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  1. Sean, the Vertx Da62 is amazing! I can't believe how you got such superior G1000 functionality (compared with F1 and Carenado) while delivering such blistering FPS! Wow, your coding seems like voodoo. Anyway, it's an tremendous plane that's a bargain at double the price, and I am sincerely more impressed with this plane than I have been with anything in the FS world for quite some time.



  2. Sorry to disappoint you guys but 1.053 is a really minor update - the only difference over 1.052 is the exe files are now code-signed, meaning you won't get the Windows security warning messages any more. 1.052 fixed a bug introduced in 1.050. I'm still working on a more substantial update but that won't be for a couple of weeks. A support forum is planned and hopefully it can be online sooner rather than later, but the time of year has made it a little hard to get things done this past week. Sean vertxsim.com
  3. One little tip - if you double-click the rudder trim wheel it will perfectly centre the rudder trim. Sean vertxsim.com
  4. That behaviour can occur when the rudder trim is not perfectly centred. To make absolutely sure rudder trim is centred hover your mouse over the rudder trim wheel - if it doesn't show '0' then that is likely the problem. Even a value of '1' can cause a crab with yaw damper engaged. If the rudder trim is centred, then make sure that something else isn't affecting rudder or rudder trim in some way - for example FSUIPC or maybe an add-on such as Accu-Feel. Sean vertxsim.com
  5. The new installer will overwrite the old content, but to be certain I'd recommend uninstalling the previous version first. Sean
  6. Quick heads-up - I just uploaded another update - v1.050, available on the "My Account / Downloads" page. Sean Moloney vertxsim.com Vertx DA62 Change Log V 1.050 – 23 December 2018 • Modified engine code to fix the sudden RPM over-speed bug. Was finally able to reproduce the bug and track down the exact cause. • Modified engine master switch code to fix the problem that was causing the engine master switches to be stuck in the ‘off’ position. I’m fairly confident this problem is now solved (the fix appears to have worked for a few customers so far). • Modified the code that controls the G1000 start-up fan sound to fix a minor bug.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up Guenter. To fix a few issues reported by customers over the last week, I've uploaded an updated version of the DA62. You can download it by going to your vertxsim.com "My Account / Downloads" page and clicking on the installer download link. The filename for the new installer should end in "1.041.exe". The old file was "1.036". Change Log: V 1.041 – 22 December 2018 • Fixed a problem that occurred when a customer used a special character (for example: ü, è, ß) in the name field during installation. This particular problem caused the config.xml file to be unreadable in P3D, and that caused a range of problems, the most obvious being the G1000 and engine sounds would run very slowly. • Fixed a problem that occurred when a customer’s P3D installation did not already have a DLL.xml file present. This problem caused a corrupted DLL.xml file to be written, and that caused the XMLTools.dll module to not load, and that caused a range of major problems in the G1000. • Added a new page to the Config App – the ‘Advanced’ page. This page adds a number of options that allow a customer to repair the DA62 installation it becomes corrupted in some way or if it does not install correctly in the first place. • Added a slider to the Config App that allows a customer to vary the G1000 ‘Code Limiter’ variable. This can be used to help fix certain problems that might be experienced. • Added a new section to the User Guide to explain the ‘Advanced’ Config App options. • Altered the engine code to fix a problem that could cause extremely high engine RPM, which would also lead to a loss of control. Please note: this particular bug is not reproducible so I can’t be 100% certain that the problem has been fixed. • Altered the ECU engine run-up test so that maximum RPM is around 1900 RPM, instead of the 2100 RPM of the previous version. This more closely matches the real DA62. • Removed a section of code that set the Engine Master switches to be in the off position whenever the P3D ‘Engine Auto Shutdown’ key event is detected. Hardware devices and/or FSUIPC could be sending out this key event without a customer be aware of it, and that would cause the Engine Master switches to become stuck in the ‘off’ position. • Added an option to the config app to disable the detection of a number of engine key events. This is to help fix any potential hardware/FSUIPC conflicts. • New version of dsd_sound DLL module. With this new version of the module, sounds will continue to play when the P3D window is not in focus. • Added a desktop shortcut for the User Guide, to make the guide easier to find. • Changed installer so that it deletes any existing files prior to installation. This is to ensure there are no obsolete files or corrupted files after a re-install. • Various other minor code refinements.
  8. Hi barriumundilure, send me an email and I'll see if we can find a solution. Thanks, Sean sean@vertxsim.com
  9. Could you try entering a direct-to into the default baron 58 G1000? It also allows waypoint input with the keyboard, using exactly the same method as described on pg 36 of the DA62 manual. It would be useful to know if the same problem occurs outside of the DA62. Thanks, Sean
  10. Before you can input using the keyboard you need to use the knobs to initiate waypoint entry. There are some instructions on how to do this on pg 36 of the user guide. Sean
  11. This might just be a flat battery. The battery state is persistent so when it goes flat the only way to charge the battery is using ground power. See pg 30 of the guide. Sean
  12. This problems arrises when the XMLTools module doesn't install correctly. I'm fairly confident we have found the reason why it doesn't install properly on some systems. If anyone else is experiencing something similar drop me an email and I can send you the fix. I'll issue a new installer on the website within the next few days to fix this problem and some others. Thanks, Sean sean@vertxsim.com
  13. Just a quick note to say that I have been reading though this thread and will be working through all the issues that have been raised. I'm confident most of the issues can be resolved and I'll make an update available as soon as possible. Thanks for all the kind words, it's great to hear everyone enjoying her so much. Big thanks to Doug for the sound module update too. Sean Moloney Vertx
  14. I'm not sure if this is the answer to all of the problems that have been mentioned regarding power problems, but it is possible to run the battery flat on the ground, and when that happens the only way to power up the avioncs/starters etc is via ground power. Pg 30 of the user guide has info on how to do that. Some other problems related to the master switch could be related to hardware conflicts. For example a hardware magneto switch sending key events that conflict with the code that controls the various automated systems in the DA62. Sean
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