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  1. Here is one of similar nature in Quebec, Canada, The Casey emergency airstrip. Coordinates 47.93616°N 74.09182°W. This one is still used for fly-ins and camping. To get there on MSFS. take off from CYPP and fly 21 NM straight east. 90 degrees True or 104 degrees magnetic. CSU5 is closer but the whole airport is covered with a building and you plane will be sitting on the roof. Casey Emergency Airstrip - Wikipedia John C.
  2. Checked with LNM and ADE, CYYC is located in scenery folder 201 and the files are the 17130 series of bgl's. John C.
  3. I'm not sure how FSS does it airports. As you mentioned, you tried changing the elevations using ADE. This will not do anything to the default airport background. The default backgrounds are separate from the default airports. I'm assuming FSS CYYC has its own background and the default background is at a higher elevation and above the FSS CYYC airport creating the issues you're having. I would open the default CYYC using ADE to remove the default background and after you compile the default airport, keep only the "CYYC_ADEP5_XXX_CVX.bgl" file. if you still have issues, I would also uninstall the FSS CYYC and remove any traces of manually. Also if you tried any elevation changes with ADE, then remove these from the "Scenery/World/scenery" folder in the main P3DV5 folder. If you need more instructions using ADE, let me know. John C.
  4. First of all, I do not have the FSimstudios CYYC or any of their products. Just providing a generic solution. Looks like the default airport background is not being removed properly. Did you reinstall the FSimstudios CYYC airport or just move folders from you old computer to your new one? If you just moved the folders from one computer to the other, you may have to reinstall the CYYC airport which would set everything up properly. If you have done this let, then I have other solutions. John C.
  5. I'm still using my CH Products Yoke and Rudder pedals that I purchased in 2009. The only thing I've had to do is tighten the wire terminals on all the pots in the yoke. I also mess around a lot with scenery design as well as some gauge programming and I'm still using my trusty Texas Instruments TI-66 Programmable calculator that I purchased in 1984 for most of the math. I have newer calculators, but still prefer this one. John C.
  6. I think it depends where you're flying and what add-ons you have. The default vector data has issues in the Canadian Artic and Canadian North where I like to fly in the summer. Also around my home airport in Alberta some major rivers are missing water. That is why I use ORBX vector with my fix and FreemeshX. ORBX vector in not perfect either. For example, a section of the Yukon River in Alaska is missing water. There are some other issues as well. I have also made fixes for these but have not uploaded them yet. John C.
  7. I have not tried my fixed in P3DV6. I did check the file structure in V6 and it has the same issues that V5 had with the excludes and airport backgrounds. So in theory it should work. I do not have an install procedure on how to install my fixed into V6. Maybe some other users may be able to provide feedback and how they installed my Fix into V6. John C.
  8. Good day Every 3 to 6 months this item comes up. and I reply with the same answer. To use ORBX Vector or not? In summary, I use ORBX vector because the default vector data has issues in the areas where I do a lot of my flying. LM changed how airport backgrounds were disabled in P3DV5. ORBX did a quick fix by just making 9 large files that cover the whole world to excluded the default vector scenery items. These files take a long time to load and will cause delays in loading the sim when started, the Flight planner taking a long time to load, zooming out with GPS units and long stutters when flying. I created a fix to exclude the default vector scenery using smaller files improving loading times and is available in the AVSIM library here: AVSIM Library. Here is a link from a previous post on the subject with more information: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/630035-vector-in-p3dv53/ If you try my fix, any feedback is appreciated. Regards John C.
  9. If you have ORBX install and the scenery polys not showing up in the right place is usually caused by ORBX and the sim not being sync'd. Have you tried syncing the ORBX scenery under help section in the settings in ORBX central. The setting is called Sync Simulator. Far as the elevation issues, not sure what the cause is. John C.
  10. Hi Roland, The setting I think you're looking for is the eyepoint setting in the [Views] section of the aircraft.cfg file. Make sure you backup any original files before changing. The default setting looks like this: [Views] eyepoint= -9.8, -0.9, 1.53 The first number is the longitudinal location relative to the datum reference point - will move eyepoint position forwards or backwards The second number is the lateral location relative to the datum reference point - will move the eyepoint position left or right The third number is the vertical location relative to the datum reference point - will move the the eyepoint position up or down Here are the settings is used for the CT206H if you want to give them a try. [Views] eyepoint= -9.6, -0.9, 1.58 I hope this helps. Regards John C.
  11. I tried a few of the FS2004 mesh files from Simviation and had no issues downloading them. I got a couple of warnings the files are on an insecure site with the choice to keep them or not. This is the same message I get when I download files from AVSIM or FlightSim.com. Never had an issue with any of the files I have downloaded in the past from any of these sites. John C.
  12. Looked into this. According to Skyvector KBBG airport's activation date was 2008 and actually opened in May of 2009. Also checked in Google Earth and the airport shows up in 2008/2009. I do not have P3DV4. I jumped from FSX to P3DV5. FSX which came out in 2006 will not have KBBG. P3DV5 does have KBBG. Since P3D was base on Microsoft's ESP and ESP was based on FSX, that is probably why the airport was missing until P3DV5 when LM decided to review the airport database and add it. There is a FSX version in the AVSIM library not sure what it would take to convert it to P3DV4, probably ADE (Airport Design Editor). John C.
  13. For me, using P3DV5, the ORBX Global land class series of add-ons including vector is a necessity. In western Canada where I do a lot of my sim flying, the ORBX products looks more like what I expect to see in real life. The default scenery does not look that real to me. I also use ORBX vector, because major rivers are missing in the default vector data for the area near my home airport. Did some flying with the vanilla P3DV6 and it seems to use the similar land class tiles and vector data as the default V5 with the same issues that I mentioned. I have not installed ORBX into P3DV6 yet, waiting to see if and when ORBX central works with P3DV6. What looks better may depend on the area of the world you're flying in. I've also see some post about lighting and the default scenery may work better with the P3DV6 lighting engine.
  14. Checked KLAS in P3DV6 with just the default scenery and this is the way it is on my version. Basically this is caused by the flatten airport background that is used by P3D going back to the FSX days. Also checked Skyvector and in real life their are differences of 100 or more feet in elevation from one end of the each runway compared to the other end. Since the airport is flatten by the P3D engine, the runways and airport background will be flat and there will be elevation drop-offs at the edge of the airport. Furthermore I checked with google earth and confirmed runway from one end to the other elevation differences for KLAS. P3DV6 does have the ability to slope runways but with complicated airports like this with many taxiways the sloped runway features may not work that well. I also checked in P3DV5 where I still have ORBX vector, and global land class installed, but nothing specific for the KLAS area and it looks like the it also has elevation issues like you mention. I also fired up X-Plane 12 and, there was no sudden elevation changes or drop-offs at the edge of the airport. The altimeter indicated a gradual decrease or increase depending in the runway as I proceeded down the runway which is what would happen in real life. X-Plane does not use a flatten option for their runways and backgrounds and they just follow the terrain. John C.
  15. Thank you very much for the feedback. John C.
  16. Hi Dave, You're welcome. Thanks for your feedback. I only had one beta tester give it try and their feedback was positive and the results on my system were very good so I uploaded to the library. There has been nine new downloads since my post yesterday (went from 160 to 169). Hopefully I will get some more feedback. John C.
  17. No I have not, I have looked at the fire structure and it looks the same. I am waiting to see what ORBX does with Vector for P3DV6. I heard that ORBX is working on updates for V6. The key is how the exclude files are handled in P3DV6. If there are no changes with exclusions in V5 and V6 then my fix should work. If I remember right I think you tried my fix before and said it didn't help that much in V6? If you do give it a (another) try, I would appreciate your feedback. John C.
  18. My thoughts for those people mentioning longer loading times and performance issues with ORBX vector. Beginning with ORBX Vector for P3DV5, ORBX had to make some changes to their vector product. This was mainly due to how the airport backgrounds were handled in P3DV5. Before V5 ORBX vector used one excluded for each small area of the world to remove default vector data including water bodies, coastlines, road data, etc. LM (Lougheed Martin) changed how the airport backgrounds were handle in P3DV5 and using one exclude file also deleted the default airport backgrounds. What did ORBX do? They created 9 large world wide files to exclude the nine individual nine vector items: parks, railways, roads, shorelines, streams, traffic, utilities, water and water GPS vector data. As mentioned, the P3DV5 ORBX nine vector exclude files are large take a long time to load the vector data because they cover the whole world. Loading these large files can take a long time. This can cause long loading times on start-up. Also longer loading times for anything with a map like the flight planner and when zooming out on a GPS gauge. These larger files can also create long stutters when flying. What did I do, I created a fix call "Global_Default_Vector_Removal" available in the AVSIM library. This replaces the nine large ORBX vector files with smaller ones covering the whole earth with smaller files leading to faster loading times for the items I mentioned earlier. my main reason for creating my fix was the LM default water data in P3DV5 for rivers in my area where I do a lot of flying is missing. P3DV6 has the same issue. ORBX Vector does have the missing rivers. Other thoughts, ORBxXVector is not perfect, For example, part of the Yukon River is missing in Alaska, Grand Lake is missing in Ohio, some land is missing from Mansel Island at the top of Hudson Bay Canada. There are issues with coastlines and missing land around Bella Bella, British Columbia. I use FreeMeshX mesh data and I find ORBX vector and FreeMeshX works best together. This gives me the best result of any other combination of default vector data, ORBX vector data, FreeMeshX and default mesh especially in the Canadian North where I do a lot of flying. We all have our reasons for using a particular add-on depending where we fly or what type of flying we do. What may work for one person may not work for another. John C.
  19. It's a full download like it was in V5.X, not an incremental one. If your low on space on your C:\drive, I would recommend uninstalling the previous version, answering no to the license deactivation and installing the new version. Same as we did with version 5. make sure sure you chose the right directory. Tried installing from the auto installer when prompted when I started P3D6 and it downloaded ok, but the installed failed and my C:\ProgramData\Package Cache fill up my c:\drive. Looks like the auto installer in not deleting the old version from the package cache folder before installing the new version. please note the package cache on your c drive will store the install package regardless of which drive you pick for for your install. John C.
  20. This is a common problem across all of the three major sims, X-Plane, MSFS and P3D. So far, I have modified about about 700 smaller airstrips and added about 100 more in P3DV5 for my own use and have found various airports that are no longer in existence or in the wrong location, sometimes by many miles. Most of these airports I have modified are single runway strips with only one runway. The main issue, the runway in not aligned properly with the actual airport/airstrip in real life. I have all three sims installed on my computer and MSFS has so far has proven to have the best data and accurately located providing there is good satellite coverage. There is still the odd airstrip that disappeared long ago on Google Earth and MSFS tried to guess were it may be. Far as ICAO codes, X-Plane seems to have more errors than MSFS and P3D. P3D seems to be in the middle. Far as airport location and runway location accuracy, MSFS seems to be the best, then X-Plane and then P3D. Not trying to start Sim A vs Sim B Vs Sim C argument, just noting my observations from modifying and adding 100's of airports in P3DV5 and checking each airport in each sim on LNM and seeing the location and data. For example, yesterday I was working on P48 Pleasant Valley, Arizona and noticed on Google Earth that all the buildings and hangars disappeared on more recent satellite images, did a little research and found that the airport was closed down in 2022 when the lease on the land expired. The airport shows up in all three sims as active. Cheers, John C.
  21. Here you go. Pete & John Dowson's Software (fsuipc.com)
  22. I agree with most of what has been said in this post. My thoughts, I thought when they released the 5.4 update not to long ago that maybe V6 would be a new product from the ground up. Maybe the 5.4 update would be a final update to the old FSX/ESP engine to tie up any loose ends and V6 would be something new. That didn't happen. Will probably stay with 5.4 until at lease ORBX comes up with a ORBX Central installer for V6 for there Global Range of products. P3DV6 still has the same issues with the vector data where I live and in Northern Canada that version 5 had, missing rivers and water bodies, water body elevation issues in Northern Canada. In other words, still need ORBX vector and Freemesh X to make it look nice. I have to admit, I do like the fancy new runway lights in V6. Also there some more buildings with proper dimensions and in the right location in V6. Not enough IMHO to move everything over yet to V6.
  23. Hi Jay Did you disable the “ORBX!VECTOR_P3DV5_EXX” entry in the scenery config? This is the default vector large exclude files that my fix replaces. Just disable the “ORBX!VECTOR_P3DV5_EXX” entry, do not disable the “ORBX!VECTOR_P3DV5_OBJ” or the “ORBX!VECTOR_P3DV5_CVX” entries. Regards, John
  24. Thank you for you feedback, I have not purchased V6 yet as mentioned so not sure why there is a long loading time with my fix. All I can recommend is double checking how you installed my fix and making sure everything is alright.
  25. When ORBX upgraded Vector for P3DV5 they created some very large files to exclude existing default vector files instead of the smaller files that were used for P3DV4.X and FSX. These large files take a long time to load. They will cause issues with long loading times especially on start up and anything with a map including GPS units when zooming out and the flight planner. I found that the default vector data has some elevation and water body issues in the Canadian north where I do quite a bit of flying so I created a fix for it. My fix basically is just smaller exclude files for removing default vector data world wide. This is a link to the fix if you want to give it a try and keep using ORBX Vector. AVSIM Library I do not have P3DV6 yet, so you are on your own if you want to install my fix in P3DV6.
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