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  1. This joystick was working perfectly before I reinstalled Windows 7. Now FSX and Win7 will not recognise it. Device manager list three things under Other Devices, Universal Serial Bus Controller (No Driver), Eternet Controller (No Driver), and Unknown Device(No Driver) I have reinstalled all the USB Drivers from my Gigabyte MB cd, tried unplugging the joystick from the usb port, restarting, shutting down the computer and plugging back in to the usb connection. Tried every Microsoft fix I could find plus their Fix It program. It says it cannot find a driver as does Windows 7. I've been thru ten pages of searches about here on the forum, so far no luck. This problem has to be related to the Win7 reinstall is the only thing I can come up with, and you cannot clean an ssd with diskpart. Something I would have done if I could have. Maybe the only way to fix thid problem is to install Windows 7 on a new disk.
  2. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Popped the GTX 770 in , same deal CTD right before T/D Top of Descent. I guess I've got to get Aersofts "Maldive" folder out of there along with the Fly Tampa Duibai Rebooted, tried disabling Maldives and the 777 is in the grass, no runway. I have the UIAutomation. dll, the PMDG version, I hear there's two versions. Oh well, may get it after awhile. Sure getting an education on the inner workings of a computer. :Shocked:
  3. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Thanks Kyle, also Michael, and olli4770. I think I compounded my problems by adding scenery after a successful landing at Dubai with the addition of Fly Tampa-Dubai Rebooted and Aerosofts Maldives. Been turning down my GTX550TI settings, loading only the necessary scenery from FSX, but I've flown three flights and get a CTD right before T/D or a little earlier everytime. Hopefully my new GTX770 4GB OC arriving today will solve the problems , so far nothing is working that I've tried on the Crash To Desktop Guide. I will let you know .
  4. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Scandinavian, I'm not going to nitpick your excellent video of the PMDG Tutorial 1 flight from Male to Dubai. I was just trying to make the point that most anything can have a error or two, if one wants to look hard enough, and is that comment going to be helpful. Keep up the good work, I really liked your video.
  5. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    pcubine, thanks for the link, it says something about signing your full name to a post. . Then the info on setting up a signature looks to me like guidelines for an avatar saying a signature is not necessary, but encouraged, maybe you or someone can enlighten me. Badfinger, that woman's cubicle comment is funny. :lol: Olli4740, I noticed my AUTO CRUISE kicked off when my AUTO TIME COMPRESSION stopped by itself right before T/D. I wonder if that is normal.
  6. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    I was just quoting the tutorial, and the terms they are using, anybody read the Boeing 777 manuals, this conversation can get even more technical, if anyone want's to read a few thousand pages. :huh: Technically Scandinavian is correct, I just thought he was splitting hairs.IMO I could sharp shoot his video over a minor thing, but I won't do that, it would just ###### him off, and what good would that do. He been a big help for a lot of people, but I've seen to many comments on here, not necessarily from this topic, that are not helpful at all. I had no idea FSX needed so many fixes to run PMDG 777, pretty much have all of them down now. When you are working night to try and get PMDG working you are bound to miss some miniscule details. Something that's forgotten sometimes. IMO I wanted to mention it's like to land a helicopter on an ILS approach, no auto pilot, no trim, one half of a localizer, any of you know what I'm talking about? You are flying it every second, because if you let go of the controls the aircraft will be upside down in about five to ten seconds scanning the instruments around and around at a much faster rate then fixed wing pilots, because you have fly it every second, monitoring altitude, vertical speed, airspeed, and heading, right or left of course, because that's the only needle you've got. The big advantage you had with Huey is that your speed is a lot slower then a 777, but they were primitive compared to the Black Hawk's that the US Army is flying today. But back in the day they were the best helicopter of it's time. But I will admit this 777 sim is a blast to land ILS on auto-pilot. I think PDMG is right when they say this sim is the next best thing to a mult-million dollar simulator. Sorry if I stepped on any toes. :unsure:
  7. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Would you please copy that info from the signature requirements, I've read it three times and all I can find is that it is encouraged, maybe it's posted somewhere else. I see you are in Tampa, not a bad town. I'm be working on it. Thanks, Brian
  8. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Snarkey is as snarkey does, on the CDU you set the AUTO TIME COMPRESSION WHICH SETS THE AUTO CRUISE since you want to get technical. I BEG YOUR HUMBLE PARDON. I forgot one more thing if you read page 81 of the PMDG 777 Tutorial 1, it says at the top of the page " Turn off the automatic time compression" not the Auto Cruise. Page 79 says " Continue the cruise either in real time or using Auto Cruise. So maybe someone should notify PMDG since they do not call the phase of the flight at the T/D properly, as being in Auto Cruise, instead of being in automatic time compression. What do you think?
  9. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    It's nice to have a few nitpickers on here to try and correct everyone, I'm impressed. :Big Grin: Fortunately most members are quite helpful, if people knew what a pain in the &@($* FSX is PMDG probably would not sell any downloads. But with all the help on here and PMDG and a moderate amount of computer knowledge, PMDG 777 can be set up to run well eventually.
  10. GrizRod1

    PFD NAV Display and EICAS problem

    Hello Javier, Looks like you have just gotten started with PMDG 777. The are quite a few problems with FSX and Directx9c that need to be fixed. See what I finally had to do to get my PMDG running here, I know it's a bit long, but I was trying to make it understandable. Runtime installer is a big fix IMO, along with turning your graphics settings down, along with correctly installing FSX, unless you are running something like a GTX770. Did you also uninstall all the files and folders remnants left from FSX, and did you install FSX correctly. Are you running all of your flight sim stuff on a second HD or SSD? You did not say anything about your computer or video card. Sorry forgot the link.
  11. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Thanks for all the replies. The PMDG 777 sim is running perfectly. I finally did what I was putting off doing, uninstalling and reinstalling FSX Acceleration and PMDG 777 again. Here's what I thought might be the problem. I had remnants of FSX and PMDG 777 left on my C:/ drive, all files and folders related to them were deleted. I uninstalled FSX and PMDG 777 from my E:/ drive, installed FSX as per instruction on one of the forum guides. I do not believe it was installed correctly, reinstalled PMDG 777 to my E:/ drive FSX folder. I then went back into my C:/ drive and renamed my fsx.CONFIG file,so FSX would load a new one, made the changes as per guide, reloaded the UlAutomation file, ran the Runtime installer for DirectX again, I'm using 9c version from the FSX program. I think a lot of problems with PMDG 777 can be blamed on DirectX9c, it needs fixing,IMO. I then detuned the graphics settings on FSX, which seemed to cure my CTD problem, part of which came from not having used Runtime installer brfore. The setting are close to the PMDG Intro guidelines , and I also turned all my traffic sliders to 0. Maybe with my new GTX 770 I can run max settings for most all of the graphics, but this is working great with my Nvidia GTX550TI. I've got plenty of CPU, the i5 3570k which should run at 3.8ghz when the turbo mode kicks in, and 8gb of RAM. I have not used my overclock of 4.5ghz yet, as I've been two weeks fooling with everything to try PMDG 777 running and get to land my 777 in Dubai. What a relief, I was wondering if I'd ever get here.
  12. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Phil, thanks for your imput. I reset the altitude, but did not check the FMC which would be a good indication at least the FMC was calling to adjust the altitude, good think to check, I also bring the throttles on my sim controls at the same time. The first leg of the decent, the VNAV PTH is alwaysan idle path, there is no requirement to set the altitude below 38,000 ft. in the FMC after T/D or before, all the altitude and speed reqirements for the descent and approach were programed in the FMC, before take off from Male. I think it's a PMDG 777 problem, reason I posted the question was hoping someone had seen this problem. Still waiting on PMDG for an answer. I'm almost sure they will say to reinstall the program.
  13. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    Thanks for all the replys, I just watched a you tube video by a forum member doing the whole flight, I think I may have caught the problem. When I adjust the MCP altitude to 38000 ft, for the flight, I turn the inner knob to the right to get 1,000 ft with every click of the outer knob. I see that he brings the inner knob back to auto after resetting the MCP altitude before the TD. Nothing written in the tutorial on that. Hope that is it, Logitech speakers went out, not much over a year old, got to buy some knew ones before I do any more 777 flying.
  14. GrizRod1

    FSUIPC4 Problems Can't Access

    Well as you can see I do not know much about FSUIPC, the download page has a Pro download and a regular download. No clue given as to if the regular download costs, my mistake maybe. The bleeder plan only bleeds you at $5 a month rate,the regular price was $55. :lol: IMO, the website is not that clear. Thanks for the link to Pete Dawson's Sim Flight Forum.
  15. GrizRod1

    PMDG 777 Will Not Descend To Land On Auto Cruise

    No all that would have showed up when the FMC was programed back at Male, I believe, and the MCP was lowered manually before top of decent marker. I believing I have a problem with the sim. It flies great up until descent time.