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  1. Steingassner

    [16JAN16] The Things They Carry... 747-400 Info

    Thank you very much! Beautiful indeed..
  2. Steingassner

    Can't Open Fs2Crew v2.3 P3D V3

    I have the exactly same issue here. I just sent you a ticket, if somebody already knows the solution please post it here. Thank you
  3. Steingassner

    MSVCR120.dll CTD with P3D V3

    I had the same CTD a week ago flying CYYZ - VHHH with time compression after 7 hours or so.
  4. Steingassner

    Sim Connect missing!

    Hi Jim! Well I don't have a restore point to go back to so I guess that's not possible. When I first uninstalled FSX I followed that guide as I knew it wasn't just clicking uninstall, so that was already done. Could you or someone else explain me how to do run a registry cleaner? I have never done that. I know it is a big mistake to delete those folders. I learned it when it was already too late. The SimConnect versions appear in my Add/delete programs tool as I said but those folders are not coming back. I am trying something new: I uninstalled FSX again on my main computer. I will install it on a second computer, then I'll look for those folders and .dll files, copy them and install FSX in my main computer again, do the same and at the end copy the folders and files into windows/winsxs. I hope doing this that roughly will work out. Thank you! Edit: No need to explain about the registry cleaner anymore. It just downloaded one and I'll give it a try
  5. Steingassner

    Sim Connect missing!

    Hi! Thank you for answering. I installed ASN on my new fresh installation of FSX and I get a message concerning a problem with Sim Connect. It says "unable to load any managed SimConnect interface. Simulator connectivity is not possible. Please check you simulator/SimConnect installation" And when I try to instal FSUIPC it gives me this error "Your FSX Installation is incorrect! The version of SimConnect installed will not run FSUIPC4. You may need to repair the installation to rectify this first" But I just installed everything from zero so I don't quite understand what I did wrong. And haven't try whit my other addons but I guess I'll have similar problems. Any Idea what could be the problem? Thank you!!
  6. Hi there! Well, I know this is a very discussed topic and even though I've been in FSX for over 5 years I hadn't had this problem until now and I don't even know how it started. I had a little problem with certain addon and searching everywhere for a solution I read from a very reliable source that it had to do with SimConnect, that the easiest solution would be to repair the installation and different versions of SimConnect. I tried doing it directly in the Program and Features tool of my Win8 and it did not work. I tried it by repairing SP1 and SP2 but it didn't work- I tried everything I saw and the problem was still there. One of the steps that I read was to DELETE manually the x86_microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect .... folders located on C:\Windows\winsxs\. I'm afraid I did it without backing them up and didn't think about it anymore. I tried to repair and re-install everything following those instructions and at the end the problem was still there. So I decided to go on a complete overhaul of FSX. I uninstalled every single addon and finally FSX. It set everything up to do a fresh install and did it but as I finished I realized that the folders I deleted in C:\Windows\winsxs\ weren't there. They did not install again, neither SimConnect in the system did. I tried a lot of solutions without success. I managed to get the different versions of Simconnect "installed" but the folders with the Simconnect.dll files aren't there. I don't know where I can find them o replace them. I don't want to make a new install because I just did it and it didn't help at all. It affects obviously everything and I don't know what else to do! I thought maybe I can get the names of the folders somewhere and make new ones manually and then find the .dll files and put them there but I don't really know if that's even possible. In my Programs and Features tool I see three versions of SimConnect: 905, 242 and 259 but the files in C:\Windows\winsxs\ are missing! I hope somebody can help me somehow. Thank you all!!!
  7. Steingassner

    Pause before TOD - Distance editing?

    I also would like to be able to do so...
  8. Steingassner

    22Jul14 - Sp1 Monitoring Items Updated

    Hi! I'm so glad that I haven't had any kind if problem with the T7 on my computer both before and after SP1. I wasn't going to buy the -300 extension but after having and amazing time with the 77L and the newly SP1, and because of the incredible low price of the extension I decided to get it and hoping I wouldn't find any trouble. Since then and now I have flown more than 50 hours in flights from 6 up to 16 hours. OMDB - KLAX has been so far the longest flight I have ever done in about 4 years of flightsiming. I am incredibly happy with the product but at the same time I am sorry for those who can't have fun with it because of the problems which we all know. My system isn't the best of the world. I guess I just have a middle-high computer but the performance of the T7, NGX, and others aircraft is really good. I would like to thank you all for all the effort you put on this and all you're now doing to solve the issues that are affecting many customers. After reading the post from Robert, I wonder if I should install the soon coming SP1b even though I don't have any problem so far. I would like to point out that I have never made any flight with the characteristics of "Freezing scenario #2" as I always use complete routes. I hope to find an answer to this and thank you all again!
  9. Steingassner

    PFD NAV Display and EICAS problem

    Hello to everyone! I'm experiencing some problems with my T7. Since last weekend I've been trying to solve them and I even made a complete uninstall and reinstall of my FSX last night and my first problem is resolved (which was that my T7 couldn't complete the system preparation countdown at the beginning of each flight what made it impossible to fly due a strange behavior -I think related to a no proper configuration process-) . Well, now that problem has gone but during the cockpit preparation procedures, when my PFD NAV display and EICAS come alive they would only sow some basic graphics but any information. I took some photos so they can explain what's happening better than me. As I'm new on this forum and I have no idea how to attach the images to this post I'll let some dropbox links and I hope you have the time and interest to give them a look I would also like to say again that my sim is completely fresh installed and everything runs good but I have this issue :( Thank you! Javier Steingassner