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  1. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=162190 That is the same plane but it black (TC-SKP).
  2. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=163392 the -700 fleethttp://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=163206 737-800
  3. FINALY!!!Danke für dieses paint! Darauf warten ich und viele andere schon seit monaten :D :D
  4. O.k., is there anybody doing a Germania 737-700? That plane is really missing in my fleet since month,merry christmas!
  5. VERY VERY VERY VERY NICE! Now just Germania is missing :D
  6. Please guy's give us some german (non-fictional) lveries! (germania, Air Berlin...) We are waiting since weaks :D :D :D can't wait for your beautiful paints
  7. +99 !!!So i really need some german liveries for the -700 :)
  8. Hmm, no german airline made, o.k. Luftansa, but i want real NG airlines ;) Air Berlin^^ it was requested, but whatswith Germania, Hamburg Internation? Tuifly?
  9. You can download some in the PMDG downloadsection under "liveries" ;) I thin there will be some more available in some days
  10. Wow, that really is amazing and great and ... WOW!!!!! Thanks
  11. found it ;) http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=161894
  12. Great, even more german liveries! I shouldn't write so much :S
  13. To the last 2 posts: Yeah!!!! :) Great work
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