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  1. Phlash

    Carb heat questions

    Yep, that's it exactly, figured I was missing something. Thanks
  2. Phlash

    Carb heat questions

    sizziano, Thanks for the info
  3. Hi, a couple of carb heat issues, most likely pilot error. 1. After landing and taxing to the terminal in a very warm region ambient 40c, carb heat is fine with the engines running, I then shutdown to park, once every thing is off, cold and dark after about a minute a message pops up stating carb heat is causing engine damage, if I open the Maintenance Manager I can see the engines go from green, yellow, orange, red to black. If I turn power back on to observe carb temp they are all sitting at about 40c. How do I prevent this short of staying out of hot climates? 2. If I utilize the AFE during cruise, once the AFE status is in maintaining mode, it moves all the Carb Air preheats to the full down position if I try to reposition the carb preheat to adjust the Carb Air temp up, the AFE will move them back to the full down position again allowing the carb air temp to drop out of range. Is this normal as I would think the AFE should be concerned about carb air temp while maintaining. Thanks,
  4. Phlash

    Activation Unccessful

    Fwiw, I thought I was having the same issue, copy and pasted code, hit activate and nothing was seeming to happen, clicked again, etc. then noticed in small print in the dialog box by the code entry that it did in fact say activated and to restart Xplane, so be sure to really check what the box says, as there is not much fanfare when it's successful. Russell