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  1. Yep indeed. Sorry I was being lazy with my language. The RMI is the culprit and it does indeed indicate a bearing to a LOC transmitter. This is not normal and should probably be fixed - especially for a product bearing PMDGs name, even if it isn't a flagship full whack product. Adam Turley
  2. Just curious about the VOR bearing pointer instrument and it's current behaviour. The bearing pointer works / points to a tuned ILS location. I'm not sure if this is correct? In every other simulation of similar instruments in other aircraft it doesn't do this. The bearing pointers will only point to VORs. It's been a long time since I've flown an aircraft in real life with this kind of kit..... I can't recall ever seeing the current modeled behaviour. I don't think an ILS produces a directional signal quite the same way as a VOR. Might be a bug. Adam Turley
  3. Hi, I think A2A are still working on a v.4 compatible Accu-feel. I'm still using FSX. http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=87&sid=31fad5fe468a56b16321c90ad8a6fe09 Adam Turley
  4. It's not a bug, there's no associated sound file in the DC6 sound folder. It's a bit of a shame really. Remember though that it's not a fully featured full blown sim ala 777/747. The flightdeck is also eerily quiet until you get an engine running. I'm surprised there's no electric 'hum' from the DC powered electrics and/or instruments. Feels weird and again slightly un-polished. In the meantime, I've been using A2A's 'Accufeel' to provide touchdown sounds, cockpit rattle and other effects. It's a nice compromise. Adam Turley
  5. My FE chair doesn't make any sound, neither do the arm rests. There are no touchdown sounds in the sound folder - so non-existent. Disappointing. Adam Turley
  6. Would this be the issue if all other sounds in FSX, PMDG add ons included, work correctly? I'll have a look. Randomise to play or not to play? hmmmmm....I know the 777 and 747 have alternate sounds for each button press, does the DC-6 have this as well? Adam Turley
  7. I've noticed a slight problem with some of the sounds that seem to be missing or intermittent. The sounds for the armrest folding and stowing the engineers seat don't play for me at all. The sound files are in the sim folder. Also, the parking brake on/off sound plays on a somewhat random basis. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyone else noticed this? Also regarding sounds, is it correct that there's almost no ambient sound in the flight deck with no engines running. Turn the electrics on and we hear almost nothing. Should there not be some kind of background 'buzz', maybe from the flight instrument inverters and gyros? I may be wrong, maybe it's accurate. I guess we've become used to a rich and multi layered sound environment with all of PMDG's products so far. Thanks Adam Turley
  8. Yep, just done that as well. Adam Turley
  9. Can I just report a little inaccuracy in the sequencing of Upper EICAS Memo Messages. The white memo messages for Parking Brake, Speedbrake Armed etc should fill the list from the bottom up. I.e a new message should appear at the bottom of the list and push the others up. Currently new messages start at the top. The FCOM 2 manual reference is page 15.20.3 / page 1549 in the manual supplied by PMDG. Also confirmed by watching film of the the live flightdeck. It's small I know, but very noticeable, once you spot it. Any chance of a micro update? Thanks. Adam Turley
  10. Well my initial post was intended as a feeler, to see if others had experienced the same problem, and for all I know there could be an easy fix... From the other replies on this post it appears some at least have noticed it as well. I can collect data / screenshots etc but obviously to do it meaningfully will take a little time. At the moment it's just a general observation / feeling and a little bit of knowledge and experience makes it fairly obvious. If the nav data is suspect, it would be a little tedious to have to manually correct every RW in the sim. It still doesn't explain why the default aircraft seem to have no issues.
  11. I'm sorry but it is an issue. It's an issue that's only recently cropped up, presumably due an FSX navdata update. I've been flying PMDG in FSX since 2008, and something recently has changed. I'm trying to work it out. I'm well aware that autoland doesn't pay attention to the PAPIs however, for my day job I'm an FO on the 737-800 with a few thousand hours and I've done many dozens of autoland / CAT3A approaches to the same RW's / airports I'm testing in FSX. You don't consistently get 3 reds on the PAPI from 400ft onwards at every airport. Yes, there are some airports where the PAPI doesn't exactly match the slope angle or intersect at the same touchdown point. These are usually the places that aren't certified for CATII/III... What I'm seeing is the PMDG aircraft consistently flying below the visual indication and you can just tell that the picture / slope is too shallow. It hasn't always done this - something recently has changed - probably with my install, and I was looking for suggestions. Incidentally, this only happens with PMDG aircraft - the default aircraft and other add ons show the ILS and PAPI much more matched up, even with the new nav data. As I say, I'm a big PMDG fan, not trying to be critical. There's simply a discrepancy somewhere and I'm trying to work out what it is. Adam Turley
  12. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue... On all of the 3 latest PMDG A/C - NGX, 777 and 747 I've got an issue where the autopilot / autoland will routinely fly into 3 reds / 1 white on the PAPIs. It's fine with 2 whites 2 reds until the last 300 to 400 feet then you see the transition to 3 reds. In my real life experience the autoland should not do this. It flies the glideslope and maintains 2 whites 2 reds until after crossing the threshold. PMDG hasn't always had this error - I've updated my fsx nav data from the https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html website to match current data. The autoland worked better before granted, and if I revert back to FSX default nav data I get 2 reds 2 whites for an appropriate amount of time. But surely the PMDG should just take the ILS from fsx and fly it. Why am I seeing a duck below the ideal 3 degrees? Now I know the ILS antenna and PAPI aiming point do not exactly match in real life, and the geometry is different for bigger and smaller aircraft, but that's not the issue. Is there something I need to do to get the PMDG aircraft and fsx ILS / PAPI data to match up? Thanks. Adam Turley
  13. I third this. Surely we could have this as a performance option like some of the other options. Was a nicely done effect badly missed. Adam Turley
  14. It's nice to see updates coming out now and the new process could prove to be excellent. However, I'm not sure if I like the new exhaust efflux effects - they can hardly be seen at all. Actually you might argue that they're more realistic now, but the original version looked good and it was something new we don't normally see in FSX much. I understand it was done due to performance issues - can there at least be an option for selecting the full effect for those of use who didn't have any performance issues? The same issue applies to the contrails - they seem to have been downgraded with this update. Looked much better before. There's also a bug with the external power cart vehicles - the towing vehicle now consists of 2 small purple blocks and a light - no 3D model is visible. I'm sure this will get resolved. Adam Turley
  15. Turlad


    flightdeck2sim, I'm an FO at your airline (at least I'm 99% sure it's the same outfit...). I find there's a couple of things in the PMDG NG that aren't quite the same as our fleet. VNAV ALT is indeed an option we don't have and curiously PMDG did actually model it as an option in their older FS9 original 737. VNAV will descend below the MCP alt in the NGX for some reason. I find the best way to practice the circle is to wait until after 4nm Gear down / F15 with VNAV path stable with a constant V/S.... Then actually engage V/S mode(!) and just monitor the vertical speed, try to stay on path. ALT HOLD will engage at 900' (you are doing RW16 circle 34 right........hehe) and you're good. I find it's still a bit lazy with the alt capture though so sometimes I add a hundred feet or to the minimums, just to get the correct height above ground downwind. I guess it's just a 'simism' workaround that makes the numbers work a little better. Adam
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