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  1. johncott

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    A good part of your decision should be based on your hardware. If you have an older computer system, 3,4 or 5 years old for example, P3D and X-Plane may not work that well. FSX:SE may be the way to go. If you have a new up-to-date computer with the latest graphics card then X-Plane or P3D for sure. Some items to think about. Seasons, X-Plane does not have built in seasons. FSX:SE and P3D do. What this means if you in Canada in the winter, P3D / FSX will have snow on the ground, X-Plane will not. P3D and X-Plane are in consistent development. After a major update some add-ons may not work right away, the developers have to modified their products to work with the new versions. sometimes they charge for an upgrade. This will not happen with FSX:SE. All three sims will cater to what ever flying you will want to from the smallest ultra light to the largest airliner. Some people are still flying FS2002 and FS2004 (FS9) and are very happy and some are flying P3D and X-Plane and are still not happy, LOL. I still fly FSX:SE because of my older computer and I'm still very happy with it. John Cottreau
  2. johncott

    Installation Question FSX Steam

    C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX is the wrong folder. There is a simobjects folder in this folder, but there is where FSX stores you aircraft "states" (state.CFG files) like the hours for the hobbs meters and custom callsigns for each aircraft. If you used an installer, there should be an uninstaller. Run the uninstaller and this should remove the aircraft from your roaming directory. I am assuming you have the Carenado version of the Phenon 300. Unfortunately, the Carenado installers will not prompt you with the proper directory to install an aircraft. You have to choose the proper install folder. If you chose the default folder when you installed FSX:SE, the folder you should select when prompted should be C:\Programs (X86)\steam\steamapps\common\fsx. John Cottreau
  3. johncott

    Realair Spitfire (FSX) installer

    Keep checking the Realair site. On Aug. 30, Sean Maloney did mentioned that he would post updated installers for all the Realair products for licensed users. We can only assume he got busy with his new project, the Vertx DA62 and the updated installers got put on the back burner.
  4. johncott

    alabeo Sale???

    Thank you again, will be more diligent checking the Carenado site next year when they have their sale. I have noticed for awhile the Alabeo planes show up on the Carenado site but not vice-versa. I did check my preferred online store everyday and the Carenado site every few days during the last Carenado sale and did not see any Alabeo planes on sale. As Keithb77 mentioned maybe the Alabeo planes were just on sale for a day or two and just on the Carenado site only.
  5. johncott

    alabeo Sale???

    Exactly. I have a list of Alabeo planes I want, new and old, and checked them during the Carenado sale and also have checked them on a regular basis on other online stores and they have not been on sale this year. Also, I went back five years on the Alabeo Facebook page and they have announced every sale and the last one was Sept. 2017. Hopefully, they will have a sale early in the new year. John Cottreau
  6. johncott

    alabeo Sale???

    Thank you for pointing me to the Bargain Hunter's Forum. Did check and the last Carenado sale was earlier this month, Alabeo's was September of 2017, nothing yet this year. I have been watching closely for an Alabeo sale since January of this year. This includes their Facebook page, website and on a few store sites.
  7. Does anybody know if Alabeo is having a sale this year? The last few years it has been in September or October and before that it was right after the Carenado sale. John Cottreau
  8. johncott

    Check list for Falcon 50

    I sometimes find these work well if you are looking for the basics. There is one for the FS2002 Falcon 50, but may still work ok. Cheers, John Cottreau
  9. johncott

    FSX:SE time not keeping up to real time

    Got this working, moved a bunch of original install files in the FSX folder to a temporary folder and did another Steam file verification. The verification restored them Restarted FSX and still had the same issue. Shutdown and a reboot and everything was ok. Go figure. Thanks for you suggestions.
  10. johncott

    FSX:SE time not keeping up to real time

    Thanks, give that a try and still no luck was checked off, unchecked and rechecked, started and restarted FSX, Didn't help.
  11. johncott

    FSX:SE time not keeping up to real time

    It changed the rate but did not fix the issue. I would go up to 128X and the clock would go very fast and I would go 1/4X and the clock would go slower. but when I returned back to a rate of one the aircraft clock would advance 40 seconds per 1 minute of real time. I did a 7.5 hour flight on the weekend and only lost a couple of minutes FS time vs real time.
  12. johncott

    FSX:SE time not keeping up to real time

    forgot to mentioned that I played around with that to.
  13. This problem just started. Set up a flight and notice everything was running in slow motion. Frame rate is ok, but the clock in my aircraft does not keep up to real time. for every minute of real time, aircraft clock will advance about 40 seconds. FSX:SE Windows 7 64 bit. Nvidia GRAFX card. ORBX Global with open LC and Vector. FSXMeshX. What I tired so far. Tried various planes with the same result. Did a file verification on steam and let it run it course. Downloaded and installed the latest video drivers. Deleted the last add-ons I added since my last flight in which the clock was keeping time. restarted the computer a few times. Renamed the FSX.CFG file and let it built a new FSX.CFG. None of these items fixed the issue. Anybody had the same issues or have a fix? Regards, John Cottreau
  14. johncott

    Black Friday Sales at Alabeo or Carenado?

    From past experience, they usually have a sale in December.
  15. Took Charlie's recommendation and it worked ok. I was hesitant at first because I have made quite a few changes to the default aircraft panels. This included updating default gauges with payware and freeware gauges. After the file verification and files being replaced, all my panel mods were still there, I thought the file verification would replace my panel.cfg files with the default panel.cfg files. Did a backup of my airplanes folder just in case. My scenery add-ons looks like they were untouched as well. John Cottreau