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  1. philliphoddleton

    777-300 With Trent 800S And Older P&w And Ge-90S

    The 200ER has the same engines as the 300 except the P&W 98000lb 4090 is debated I think.
  2. The older ones will need a new wing as the 300-ER wing is different. May take some time? Is the 777X coming to PMDG? Phillip Hoddleton
  3. philliphoddleton

    Oom Are Now Worse Than Before

    You need to turn off your addon scenery like the guy said. No AI traffic and use low res sounds and cockpit.
  4. philliphoddleton

    09JUL14 - Release Planning for PMDG 777-200LR/F SP1 & 300ER

    Back on track now. Let's not post anything here until Robert makes his next post.
  5. philliphoddleton

    DoveTail Games Buys Licensing Deal with Microsoft

    Such pessimism and negativity. DTG has improved Train Simulator to amazing realism. Compared to MSTS when it first came out, TS2014 is truly amazing. It keeps getting better and better. And I have operated REAL WORLD trains AND real world aircraft! There are still things to improve but the world is not perfect and never will be. Unless I am missing something?
  6. philliphoddleton

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    Shock! Brazil are not superhuman after all!!! Amazing game, reminds me Germany vs Saudi Arabia in 2002. Phillip Hoddleton
  7. philliphoddleton

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    You guys are your own worst enemy. With so much anticipation and chat here why should PMDG release early? Really. They would get more complaints but their product is not vapourware so you guys are left to your own devices. Do you know the more anticipation they generate the more 'publicity' they generate? Just like Celebs selling photos or gossip and sometimes do it for free because the publicity buys their next movie deal. Look at Charlie Sheen for example. In the real world he would never have a job and never be able to get one. but because so much media has been generated about him....... I'm off to watch the world cup. Phillip
  8. philliphoddleton

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Does FMC say "Reset MCP Altitude" near TOD? Do you have any problems with your yoke/control setup? Maybe why throttle is stuck? Have you set your altitude below 38000ft in the FMC in LEGS after TOD? Check your VNAV Des in FMC.