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  1. ok, I Had a look at the Microsoft support forum , I'm not alone 🙂 : issue seems to be depending on the zone from where your start (north of France for example). Maybe a server error.
  2. Hello, Since I installed the last update , I'm no more able to start a flight 😞 The sim always crashes at around 75 - 80% of the flight loading screen (after clicking 'Start flight".) I resetted all the setting and cache to default, but no luck. I never had a CTD before. Will open a ticket to MS Support. Am I the only one to get this ??
  3. yes you are right, 79 is the actual size on disk....
  4. +1 good catch ! I'm in same situation : good frame rate but micro stutter with glass cockpit (no stutter when outside orbit view or with classical instrument planes)
  5. It is real weather or preset in the video ?
  6. hi toothjockey, I think I found the culprit (on the rotate Md-80) : there was a default assignment of the action 'Nosewheel steer toggle' to the button 4 of my Hotas Warthog. I wasn't aware of this and by clicking on the button, I can activate or deactivate the steering.
  7. Same issue with the Rotate MD 80 (and I believe IXEG 737). I'm using Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. I will check by disabling all my plugins tonight.
  8. Hi, do you know this site ? : http://apxp.info/ It lists all the airports by country. It gives the link to the gateway download page of the airport. The nice addition is that if there are other sceneries for this airport (other than xp gateway), it gives the link too.
  9. Hi, Just saw this thread ... maybe a bit late... I had this issue some time ago... because of custom scenery order in Custom Sceneries. Next time try Xorganizer to automatically reorder the entries in the ini file.
  10. About the 3rd screenshot : this a cockpit of what ? A 737 NG ? Doesn't look like a 777 to my opinion...
  11. +1 This Q&A session is *almost* more interesing than the presentation :-) This session shows that Austin is aware of all this... and want to improve things... and when Austin want... He often says 'not in 11.0' (if I understand well.. I'm not native english speaker).... note the 0... Be positive and remember there will be 11.10, 11.20, etc for free.
  12. Hi, I had fps drop too, near san fransico bay . Taking off from klvk, and looking toward the bay (more or less toward west I think), there is a huge field of wind turbines on a hill. Using w2xp too.
  13. Hello,I had the same problem and it was resolved by doing what hifi55 said :1) remove SP1 in add/remove programs2) checking that all simconnect directories are removed from Windowswinsxs (remove if still exist)3) install SP1It works fine now !! Thanks a lot.I first tried by manually removing the simconnect directories from Windowswinsxs without uninstalling SP1 with add/remove programs => it did not work.
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