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  1. gcharrie

    757 v2 nosewheel steering

    hi toothjockey, I think I found the culprit (on the rotate Md-80) : there was a default assignment of the action 'Nosewheel steer toggle' to the button 4 of my Hotas Warthog. I wasn't aware of this and by clicking on the button, I can activate or deactivate the steering.
  2. gcharrie

    757 v2 nosewheel steering

    Same issue with the Rotate MD 80 (and I believe IXEG 737). I'm using Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. I will check by disabling all my plugins tonight.
  3. gcharrie

    X-Plane airport list

    Hi, do you know this site ? : http://apxp.info/ It lists all the airports by country. It gives the link to the gateway download page of the airport. The nice addition is that if there are other sceneries for this airport (other than xp gateway), it gives the link too.
  4. Hi, Just saw this thread ... maybe a bit late... I had this issue some time ago... because of custom scenery order in Custom Sceneries. Next time try Xorganizer to automatically reorder the entries in the ini file.
  5. About the 3rd screenshot : this a cockpit of what ? A 737 NG ? Doesn't look like a 777 to my opinion...
  6. +1 This Q&A session is *almost* more interesing than the presentation :-) This session shows that Austin is aware of all this... and want to improve things... and when Austin want... He often says 'not in 11.0' (if I understand well.. I'm not native english speaker).... note the 0... Be positive and remember there will be 11.10, 11.20, etc for free.
  7. Hi Bill, I had same issue few monthes ago. My issue was an incorrect order of the sceneries in the scenery_pack.ini in Custom sceneries. Try using xOrganizer program that does the job of ordering the entries in the ini file. Another advice : HD Mesh is very loong to load. Try this : - run xOrganizer. it will automatically organizse the entries - disable HD Mesh and world2XP sceneries with xOrganiser - defrag the x-plane folder and disable the antvirus on x-plane full directory - run x-plane to check the loading time Guillaume
  8. thanks for your answer. I haven't looked into the other power and setting charts.... lot of reading..... the documentation is very good.
  9. hello, How do we use the Take-off performance graph page 288 of POH ? a- For example, if the altitude is 1000ft, the gross weight is 80000 and head wind is 10kts, what is the needed runway length ? (3200 ft ?) b- how to get the maximum take-off weight for a given runway ? Thanks Guillaume CHARRIER
  10. Hi, I had fps drop too, near san fransico bay . Taking off from klvk, and looking toward the bay (more or less toward west I think), there is a huge field of wind turbines on a hill. Using w2xp too.
  11. gcharrie

    A few Random X-plane shots

    great !!! what is your FPS with such settings ?
  12. gcharrie

    Southeastern USA

    The best shots on XP ! @Murmur ; do you have your objets and trees set to max (in graphic settings) ? the textures are very nice : are they the default ones ? any special settings in graphic or driver options ? (I don't have so detailled textures)
  13. gcharrie

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    I'm arriving too late to see the video :wink: Anyway, thanks for taking time to make such a video.... I just have to wait for another new video... or better... wait for the release of the product...
  14. +1 on the general feeling of this topic : new products are out or annonced but the a320 is still not flyable (for me) I will buy another jardesign airplane when the a320 is usable. Serious support is essential, as an airliner with good FMC is complex to create. But now I prefer to give my money to other add-on developers.
  15. next version to come (2.2) will generate traffic along your route (or just around the origin airport if you did not enter destination airport). Seems a big improvment on today's complex setup :-)