE and not by installing the sim,,, :( . /Yuji
  3. Thanks for great support as allways. They are only 2D pop-ups from PMDG 777. I click on PFD and ND in VC, undock them and move to 4th monitor. /Yuji
  4. I have tested above by changing values related to AtcWin. Still I have the issue as far as I put ReduceAtcFlicker=1. I will describe the issue again using pictures for the sake of clarification. I have 3 monitors connected with Nvidia surround, plus one more monitor used for mainly 2D pop-up gauges. These four monitors are connected to one videcard GTX760. P3Dv2 recognizes them as two displays (5260x1050 and 1280x1024). When I have ReduceAtcFlicker=1, I get while bar on top of the forth monitor (see the first picture below). When I access to desktop to start some pragram, MCE for instance, the forth monitor shows the desktop background and it never goes back to black (see the second picture). I do not have this problem as far as I set ReduceAtcFlicker=0. I can live with ReduceAtcFlicker=0. I just report this for your awareness. Regards, Yuji
  5. Thanks very much for your kind advice. I will check that after coming back from the cottage. /Yuji
  6. Hi, I found one issue regarding using "ReduceAtcFlicker=1" in P3Dv2.5 (build43 and 44). I had not this before v2.5. I have three moniters connected with Nvidia surround and forth smaller moniter for gauges placed just below those three monitors. With "ReduceAtcFlicker=1" I get a white bar on the top of the forth monitor in flight mode in P3D. When I try to start MCE from desktop shortcut, the forth monitor becomes from blackscreen to desktop background (like windows flag) and it never goes back to blackscreen. With "ReduceAtcFlicker=0", the problem has gone. I can reproduce this. My hardware configuration may be not so common, so this may be a small issue. But I would like to report this anyway as a side effect of "ReduceAtcFlicker=1". Regards, Yuji
  7. I use MCE under P3Dv2.4. I often use the sims native ATC when I practice touch and go or VFR. I use 3 monitors. Each time I press push and talk button, the ATC window shows up very shortly on one place (on a moniter) then move to and stay on the place where I placed before (on another monitor). Sometimes after I talk to ATC and I close the ATC window, the window pops up again. Is there any way to avoid this strange behavior of the ATC window when using MCE? Many thanks for the great support.
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