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  1. I did a EDDT->PHNL flight last week and recorded fuel consumption and times on my printed pfpx flight plan. I use historical FSGRW and pfpx uses these data too. The flight time was on touch (flew 8h and it was off 1 minute from plan) until about 8h. Then I got some headwind and got behind schedule. As I had 3 tons of fuel more than planned I increased the polar flight from .840 to .880 to catch up the time. After 14h55 flight ended at phnl with only 3 minutes late and 1ton of fuel more than planned. Was a 400 GE flight. So the pmdg has some lower fuel consumption than planned in pfpx. I use the pmdg 400 GE pfpx profile template.
  2. I can only suggest: Maybe the PW has a lower cost per hour? If for example the MTBF is higher than GE and the initial cost and maintainance costs are lower than RR this would make sense. The RR's are the most expensive to buy I know. I do not know if the GE are cheaper than PW though. Also PW's are using EPR rather then N1 for calculations. Engine thrust differs and 2 GE's have the same thrust only after coming from control stand. With time they differ in thrust where EPR gives the real thrust. So I can imagine the PW are more within trim if that matters. But this are only assumptions not based on real data
  3. And now a dump question: why the freighter and not the pax airlines? What do they different?
  4. My antivirus has blocked the installer. Maybe try to disable it for the time of installation?
  5. Hi there, I see payload on the 400F when I select max or random payload. But I don't see any freight when entering weight's manually. Is this intended that this is only working when switching random or max? Does the freight gets visible when preselecting manually and then using ground ops? Second question: max value give's a ZFS of 631k LBS. Is this right? The ERF gets only 611k LBS which should be the correct value for 400F? And are the weight values really the same for all 3 engine types? Hope someon can clarify. Thanks, Stefan
  6. Wow what a fast answer. Thanks Kyle. So no technical reason behind that? I'm wondering because normally you write SOP's on technical facts. At least that's what I thought. Hehe in germany, at least on the most not this powerful cars, you'd switch from 1st or rev gear to neutral to release the clutch and apply parking brake after this. Manual transmission is more funny while driving!
  7. Hi there, I read over the FCOM 1 procedures and FCOM 2 engine pages but didn't found anything. Deep in the dark cornor of my brain I barely remember that the engines had different procedures to startup: the GE is started eng 3+4 at the same time and 1&2 at the same time. At least that's what the lufthansa's do. The PW was started 3-4-2-1 I think and the RR 1&4 and 2&3 at the same time. Now my questions: Is this correct? And the second question: why? What's the technical reason and approach why you start GE per wing and RR not? Why is the PW started one after one? Thanks, Stefan Edit: I love her!
  8. Yes. THIS! We users are complaining about everything but don't say thanks if something is good or a goodie comes for free. So thanks PMDG (and Kyle)
  9. What's not modelled is the cabin, fuel heater and fuel crossfeed heater switches, the old style nav and com switches (they've implemented more modern bendix king GPS and nav+adf selectors like the real one has nowadays) and fuel burning cabin heater. Also no toilet, no coffee maker and I wasn't able to turn on the aft cockpit flood lights over the forward entrance. Also no female welcome girl.
  10. As far as I can say your CPU is good (had it before also and my i7 3770k is not much faster). Also you can overclock a bit more (I reached 4,6GHz) with better cooling. So no need for a new CPU. You have a small amount of RAM; 16GB should be normal these days but it's also not the lack. As you want to have AA and HDR the new GPU is the best you can do. Also 970 is pretty good.
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