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  1. Hi guys, definitely a big +1 and suatmm from me :) I have been a long time loyal PMDG customer as well but it's time to move on, since the last versions kept disappointing me and so does the P3D platform itself. Kind regards Hendrik
  2. Turned out I was just too stupid I was always used to set the zoom level with the + and - keys on the keyboard (selection decrease, selection increase). Of course it worked as soon I used chase plane's zoom function. All good.
  3. Hmm, right now I have no single axis assigned. I want to set up views for the PMDG 777, so I start the plane... set the view, save as new preset and right after that the zoom goes back automatically from 0.8 to 1.0. Any other ideas? EDIT: Disregard... I'm into something...
  4. @Lairyliam Hi! Sorry, I am also new to this. What do you mean with absolute axis?
  5. I found a little helper tool which takes care of the nullzones. So if anyone of you encounters the same problems: https://github.com/KrossX/Durazno
  6. Well it turned out a calibration via the windows gamecontroller setup (joy.cpl) actually fixed the problem :smile:
  7. Hi Richard, thanks for your reply. I thought to have ruled this out by removing any kind of Xbox controller assignments but I should try it again, followed by a P3D restart to see if it makes any difference. But yeah, for sure I assigned the left thumb stick to some functions in my initial setup. I'll report back when I can get my hands on it tomorrow evening or on saturday.
  8. Hi there, yesterday I finally got my Xbox 360 wireless controller. Plugged it in, assigned some axes and observed a pretty weird issue. As soon the plane is loaded in P3D 3.4 the zoom will automatically go back to 0.30. If I press the defined keyboard button for that view it happens again, every time with every view I set up (on-board and outside). Meaning the view loads with the zoom level of around 0.87 I created it with and then gradually zooms out to 0.30 within seconds. This behavior remains even when I remove all the Xbox assignments. It only stops when unplugging the Xbox receiver and restart the sim. I disabled controller within P3D as I prefer to assign them via FSUIPC. There are no specific assignments for the Xbox controller. Any idea what may cause this? If I can provide any additional information, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help guys. EDIT: Moar information :wink: v0.1609 (experimental updates on) Windows 10 (no additional xbox drivers required as per manual)
  9. Nice one! Thank you very much for your effort. Glad if I would be able to help trigger this down.
  10. No Reshade and it seems to be too late for me to work properly Yes, dll.xml is as follows: <Launch.Addon> <Name>Dx10Fixer interface</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\DX10SceneryFixer\Libraries\dx10SimC.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon>
  11. Oh my god... thought I nailed it... it turned out I used FS Water Configurator. Well, even the Fixer Diagnostic Tool told me, that my Water40.fx wasn't the original one. But I restored it, Diagnostics says, everything is in order but still no cloud shadows. Just to be precise. I did a quick test from LEAS with the trike. Climbed above 2000ft without slew. There were some clouds but no shadows. Any additional ideas?
  12. But wait, isn't the sim somehow automatically paused during the initialization phase of the FSL bus and even the PMDG birds? Might that be the culprit? Would try with a Cessna but I'm into a flight right now :wink:
  13. Steve, sorry, I forgot to mention the most important part of all in my list :wink: Yes, it's 3.1, game has not been paused, neither slew'ed. Cruising @FL380 right now during daytime. What else might be relevant, hm... AS16 here with latest beta.
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