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  1. If you have ORBX scenery installed This usually shows up if you have ORBX scenery installed and have made some changes to your ORBX scenery or FSX install. Open "ORBX Central". In the settings under the help section is a title called "Resynchronise Simulator". click on the "Sync Simulator" highlighted in blue and this should fix your issue. John C.
  2. You are right, there are no P3DV5 updates for any of the Carenado planes, but there is a single update for all of their planes with the G1000 here: https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 You have to run the update after each Carenado aircraft install. As has been mentioned, the Vertx DA-62 also works ok with a registry fix. John
  3. Glad I could help with the ORBX land textures. I'm afraid I cannot offer any help with the multi monitor setup. John C.
  4. If you have ORBX scenery installed, try verifying all your ORBX products and doing a sync, this could cause the scenery tiles to not show up properly. The sync function is performed in ORBX Central, settings Icon, Settings, Help. This may solve your curtain and veil issue as well. John C.
  5. I have been using the default Windows Security that comes with Windows 10 with the default and recommended settings. I believe this is good enough for the average user. The only issue I've had if there is an automatic virus scan while I'm using P3DV5, then the sim may slow down for a few minutes and the FPS will drop slightly. John C.
  6. Went to their Facebook page, join and posted that their website is down with an domain expired message, hopefully they will see it. John C
  7. Been flying the Golden Age Simulations (GAS) Aeronca C-3 and the Taylor Craft J-2 Cub in P3DV5.3. If you want to go lower and slower, these are the planes for you. In real life, neither one of these planes had a mixture control from what I could find out from various articles and videos I could find on the internet and they are modelled by GAS that way. But the mixture control on my throttle controller will still adjust the mixture anyway. I could not find out much about the engines other than the Aeronca had a E-113 engine and it had Zenith carburetor and the Taylor Craft J-2 had a Continental A-40-3. An engine tune or adjusted for sea level will not perform the same as an engine tune for 3000 feet and vice versa. I like to fly these planes like they were meant to be flown. If the engines could have been tune-up for a specific elevation I can adjust the mixture control for a selected elevation and leave it there to simulate tuning the engine for the selected elevation. My question, does anybody know if these engines had carburetor adjustments or engine adjustments for flying at different airfield elevations? John C.
  8. Did you just do the sync or did you verify the files first with the ORBX verify option for each ORBX product you have installed?
  9. If you haven't tried yet, I would log into ORBX Central and verify your ORBX product files and after go to settings > help > Sync Simulator and see if that solves your issue. John C.
  10. Hi Scotty, I'm wondering if it's an issue on your end, firewall or a security setting issue maybe? The links that Bill provided worked ok for me when he originally posted his 310 fix and I checked them again today and they still work. Regards, John C.
  11. Noel, I do not think it will hurt anything. LM upgraded a lot of airports in P3DV5 and the ORBX airport package was designed for FSX and previous versions of P3D where the airports didn't change much if any. For this reason you will probably find some airports with two ICAO id's, sunken or elevated runways, two set of taxi signs and maybe some other objects that appear out of place. John C.
  12. Here is the issue, in P3DV5, Central Colorado Regl. airport has the ICAO code KAEJ. The free ORBX global airport package has both KAEJ and 7V1 airports both at the same location with the same name Central Colorado Regl. You simply have to rename "ADE_FTX_FTXG_7V1.BGL" in the FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS/scenery" folder. I would recommend that you change the extension to something else like "inactive" for example. If you reinstall or verify the free ORBX global airport package, you may have to rename the "ADE_FTX_FTXG_7V1.BGL" again. Why are there two airports with different ICAO code? in FSX for example, the Central Colorado Regl. Airport has ICAO code of 7V1 and not KAEJ. I went from FSX to P3dV5 so I'm not sure what code this airport had in previous versions of P3D, but it was changed somewhere along the way. With the ORBX Airport Package installed, either way you going to end up with two ICAO codes no matter which sim you're using and will have to rename some files. With FSX you will have to change the files with KAEJ in them. John C.
  13. I should be able to help you and answer your question. First of all I think you mean KAEJ, not KEAJ. Need two questions answered first. First question, Which version of P3D are you using? second question, do you have the Free ORBX global airport package installed?
  14. I think it still depends on what part of the world your flying in. In northern Canada I find the default vector works ok with the default elevation mesh and ORBX vector works better with third party mesh. I find there are elevated and sunken water bodies using the default vector data with third party elevation mesh. As I mentioned in another post, the ORBX vector data uses single world wide large files to exclude the default vector data and this leads to longer load times and 2 to 3 second pauses when flying. I created my own excludes that covers all the world but in smaller sections and they seem to work really good so far, no more stutters and faster loading times. The other reason I use the ORBX vector, at my home airport where I do most of my flying from, some major rivers are missing with the default vector data. There is no one solution for everybody. On a final note, I compared both the default vector and ORBX vector with TMFViewer from the SDK and in some areas the default vector has more detail and in other areas ORBX has more detail. John C.
  15. My two cents worth on the subject and what I did to fix it. ORBX vector for P3DV5 has one major issue. Large exclude files. When P3DV5 first came out there were major issues with the default vector data in the Canadian Arctic and I believe this was one of the reasons ORBX released their vector for P3DV5. In previous versions ORBX used many small exclude files to delete the default vector items. With P3DV5, the existing ORBX exclude files also deleted the airport backgrounds. What did ORBX do? They created nine large files that each cover the whole world for each default vector item they want to exclude. These vector items are parks, railways, roads, shorelines, streams, traffic, utilities, water and water GPS. Since these nine files cover the whole world, they take a long time to load. They create long stutters and also affect loading flight plans in flight planner. I still like the ORBX vector for the following reasons: 1. Works better with third party elevation mesh where I usually fly in Canada and the Canadian Arctic. I find with the default vector, there are elevate and sunken water bodies with third party elevation mesh. 2. For some reason LM forgot to add water to some major rivers to my area of the world where I do most of my VFR flying. 3. With some tinkering I have frozen water bodies in the winter which I like by using the ice files from a FSX install of ORBX vector and incorporating them in P3DV5. For these reasons, I just spent many hours doing my own exclude files. Instead of nine large files that cover the whole world, I created new exclude files that each cover smaller 22.5 by 30-degree sections of the earth for each of the nine items that have to be excluded. 96 areas multiplied by the nine types of excludes equals 864 files. Now P3DV5 doesn't have to load the nine large exclude files, just the ones near where I'm flying. The loading time is faster, very few stutters and no 2 or 3 second stutters any more. I would create a flight plan in Little Nav Map and open it in the P3DV5 flight planner and it would take 5 or more minutes to load. With the smaller files I've created, it takes about 10 seconds at most. I've only been testing my files for a few days so far and they appear to work ok. John C.
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