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  1. Bonjour Alex, Thanks ! Yes, it seems there is nothing in MarbleNavigator which can help. So the best thing to do is to hide it. Merci Claude
  2. Bonsoir Alex, Thanks for your answer. In the same line, do you think it is possible to avoid the detection of the mouse cursor when it passes over the zoom bar system on the right side of the map. In fact while moving the map by draging with the left mouse button, when the cursor passes over the zoom vertical bar, then the zoom level change brutally. It could be confusing ! I hope I am clear... Not sure ! Merci Claude
  3. Bonjour albar965, I found something strange with the behavior of increase (decrease) details in the map. of your great little Navmap. This only happens when using the keyboard. Once we are at the max (5) or min (-5) details, then the menu are disabled, but we can continue to use the equivalent keyboard CTRL + CTRL -, and then the zomm + or - takes place. After that, it is sometimes difficult to come back to the normal level. Any idea ? Cheers Claude EDIT: May be an interference with the standard keyboard zoom function. When the menu is disabled then Little Navmap passes the control to windows ?
  4. Bonjour, I get this answer from Ricardo Dutra (Virtual Avionics) where he says that VAInterface only works in W10 not in W7, he also gives some clue concerning their 32 bits DLL. Cheers Claude
  5. Yes I tried everything without success, I still have an error in the log file. I have open a ticket. Cheers Claude
  6. Bonjour, After deleting everything concerning the VAInterface.dll, the procedure is not working for me with P3DV4 737NGX. A soon as P3D starts VAInterface quit with an error in the log file provided by FSCommMgr saying unable to get file name In the ini file there is an entry [P3DV4] DLLXML=YES created during the install process. It aslo create an entry in the DLL.XML and a VAInterface.dll is copied in the module folder. But this DLL is a 32 bit one. So I am lost ! Cheers and thanks Rob for your support in the forum. Claude
  7. So I checked this dll it is a 32 bits one, and I cannot understand how it could work in P3DV4 64 bits ! Cheers
  8. Merci John, Mine is the same version. I saw in the simconnect log that there is an error (-1) when loading this dll in P3DV4. That could explain why it doesn't work with this dll which is an old one. If it is a 32 bits dll that may be the problem. That's why I want to know which version is working. Cheers Claude
  9. Bonjour, Could anybody which has the VAInterface working with the 737NGX in P3DV4, give me the version number of his(her) VAInterface.dll. Merci beaucoup Cheers Claude
  10. Bonsoir, Some explanation, I get from Beau Hollis (P3D) on their forum. Cheers Claude
  11. Bonsoir Keith, That's exactly the problem I have ! as soon as P3DV4 start VAInterface quit. Can you check if you have the following line in the log FSCommMgr - Unable to get file name 299 Merci Claude
  12. Bonjour, Does this version work with the 737NGX for P3D V4 ? Everything seems OK until I launch P3DV4. The log says. 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - FSCommMgr - Unable to get file name 299 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - vainterface - Shutting Down!!! 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - SocketMgr - Accept failed: 10004 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - BroadcastListener - recvfrom failed with error 10004 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - BroadcastListener - Finished receiving. Closing socket. 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - BroadcastListener - closesocket failed with error 10093 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - vainterface - getIPAdress => WSACleanup 02/08/17 17:05:06 ( 31) - VAInterface - Closing Merci Claude
  13. Bonjour, I am also interested to know the answer ! Cheers Claude Troncy
  14. Bonjour, About the ini files such as colors, options and shortcuts , are they kept during the upgrade process to P3DV4 or do we have to reenter all the infos. Thanks Cheers Claude Troncy
  15. Thanks Stephen for this clarification. Claude