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  1. Burning Daylight

    Maddog frame rate

    Yes, i do. And it works quite well on other planes, except Real light of course, because they don´t have it.
  2. Burning Daylight

    Maddog frame rate

    Hey Guys, even after the update it´s not flyable for me. The GPU runs at least at 90%, but most of the time it runs at 100%. Every other Plane doesn´t push up the GPU like the Maddog. I only have around 20 Frames with the Maddog and therefore a lot of stutters. With the PMDG 747 and 777 the Frames around 30 and it´s really smooth. To be honest, for me it´s not a solution to switch of all the light features. By the way, i run the medium settings with DL. My card is a Nvidia 970GTX OC Version. My settings in P3D V4 are in the mid range, so i´m not a high end settings guy who is wondering why P3D runs at low frames. It´s well balanced between performance and visual quality. Is there somebody who have a good idea or a solution for my problem, i also want to enjoy the plane like all others are already doing.
  3. Burning Daylight

    Maddog frame rate

    Hey guys, i´m experiencing the same issue with low frame rates and high gpu load. When i fly the PMDG 747 everything is smooth and also the GPU runs at max 90% when i´m at an airport. In the Maddog the GPU load starts directly with 80% and after short time it reachs the 100%. I have normal settings no HD textures, my graphic card is a GTX 970.
  4. Burning Daylight

    FSFX Server Issue?

    I have the same problem