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  1. After I installed P3Dv3 in my Windows 7, my Saitek Yoke kept loosing power time to time during the flight. After I reconnected the Yoke directly to PC instead of via usb extention cable, then I did not see the problem anymore. I did not verify what the cause was, though...
  2. I bought Google Cardboard and tried several apps for it. Ok, this is nothing like Oculus Rift but screen resolusion should not be so different (or could be better for newer phones?). I found myselfe that I got easily feel sick using VR. When I think of flying in a turbulance with VR....OMG! Maybe it's real in a way .
  3. Hummmm, I have problem with Saitek Yoke. I have Saitek Yoke system and Saitek rudder pedal. After the happy installation of v3 (no addon att all) and at the first couple of flights, Yoke started to disconnect and connect (I heard the repeating sound of usb connected and disconnected, and Yoke display on and off). I installed the latest driver of the Yoke from the Saitek website, then it became even worse. When the sim starts, all inputs except keyboard does not work. I checked the forum here to see if I did anything strange but it seems not. I have windows7 x64. I made complete reinstallation of the sim but the result is the same. I tested with other sim (Condor), the Yoke worked perfectly. I have not idea how it can be fixed..... Edit: Now I found the cause. It was nothing to do with the sim but the usb extention cable I used between the Yoke and the PC. Now it is working few! :smile:
  4. Can Avators be in the multiplayer mode? Then we can chat in the sim world instead of here. :smile:
  5. Thanks for the responce. My P3Dv2.5 is installed in C:\Prepar3d v2. Prepar3D.exe has been set to run as administrator. UAC has been set off in my Windows 7. So I do not think this is related to UAC-thing.... /Yuji
  6. Hi! These days I have being flying PMDG T7 in P3Dv2.5(build 44) with MCE(2639) and GSX. I have obeserved the following strange behaviors several times. 1) I can not call up ground service at the parking. When I say "Cokpit to ground" to call up GSX, then FO says somthing like "Engine should be shut down", although I have shut down the engines and parking brakes are on. FO even recognizes that engines are cut off during a preflight checklist. 2) During de-acceleration on the runway after the touch down, suddently the parking breaks became on, GSX started (the blue screen poped upp), and the gound worker started say like "My name is Sven,..." Have anyone observed this strange behaviors with this add-on combination? Any advice would be appriciated! /Yuji
  7. HI, I also see a large FPS improvement on my T7 (about 20 to 30). Has anyone tested with an older but equally complex aircraft like Coolsky DC-9? I have not flyed this since maybe v2.2..., if the tweak works great on DC-9, maybe it is a time to get this back in!
  8. Yes, 2639 works fine without the error message. However, 26391 did not help the adverse effects to go away. I see them in the same way as before, no matter which aircraft I choose. It is really ok for me leaving the flicker reduction off (I found another quirk using 777+MCE+ GSX+P3Dv2 that I will ask in another thread). Thanks very much for your try anyway!! /Yuji
  9. Hi Gerald, I tested it. Humm... it went somthing wrong . I did the following, 1) backed up fsinsider.dll 26381. 2) replace to 26391. Set ReduceAtcFlicker=1 3) Start p3d v25 build 44. 4) Error message pops up showing "This feature requires that (smartassembly) is available on this computer". Back to desktop. (So I could not start the sim!! ) 5) I could not start p3d anymore showing the same message. Setting ReduceAtcFlicker=0, repalcing back to 26381....still I can not star the sim. I can start the sim only when I delete fsinsider.dll. Did I currupted somthing?? I hope I could recover by reinstalling MCE and not by installing the sim,,, :( . /Yuji
  10. Thanks for great support as allways. They are only 2D pop-ups from PMDG 777. I click on PFD and ND in VC, undock them and move to 4th monitor. /Yuji
  11. I have tested above by changing values related to AtcWin. Still I have the issue as far as I put ReduceAtcFlicker=1. I will describe the issue again using pictures for the sake of clarification. I have 3 monitors connected with Nvidia surround, plus one more monitor used for mainly 2D pop-up gauges. These four monitors are connected to one videcard GTX760. P3Dv2 recognizes them as two displays (5260x1050 and 1280x1024). When I have ReduceAtcFlicker=1, I get while bar on top of the forth monitor (see the first picture below). When I access to desktop to start some pragram, MCE for instance, the forth monitor shows the desktop background and it never goes back to black (see the second picture). I do not have this problem as far as I set ReduceAtcFlicker=0. I can live with ReduceAtcFlicker=0. I just report this for your awareness. Regards, Yuji
  12. I have been waiting for this moment since I bought p3dv2.0. Great work pmdg! I bought t7 two weeks ago but I will definitely buy Ngx too! Now I do not miss anything in the p3d platform.
  13. Thanks very much for your kind advice. I will check that after coming back from the cottage. /Yuji
  14. Hi, I found one issue regarding using "ReduceAtcFlicker=1" in P3Dv2.5 (build43 and 44). I had not this before v2.5. I have three moniters connected with Nvidia surround and forth smaller moniter for gauges placed just below those three monitors. With "ReduceAtcFlicker=1" I get a white bar on the top of the forth monitor in flight mode in P3D. When I try to start MCE from desktop shortcut, the forth monitor becomes from blackscreen to desktop background (like windows flag) and it never goes back to blackscreen. With "ReduceAtcFlicker=0", the problem has gone. I can reproduce this. My hardware configuration may be not so common, so this may be a small issue. But I would like to report this anyway as a side effect of "ReduceAtcFlicker=1". Regards, Yuji
  15. Some users are reporting that FSUIPC 4.939c (Peter says that it is even compatible with p3d 2.5.12944) is not working with v2.5 + hotfix1 (build 12943). P3Dv2 crashes at startup. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/ I got the same problem too. I removed FSUIPC 4.939c and installed FSUIPC 4.939. It worked fine again. /Y
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