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  1. Oh, I miss that mysterious PMDG drink. Wonder why captains aren't offered drink on NGX and 777.
  2. Ok, I'll go check my local settings, hope that solves the problem. Thanks again for help!
  3. Thanks for the reply, that's probably true. Therefore I need to consult with my network provider if that's the case?
  4. Hello all! I'm still not sure whether this is the right place to report this but here it is. I recently is re-evaluating moving to P3D and would like to check out PMDG products but have found out the website is not available, and to be honest it's not accessible since I moved to my current address in Indianna. When I enter the website the error page reads that remote connection has been rejected. I hope PMDG crew has more information to share especially since I've already purchased T7 for FSX and may need support just in case. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. Haven't really talked much here, but bidding farewell to MD-11 really touches my soft spot. She's the only long haul aircraft I flown for the most unforgettable 5 years, I can't count how many great memories I had with this beauty. It's during these years I learnt how to do serious flight planning, I left high school for an aeronautical university and finally in 2014 personally said goodbye to her during my first Cross-the-Pond event on Oct.25.2014, the same day KLM did their. I understand your decision and thank you very much for bringing this wonderful offering to this community.
  6. Must be some advertisement hack...
  7. Though I didn't really post much here, but AVSIM also means a lot to me for my 10-year FS experience. Knowing Tom's passing makes my heart drop a minute and make me realize I should make this post here to say thanks for everything he contributed to this great community. My condolences to Tom's family and may him rest in peace.
  8. Thanks for sharing! Really look forward to seeing the Xplane release
  9. I don't think there are actual 773 with PW/GE engines built, even they are offered as an option
  10. Nav data are constantly updated, usually one cycle a month. You can go there to subscript your navdata cycles: www.navigraph.com
  11. Nice video! I have a question regarding the datalink. When I request en-route wind information, will it retrieve that information from ASN dynamically? So I don't have to generate a "wind" file in advance like what we do during pre-flight now, right?
  12. Wow, nice to know air china will be included, what about special liveries, like Smiling China(B-2035) and China-France 50 Anniversary(B-2047)?
  13. I believe they are talking about legal issues involved in P3D development to be solved by 1Q 2014, not the product...
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