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  1. Bummer, I'm still getting the same major issue I was dealing with before.
  2. As with anything they can fail but that doesn't mean you will get a leak. I had an H100 that only lasted 3 years but it was due to a clogged pump so no major issues occurred and it was replaced under warranty.
  3. Yes, to an extent. You can import views from other aircraft or download camera presets from the community. I have a handful of outside presets that I apply to all aircraft and then set up cockpit presets for all planes individually. It takes a couple minutes to set up a new plane.
  4. Everyone's system is different so by no means do I think this is a cure for everyone, but hopefully it can help at least someone. Long story short, on my system v5 doesn't like Intel's/Window's power saving features. I have an older system (6600k - 980ti) and I've had the same stable overclock for years. My overclock has never given me issues with any games and I'll run Cinebench/OCCT/etc. from time to time to verify everything is still stable. And then came v5. With v5 I was getting fairly frequent freezes to where I couldn't do anything and would have to restart. Assuming CTD was usually software based but these freezes seemed hardware based. I ran the usual gamut of tests and everything was still stable so I started messing around with C-states and such. I made sure Windows was set to "high performance" power mode and disabled all power saving features in the BIOS (all c-states, C1E and EIST). This completely resolved my issue with v5 freezing. I know some people prefer to disable all of these features on any overclocked system but I've always liked having them on as long as I know I have a stable overclock. Guess I'll be leaving them off for the time being and maybe give it another whirl when the as additional v5 hotfix/updates roll out. I figured it was worth sharing my experience in hopes that it can help someone else. Cheers!
  5. I posted the fix in the below thread. You can install with all the simulator options grayed out but the config tool wont work. For everything to work correctly you need to make a dummy registry entry so the installer thinks you have v4 installed and then point the installer to your v5 add ons folder.
  6. I just posted the topic on the Prepar3d forums. I figured I would try here first and see if others had the issue.
  7. Here is a better video. You can see it shortly after where I've started the video and again a couple times near the end.
  8. Excuse the cell phone video. I just did a test flight and quickly wanted to get a video of this cloud flickering problem. I have tried various settings, fresh Windows install, different drivers, etc. The clouds intermittently flicker like this about every 5-10 seconds and it ruins the flight when cloudy. Any ideas to resolve the issue? These are the addons I'm using but it does it with a vanilla install as well. v5 HF1 with legacy clouds/weather (no Truesky) Orbx LC/Base/CRM/Trees ENVTEX/ENVSHADE ASP3D Video
  9. I think I had the same issue but after shutting it down once it was then cold and dark each time going forward.... don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure that's what I remember. I didn't have any issues with the config taking affect other that cold and dark.
  10. Weird, the only time I've seen this is airports with new ICAO codes, but that doesn't seem to be the case with KHAF? v5 updated their database and a lot of airports updated to their new ICAO code so if you're running ORBX scenery it will have the old code and v5 will have the new code. Basically loading 2 airports in the exact same spot. You might have better luck posting it on the ORBX forums. They have a pretty lengthy list of bugs they are working on.
  11. I don't suggest editing your registry if you aren't comfortable with it, but this is fairly straightforward. Click the Windows key Type "regedit" - this will open the registry editor Go to the path in my screenshot and create a new key called "Prepar3D v4" Within that Prepar3D v4 key create a new string value just like the one I've highlighted. Named "SetupPath" with the value data being the location of your v5 installation. The installer will now think you have v4 installed and it will be an available option. The installer will want to install to your v4 add ons folder so just change that to your v5 add ons folder and complete the install.
  12. Curious as well. I just checked the website and the Prepar3d download is still for v4.
  13. You can’t open it but you made changes? You have to install ENVDIR to use it. It is the main program that is the interface to use ENVTEX/ENVSHADE/ENVSOUND. Make sure you use the update option in ENVDIR because older versions of ENVSHADE aren’t compatible with v5. After updated make sure it finds your v5 installation and that the little green “shaders” switch should be ticked on just like in GSalden’s screenshot. Then make sure you install (green down arrow on the bottom left) which takes a minute or so to install into P3D and then you’re done.
  14. You can map a hotkey to reload shaders in P3D. Not quite on the fly but you can then tweak ENVSHADE and then reload the shaders to test.
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