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  1. Hi Jim, Any news about the condensed view ? Cheers Claude
  2. Bonjour, Same issue this morning. Cheers Claude
  3. Bonjour, Is there a problem with the unread Content, as since yesterday I get nothing displayed. But I can see the unread post (in bold) when I go directly to forums. Merci Cheers Claude
  4. Sorry @SteveW, I did not understand well when previously you talked about the P3D idle time used by RTSS. Now it is a bit clearer, it seems you say there is a bug in RTSS which consume for nothing the idle time left by the render thread. which is not the case with NVI. Does it mean that with a 60 hz monitor and 30fps limiter each frame is displayed twice ? You mean using external limiter ? So for you the internal limiter is the best way even with a single view and no docked panel ? Merci Cheers Claude
  5. Or, by extension, what is it that does NOT get done when NVI is here Hi @SteveW, Did you have a explanation for this behavior. In my config,with NVI 30fps, the core 0 is at ~60% CPU, but with RTSS or internal the CPU is around 100%. Cheers Claude 4790K no HT, GTX 1080, P3D V4.4.
  6. with my config . - NVI 60fps core 0 = ~100% - NVI 40fps core 0 = ~80% - NVI 30fps core 0 = ~60% - NVI 22fps core 0 = ~40% By extension NVI 0fps core 0 = 0% that seems logical....😄
  7. Yes that is the question.... or it could be "What is P3D doing with this 40% ? .... I hope not calculating things that are not displayed".😂
  8. Bonsoir, Yes, and I am sure it was not like that in older P3D version. I cannot see any obvious difference between NVI and RTSS in term of quality of display. So the question is what is the extra 40% CPU in core 0 used for when NVI is not here ???? Claude
  9. Hi, Yes exactly the same behavior with a 4790 @4.6 HT OFF, GTX1080, - With NVI at 30 core 0 abut 60% and with RTSS at 30 core 0 at 100%. I have difficulties to understand what is behind this fact. Cheers Claude
  10. Bonjour, I have a question concerning the great big little Navmap...😂 I know that by holding Ctrl while clicking on the window titlebar it prevents a window from going back into docked state. Could it be the opposite ? By holding Ctrl the windows goes back into docked state, otherwise it stays floating.... Cheers Claude
  11. I too have missed it.... Nobody is perfect. 😄. Cheers Claude
  12. Hi Ramon, Does your plane make a circle when entering the pattern ? if yes have a look here https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/486262-strange-behavior-with-holding-pattern/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/500393-pmdg737-600-problem-entering-a-hold/ May be it can help. this is an old problem that can be bypassed by recreating the hold after loading a situation. Cheers Claude
  13. Have a look at this thread. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/143628-orbx-vector-stutters-in-egsq/?tab=comments#comment-1269407 Cheers
  14. Hi Alex, Thank you for the trick.... I wonder if the standard behavior shouln't be: the window stay undocked except if we press CTL before clicking, and then the window can be docked. But it is OK like that. Little trick for great Navmap... Cheers Claude
  15. Bonjour Alex, I have some difficulties with the behavior of undocked windows. When I move an undocked window (map for example) it automaticaly return to an available dock position when the drag is finished. I would like to disable this automatic dock and let the window float above the main one. The dock/undock function could be done through a contextual menu. Is there an option to do that ? Cheers Claude
  16. Thank you Andre, it is covered around 10.00 Cheers Claude
  17. Thanks Romain for the clue. Just by increase N1, on the engine running, solve my problem. Cheers Claude
  18. Bonjour, May be someone can give me a clue ! Is the bleed air provided by one engine running is enough to start the other ? It does not seem possible. I always have to start the APU, to give me more bleed air to start the second engine. Merci Claude
  19. Hi Bert, Thanks a lot for looking into my problem. You are right the mixture was not leaned correctly. There was something I did not understand in the procedure. It is clear now. Cheers Claude
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