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  1. Oh, I miss that mysterious PMDG drink. Wonder why captains aren't offered drink on NGX and 777.
  2. Though I didn't really post much here, but AVSIM also means a lot to me for my 10-year FS experience. Knowing Tom's passing makes my heart drop a minute and make me realize I should make this post here to say thanks for everything he contributed to this great community. My condolences to Tom's family and may him rest in peace.
  3. Thank you for the repaint, like her very much! And cheers for nailing the windows!
  4. Also if you are going to make some corrections, can you check out the Alpha Channel of fuselage texture, the cabin windows are not transparent as they should. I really like transparent windows in PMDG T7. Apart from these, really nice to have this bird, and she did bring back some memories, so thank you!
  5. Thank you very much, really quick and looks good! I'll get her as soon as possible~ But I think the Chinese 中国国际航空公司 should be a little bit smaller.
  6. Can you paint a PMDG T7 in standard Air China livery? And I'm requesting tail number B-2066, because she has some special meaning to me. I know there is one in the library, but it has some issue so that the transparent window won't work. Thank you very much!
  7. Actually the Air China livery is stunning except that the logo on vertical fin has been reversely placed...Hope to see you make an Air Canada 80's livery,and wish you a happy 2011!Mike Leng
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