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  1. How come this ctd only occurs when the 747-8 is loaded into the sim. Surely you cant keep flat out denying that this is a pmdg problem Kyle
  2. Still experiencing the same crash. Its only with the 747-8. The 400 is fine so I can only assume the problem lies with pmdg and not another developer. i hope this will be resolved soon.
  3. I have removed JFK v2 and disabled couatl engine from the EXE XML and am still getting the same crash. Should I uninstall my COUATL/BGLMANX addons altogether or is it just JFK?
  4. I am now also having a CTD, except mine is the KERNALBASE.dll and its with FSX. This happens only after a minute of loading the Aircraft and the only changes I have made to FSX are updating the 744 and installing the 748. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I don't like the ground roll shaking feature but I like the sounds
  6. Bumping this topic to hopefully get a reply off somebody this time
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