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  1. Claude Troncy

    RealAir Customer Support *Please Read*

    I too have missed it.... Nobody is perfect. 😄. Cheers Claude
  2. Claude Troncy

    737NGX Holding entries

    Hi Ramon, Does your plane make a circle when entering the pattern ? if yes have a look here May be it can help. this is an old problem that can be bypassed by recreating the hold after loading a situation. Cheers Claude
  3. Claude Troncy

    Clacton VOR area HUGE stutters!

    Have a look at this thread. Cheers
  4. Hi Alex, Thank you for the trick.... I wonder if the standard behavior shouln't be: the window stay undocked except if we press CTL before clicking, and then the window can be docked. But it is OK like that. Little trick for great Navmap... Cheers Claude
  5. Bonjour Alex, I have some difficulties with the behavior of undocked windows. When I move an undocked window (map for example) it automaticaly return to an available dock position when the drag is finished. I would like to disable this automatic dock and let the window float above the main one. The dock/undock function could be done through a contextual menu. Is there an option to do that ? Cheers Claude
  6. Claude Troncy

    Starting engine -- Bleed air

    Thank you Andre, it is covered around 10.00 Cheers Claude
  7. Claude Troncy

    Starting engine -- Bleed air

    Thanks Romain for the clue. Just by increase N1, on the engine running, solve my problem. Cheers Claude
  8. Claude Troncy

    Starting engine -- Bleed air

    Bonjour, May be someone can give me a clue ! Is the bleed air provided by one engine running is enough to start the other ? It does not seem possible. I always have to start the APU, to give me more bleed air to start the second engine. Merci Claude
  9. Claude Troncy

    Need advice from a realair Lancair Legacy V2 pilot.

    Hi Bert, Thanks a lot for looking into my problem. You are right the mixture was not leaned correctly. There was something I did not understand in the procedure. It is clear now. Cheers Claude
  10. Bonjour, I am not sure if it is the good place to ask my question ! Here is my problem. With autopilot on, at 8100 ft, the speed is supposed to be around 240 kts, but I cannot get past 170kts. I am certainly doing something wrong but I have no idea. I cannot change trim to gain speed, the A/P always set it to 1%. Thanks for your help. Claude
  11. Hi Alex, Of course, you are right, that can be done that way by using "Measure Rhumb distance..." Merci Claude
  12. Bonjour Alex, Do you think it could be possible in a future version to have an option which draw an extended center line for any runway. The runway could be choosen by clicking on the airport. Your product is fantastic ! Cheers Claude
  13. Claude Troncy

    A response to Rob "So whats going on at PMDG"

    Rob, OK, as someone, I can understand. I was not looking for specific very technical informations, but I always thought it was better to explain to customers when something is not working as he expects. May be I am wrong ! Now I can see that PMDG has no idea of what is going on, so it is difficult to give some informations. I can understand that too. To be frank, I thought the problem was mainly on the LM side, and could only be solved by the 2 companies. For having seen a lot of dead lock in interprocess, I can perfectly understand that it is not easy to solve. I do not understand why the FSIPanel developper says that you are looking for a solution. Cheers Claude
  14. Claude Troncy

    A response to Rob "So whats going on at PMDG"

    Bonjour Rob, I perfectly understand what you said, but other products like FSIPanel which reposition the A/C when practising approach are difficult to use now, since the last PMDG update. I read on the FSIPanel forum that you told the developper, you will investigate to find a solution. Sure it is certainly not an easy problem to resolve, LM always said to see with PMDG... But for me it is not so obvious. As I do not know where is really the problem, it is difficult to have an opinion. By the way if someone can explain what is going on in technical words, I am on it... just to understand. Cheers Claude