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  1. Little Nav Map will not show the active VATSIM control zones or FIRs. There are functions that allow you to see parts of FIRs or Centers but nothing that outlines the entire "CENTER" \The menu bar has ICAO, FIR, MOA's, Ctrs buttons but they do not/are not active or show with VATSIM. This is one feature that I use with FSC that is valuable to me and one of the reasons I keep using FSC even with P3Dv5. I also notice that with the current update to version 5.12.5 the taxiway markings are totally out of whack. Do not match most current addon's for airports. I do like the eye candy for LittleNavMap.
  2. I know its a year and a half since you posted this. But I am a newbie on this forum and thought I would respond. The reason there is NO repaints for Horizon Air in the E175 is because Alaska Airlines has more or less taking over Horizon. Or maybe its best to say they merged. However, Horizon as a call sign is still used. The best example is a true fact that some are not aware. As follows: When you see a E175 painted in the Alaska Airlines scheme, the call sign for that aircraft is actually HORIZON AIR with the designator with the ICAO code of QXE. The same goes for the E175 for example Delta Airlines. When the E175 has the Delta paint the aircraft call sign is actually "Brickyard" Or the E175 out west with American Airlines paint scheme. It goes by Envoy. So in short. There is NO "old" Horizon Air paint jobs for the E175. Hope this helps.
  3. Well, all your stuff looks good except for one thing. If your graphics card has 8GB of DDR5 as recommended by Lockheed Martin, then why do you run your settings at 2048? You have the capability of running 4096. Also with P3D your suppose to open up the frame rate, not lock it down. Put your slider to max on the frame rate. This isn't FSX so use what they have given you. They even tell you so on their web site. If you treat your P3D like FSX you will get blurries, stutters, combos of both or excessive lag time on the video card. There are some that will tell you otherwise. So be it. But try opening up your card to the full graphics capability and you may (MAY) see performance boost. PS- looking over your data info. You have most everything clamped down. Open up your Tesslation to max. Your Texture and mesh is way to clamped. open them up. If you look at your Orbx scenery PDF files they tell you where to set those sliders. yours are way to LEFT> Get them RIGHT. You have the equipment, Use it.
  4. To be exact, it was 1994 the the EC-130J was officially release for duty. Prior to that I was on the test flight team that flew the 130H. Yeah, your right. its not a J. But the designation for our 3 aircraft for testing was YEC-130J. Since your so wise to military I don't need to tell you what the "Y" is for. Testing and development for the J took 6 years. The new engines and prop systems were amazing. Every two weeks, new style of props which meant different configurations on a daily basis. But! Lots of power. More fun to be had until my medical retirement from flying which then lead to my service retirement. Why stick around if I couldn't fly any longer? I really don't need to explain this to you but since there are other readers that would like the "truth" instead of accusations, I thought I would pop in. Go ahead and ban me. Looks like you won't quit. Your like a democrap. fake news, fabricating facts and assuming everything without warranted facts. Oh! and check my post. I did quote your attacking me first with the GA comment. lol. Your assumption.
  5. Do what you must Scandinavian13. With the above quote you will see you are the one that set of the little verbal war. General Aviation? I understand you don't know me. But to "assume" based on you don't know me? You set me off. It seems HighByPass has the only comment worthy of discussion. He states his position without directing a personal attack such as you did Scandinavian. And guess what? He is right, more and more planes being developed without 2D. There are some still being made. However, like he stated none of us are getting younger. I retired from the military in 1992. I have over 14,000 military flying hours. Yes, I don't like change but it will happen whether I like it or not. My attempt here was to bring some healthy discussion into the panel situation to show that there may be other people out there in sim land that exclusively use 2D panels. Something to take with me to Las Vegas in June. I hope to see you there Scandinavian13. That will be enjoyable. Until then, do what you have to do. HighByPass? thank you for your reply to the discussion. Your point is well taken. Steve Wagner
  6. I use Firefox and P3Dv4.2. Never had any issues such as you described. With that said, I would check your compatability of your video card. Lockheed Martin recommend that for running P3Dv4.x you have at least 8 MB video ram. That is NOT to say you can't use less but the recommendation on their website is 8MG. Less than that and if trying to use P3D and Firefox at the same time might create some problems.
  7. It all boils down to one fact. There are flight simmers that still have a preference for 2D. For what ever reason it may be. This was suppose to be a discussion. Nothing wrong with discussion until people inject their own personal wishes and wants into what they perceive to be facts. With that said, I'll just close this out. Happy flying to you all.
  8. Nothing wrong with opinions coming in. And JPLS actually said to try something. That is a whole lot better than Scandinavian13 trying to impress us with his "mainline aircraft he's been in" LOL. I've been in a lot of airplanes also. And my piloting does not come from Gen Aviation. Most of it military. Scandinavian wants his ego pumped up because he has taken flights in a 737. Wow! did you have fun? When you get into the cockpit and fly military combat missions in a C-130J come talk to me young man. Its not an ideal seat for comfort. And something you fellows missed in my original post. We are dealing with computers. And as I stated, not everyone has the resources, funding or time to get some of the exciting cockpit simulators out there. A lot of people still juse a thrustmaster, a Microsoft Sidewinder, or Saitek stuff this is old. But they are still in use. By many which some of you think is a few. Since JPLS had common courtesy to not be degrading or try to flood me with "fake stats", I will probably check out his suggestions and if they work I will let many people know who currently use 2D. Thanks JPLS. To the rest of you, thanks for your opinion and input. For one of you, get real. Don't try to prove your point with the fact that you ride on aircraft. When you fly in an OV-1 over Korea on Christmas eve and your APR-25 is blasting you with radar hits one stage from "lock on" from North Korea, come talk to me.
  9. Sorry you feel the way you do. 2D is not a thing of the past. And "learn how to navigate the VC?" I have piloted aircraft since 1969. I don't have a problem navigating any cockpit. What you refuse to accept is that there are hundreds of people that still would rather have a 2D panel because of the equipment they use for flight sim. Not every one has the fancy dancy yokes, multiple monitors and/or 3d vision googles and glasses that some of the developers have put all their money on. And you saqy NGX is the only product line with 2D? Wrong Mr. downscc. Just Flight, iFly have active current aircraft and provide 2D panels. Additionally, Of all the people I fly online with, I can't think of a one that does not use the 2D panel when it is available. And then we come down to people with disabilities that for what ever reason, can't turn their head 90 degrees, can't rotate the view to see what they are suppose to click, push or pull in a time that is acceptable for "a precision approach?" There are also some people who have optical disabilities. And talking with them, They do not like to spend much time zooming in and out and adjusting the angle of view just to click one switch. They need a constant visible optic that they know is there for them to complete the main task of piloting the aircraft. Mr downscc, you may have the equipment to use the full strength of of 3d or VC cockpit. Thats fine. But there are many many many others who still prefer 2D. I am one. I would rather concentrate of the perfection of a flight versus the eye candy to achieve the same feat. The truth of the matter is in search for realism, eye candy is injected to produce your adrenal flow for your happiness. Now as for my cockpit experience since 1969, I tell you from fact my friend, some of the views that are produced by the use of a top-hat on a joystick or use of keyboard........ NONE and I mean NONE of those views have I ever experienced in a real cockpit. In a real cockpit, I can usually have full view of the ground surface, below that a full view of the instrument clusters, to my very low right with my head turned and chin a little down, I can see the radio or navigational panels, above and to the right and can see lighting, electrical. All in plain view without any effort. BUT IT IS NOT THE SAME looking with a monitor. And people know the difference. I have two developers why they opted to disregard 2D panels. Both of them told me the same thing. "in an effort to reduce the size of the add-on they chose to delete a 2D panel. One of them went on to say..... we also would have to incur additional cost by having a modern panel created from a 3rd party. (I take that as meaning they themselves can't create anything artistically). There is one more developer, which I will not state their name but will tell you they are a British developer that have received so many requests for 2D panels that they say they are consider putting 2D back into some of the models they have developed in the recent past. At any rate, thank you for your reply. And please, enjoy your VC. Stephen Wagner
  10. Does this aircraft have 2d panel?
  11. It is possible and used to be a reality in Microsoft versions (Original FSX). However, it is more efficient for 3rd party developers to supply what we need. In short, its all a matter of dollars and cents. Lockheed-Martin would have to jack up the price of their product if they also created a weather engine with the existing simulator. I too question your apprehensiveness about running a 3rd part weather engine. They are very detailed and accurate now. It is Christmas time. Tell Santa to give you a good weather program for P3D.
  12. badapple

    2D Panels

    Joe Fackel; Yes, iFly 737 and 747 have 2d, 3d or fully VC options in the config file. They cover the bases. The Level-D 767 that has been converted to P3D still has 2D panels. Just Flight L-1011 has option to use 2d or 3d panels. Yes, they are out there. And people still want them regardless if they seem to be old "90's" style. Some people just don't like all of that movement in the cockpit. Stephen W.
  13. badapple

    2D Panels

    The question becomes WHY? Why do you want to push the space bar and move around with your mouse, stop, then click or scroll whatever is required and on top of that be in a viewing mode that requres you to zoom in and out blah blah blah blah............ 2d solves all of that. click and enjoy. PS - I know VR is not a requirement of the 3d panel view. But I think this was the intent when some developers dropping 2d and only going 3d. 3d is VR ready so to speak.
  14. No sir. It will not work properly. If you had an FSX version and then updated with the free update on Flight1 website (version 1.50) it will work in P3D v3. The Level-D 767 will not work in P3dv4 because of the gauges. Don't get version 3.4 mixed up with version 4 of P3D. They are different. Steve
  15. badapple

    2D Panels

    Please! Some one tell me that this aircraft has 2d panel. If NOT then I will not buy. Some people just can't stand a 3d VC on their desktop. I suppose that the reason to desolve 2d is because every one is buying VR kits? I don't think so. Its just that some people enjoy working with a 2d panel.
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