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  1. Just getting my P3DV5 install setup. Installed the Quest Kodiak and had no problems starting it up. I would check to make sure fuel tank switches are turn on as mentioned by helberger. The fuel tank switches are mounted in the ceiling / roof above the windshield. Cheers, John C.
  2. With a little work and knowledge, we should be able to take the best vector data from the default scenery or ORBX and use it. This would require renaming and moving files. A good knowledge of the scenery file structure and how to use tmfviewer from the sdk would also be required.
  3. Good move. I have been flying in the Canadian Arctic for the last week and the default P3DV5 vector data above 70 degrees north is a disaster. Land where there should be ocean and sunken and elevated lakes. I have been copying over the affected areas over from my FSX ORBX Vector install and redoing the airport backgrounds as needed with ADE. The North American road data is better In the default data but if the issues are fixed with ORBX vector I will happy. Edit: Downloaded it and works ok, but does take a lot longer to load. The main hold up is the "Adjusting Scenery Objects". It's not locked up, just takes time.
  4. Just purchased P3D. Can Carenado and Alabeo planes be installed on the same computer for both FSX andP3DV5 or do I have to remove it from FSX and install into P3D? Do not want to use up my install counts experimenting. John Cottreau
  5. Since upgrading to Windows 10 last summer, I have been having more OOM issues. I am using FSX.SE with all the ORBX global add-ons plus New Zealand and Australia. I usually fly with Pilot's FSGRW with updates and little Navconnect so I can used LittleNavmap on another computer. I use FSUIPC to monitor the memory and display it. I start process explorer when I start having issues to see what is happening. I am fully aware of the 32-bit 4GB limit and have done all the fixes for OOM issues I could find. Here is what is happening: Will start flying and my memory will slowly drop, which is what I would expect to happen. On a recent flight my memory dropped from 2.3 GB down to about 600MB (.6GB) after a few minutes of flying. Was taking off near Vancouver BC and figured the memory drop was caused by being near a city. Was able to complete my 2.5 hour flight with no issues and the memory stayed at about 600MB for the rest of the 2.5 hour fight. Yesterday, was flying from High Level (CYOJ) to Ekati (CYOA). Has the usual memory drop along the way for the first 1.5 hours of the flight, from 2.4GB to 1.9 GB. Within 30 seconds, it dropped down from 1.9GB to about 250MB and FSUIPC sent out its beep. Was ready to abort the flight and notice everything was working ok. The scenery, weather and frame rates looked ok. Kept on flying for another 45 minutes and finished my flight ok. The memory stayed at about 250 MB for the whole 45 minutes. I have had this happen a few other times in the past but usually just stop the flight before I get an OOM error, never bother to see how long I can fly. Just wondering if anybody else is having this issue or may have any thoughts? Is Windows 10 putting this memory aside somehow and this is why I can still fly? Has anybody else experience the sudden large memory drop within a minute or so? Cheers, John Cottreau
  6. They did release a notice on April 24 that all their planes that were P3D 4+ will work with P3D 5. They haven’t released any new planes, but have been releasing some of their existing FSX/P3D planes for X-Plane. Once the new MSFS is released, maybe they will ramp up production again. John Cottreau
  7. I would recommend The Steam edition. Runs smooth and stable. With both versions installed, you will have issues with some add on installers. Also if you had the boxed version installed, removed it, install the Steam version, you may have issues with some add on installers. I would look At the links I provided to transition to FSX.SE. https://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/1/358415738189786962/ https://fsxinsider.com/transitioning-from-boxed-fsx-to-fsxse-part-1-fsx-stripback/ good luck with whatever you decide to do. John Cottreau
  8. This is actually an Alabeo sale. I believe Carenado owns Alabeo. This sale is for both FSX/P3D and X-Plane. It ends April 12. Here is the link to the Alabeo site. https://www.alabeo.com/sitealabeo/ John Cottreau
  9. My two cents worth. Using FSX:SE I’ve seen numerous posts not to install FSX into the default install directory. I did and never had an issue with FSX crashing, locking up other that the odd OOM. I’ve never disabled my anti-virus software when installing add-ons and I have lots of them. Never had an issue with any of them not working. I do make sure when I install a new add on to ”Run as an administrator.” Stay safe John Cottreau
  10. If you are using FSUIPC Version 4.XXX for FSX you can set up FSUIPC to show the remaining memory. You can set it up to show in the tile bar in the window mode or to show up at the top in full screen mode or both. To set this up from the menu go to ADD-ons, select "FSUIPC", select the "Logging" tab, In specific values in the first line set the offset to "024C" and the type to "U32". Leave the HEX box unchecked. Check the "FS Title Bar" if you're using a window for FSX or "FS Window" if using full screen. You can check both if you want to. I am not sure if you need the licensed version of FSUIPC or not for this feature. After you set this up you will see in the upper left corner "IPC:024C (U32) = XXXXXX". "XXXXXX" is the remaining memory. Also if FSUIPC sees that the memory is getting low it will start making a dinging sound. This may help in trouble shooting your issues. Far as Carenado planes causing your issues. I have had good luck with most of their planes and OOM issues. I have more issues with MILVIZ and Just Flight planes because of their textures sizes using up more memory and have reduced the texture size for most of their planes. You can try to reduce your display settings, turning off road traffic, turning off custom scenery to see if ant of theses are causing the issues and then increase them in steps to see what happens. I also had issues with turbine jets and prop planes causing OOM issues. I think it is because I fly them higher and it takes more memory to show the graphics further out. John Cottreau
  11. been checking FlightRadar24 the last few days and there is always about 6000 to 6500 planes showing up. Some pilots are still working. John Cottreau
  12. Was going to purchase the Swift today along with their Cessna 140. Got the Swift for free and only had to purchase the Cessna 140. Kinda like a 2 for 1 sale.
  13. There is a different G1000 for each Carenado plane. Which planes do you have that you would want this done to? It can be done, not sure what the copyright laws apply. Could contact Carenado explaining you problem and see what they say. I would ask if they can do it? If not, can someone else do it and will that be an issue with copyrights? There are people on these forums that have made changes to existing Carenado files, they may have some input. Just as long as there is no copyright issues, I can do it. John Cottreau
  14. Be aware, there are also some ILS approaches in FSX/P3D that do not have a GS (glide scope), just the localizer to align you with runway. RJTH Hachijojima is one that I have landed at with no glide scope. This ILS does have a DME, but no GS. John Cottreau
  15. Some of my favourites: “There is no time like the present to present a present.” “Too weaks ago, I kouldn’t spel technishun, now I r won.” Here is a link to another one called the “Spel checker poem” by Mark Eckman and Jerrold H Zar. https://www.thoughtco.com/spell-checker-poem-by-mark-eckman-1692348 Cheers, John Cottreau
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