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  1. If you're using a Nvidia graphics card, There are known crash to desktop (CTD) issues with the latest version 465.89 GeForce Game Ready drivers. I downloaded and installed version 461.92 and they worked ok.
  2. Should be interesting, Bill from Lionheart Creations mentioned on Facebook recently that he must do the Quest Kodiak next for MSFS before any other planes.
  3. Could you please send me the Carenado PC-12 mods that you mentioned in a recent post today. I'm not the person looking for a Turboprop but do have the PC-12 and would like to try the mods.

    Thank you,

    John Cottreau


    1. johncott


      Forogt my email address if you need it: johncott@telusplanet.net

    2. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Which GTN 750 do you have?

      F1 or RXP..

    3. johncott


      Thanks for getting back to me. If these mods are for the GTN 750 series only, I do not have the GTN 750. Sorry to bother you if that the case. 

  4. Bill from Lionheart has put a lot of work into this plane. I do not have MSFS, but have been following the TB 21 progress on his Facebook page. Like a lot of developers, Bill was working with a SDK that is a work in progress and also learning new development software. I would recommend that you contact Bill with your issues, I have contacted him in the past for some of his previous FSX and P3D planes and he has always been very thankful for the input and solutions I have given him.
  5. Looks like they forgot to add a flatten to the airport background. This could be for two reasons, they forgot or did it on purpose for some reason, to eliminate a plateau for example. I would recommend that you let LM know on their forums so they can fix it. You can use ADE from Scruffyduck and created a new background yourself. Here are the coordinates extracted form the default CVX file for the background for KTEX, elevation 9070 feet. -107.89600610733032 37.95010328292847 -107.89514064788818 37.95295715332031 -107.90061235427856 37.954164147377014 -107.90124893188477 37.95596122741699 -107.90354490280151 37.95646011829376 -107.90456771850586 37.95394420623779 -107.92182683944702 37.95775294303894 -107.92260646820068 37.95543551445007 -107.89600610733032 37.95010328292847
  6. You can force HDR on without EA enabled by changing the Prepar3D.cfg file in the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V5. Change HDR=0 to HDR=1 using notepad. Always backup your original files before changing them just in case something goes wrong.
  7. Which planes are you referring to? Any plane with a GNS 530 will give you a DME readout when you tune the VOR/DME or DME. The basic aircraft like the Tri-Pacer or the Tomahawk do not have any DME gauges or GNS 530 but most of the other ones do.
  8. Carenado and Alabeo are partner companies that create flight sim planes, I think they have moved everything to the Carenado brand now. This is long know issue in various Alabeo aircraft and far a I know it’s hard coded into the model and can only be fixed by Carenado/Alabeo. They finally got the ADF card issue fixed in some later Alabeo planes but never went back and fix the Issue in older planes. If you really need the 340 to 360 ADF range then you can create a 2D pop up ADF window using the default Cessna 172 ADF gauge.
  9. P3DV5.x advantages Upgraded a lot of airports. Deleted old abandoned ones, added new ones and updated and still updating existing ones with each update. Added Enhanced atmospherics (EA) (TrueSky). Still needs work in my opinion, but improving with each update. For example, cockpits to dark with EA on. ORBX - I went from FSX-SE to P3D V5.x. All my ORBX add-ons worked ok with free updates. My ORBX products include all the open LC, base Pack, and vector products. P3DV5.x does have its own vector data. I found it had issues at first, looks like it's getting better but still needs some work. Aircraft - All of my flying is General Avaition. All of my Carenado, Just Flight, Lionheart Creations and other pay ware planes worked ok. Carenado just needed a free update available on their website. Just Flight updated their planes. The Lionheart Creations planes worked ok except for the Quest Kodiak which had a minor issue. A simple edit to the the aircraft.cfg fixed that. Milviz still does not have their planes working. Weather Engine - P3DV5 does not have a live weather feature and you will need a 3rd party weather engine if you want live weather. I use Pilot's FSGRW and had to buy a new version. I'm not sure if Active Sky is offering a free update or a discount for a owning a previous version. Stability - I started with P3DV5HF1 and now using P3DV5.1HF1. When flying, P3DV5 has been very stable for me. If I do get a CTD, It usually happens when selecting a plane before I fly or if I save a flight with a 2D window open.
  10. Yes with most airports. Better with default elevation mesh but still somewhat noticeable. I use FreeMeshX and this definitely makes the elevation table top issue more noticeable. Do not have a fix, I just live with it. Are you using any elevation mesh scenery?
  11. Microsoft and Asobo have made so much money from MSFS that they decide to pave the streets with it.
  12. Yes, I have been flying in Europe for the last three months and the seasons did change. I have the ORBX global series of products, open land class and vector. I do not have the TrueEarth series and I thought I read somewhere the TrueEarth series didn’t have seasons. The only thing I was missing from previous versions of ORBX vector was the ice in the winter on lakes and rivers in cold climates. Was able to copy the associated Ice.bgl files from my FSX ORBX install and created a scenery folder and copied the ice.bgl files into that folder and added in the scenery config in P3DV5 and now I have ice in the winter. Just testing it right now and it works ok so far.
  13. I went from FSX to P3D5 and most of my aircraft worked ok with free updates from the respective vendors. They only one so far that I'm still waiting for is Milviz to update their planes.
  14. For me it was a main selling feature. We all have different interest in what we do with a flight sim and what is important to them. It would also depend on what type of flying you're doing and your budget. I do a lot of low and slow flying touring various areas of the world and land at a lot of airports. I Usually land at an airport once or twice and that's it, why would I spend a lot of money on individual airports if I'm only going to go there once?
  15. For sure, looks like it’s a work in progress. Still haven’t updated my LittleNavMap data base to 5.1 and notice differences already in 5.1 from 5.0 HF2 at certain airports. LOWW for example where I landed today.
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