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  1. MatzeH84

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Dear Rudi, concerning your statement regarding a dedicated support forum. First of all, I have no real issues with the 62, it's a magnificent addon in every regard. I already got in touch with Sean, discussing some ideas I have, and it turned out he is pretty much on the same alley. But not having a dedicated forum means : -building a busy community around the product is very difficult -user experience, mods and contributions are much harder to share -the same questions are asked over and over again because structured forum sections do not exist -much more work for dev and support team, as an experienced user could answer the same question as well -putting the support in an open forum like here is nearly useless, as the threads are lost in the forum structure after some time, and the knowledge is lost.. especially if within the thread the topics are all mixed. Take this thread for example - started as a release info, changed to praising/criticism and now used for support In my eyes nowadays a community support is a must. Vertx isn't even active on Facebook, which is quite unique, as nearly all other devs share latest updates there and use it for advertising, which works great. The only official way to get help is per email, which could work, if there was a team behind it - however is only Sean, who is busy with his own life, further development AND answering support questions which could be easily handled by a community forum.
  2. MatzeH84

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    Bought it today and made some circuits and two shorter test flights.. I am very impressed! But considering the overall quality, I really miss rain effects on the windshield and visible icing effects. That would make the immersion complete. The A2A rain effects are available for devs at no cost, I really hope Sean will consider it. Dynamic lighting and SID/STAR support in conjunction with the FSAerodata pack would make it perfect then.
  3. MatzeH84

    GPU upgrade- deactivation needed?

    Will do, thanks for the reminder!
  4. MatzeH84

    GPU upgrade- deactivation needed?

    Well that will also happen in the future, but for now it's plug and play.. sounds great! Many thanks for your reply.
  5. Hey guys, I'm using the NGX and the DC-6.. tomorrow I'm planning to upgrade my GPU, do I need to deactivate/ reactivate in this case, or will it just work plug and play?
  6. MatzeH84

    New version compatibility?

    Thanks, will try that!
  7. MatzeH84

    New version compatibility?

    Just testing, the usual key combo doesn't bring up the Fs2crewpanel.
  8. When choosing that FS2Crew controls the doors, the new door logic of SP1 (each door to be operated seperately) now makes FSCrew open the aft left door instead of the cargo doors- maybe you could have a look at his?
  9. MatzeH84

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Ah ok, I must confess that I only flew the RJ, but never bothered to fly the 146.. But that makes sense. Hopefully they can find an agreement to use the XLS again.
  10. MatzeH84

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    The Q doesn't use the XLS, but the far more capable Universal 1E FMS. The only other dev I know who also did a XLS was MilViz in their Boeing 737-200, but they too dropped it in P3Dv4, as the guy who programmed it also left. It also wasn't as good as the PMDG unit. And TFDI markets these tool specificly for other devs to use (liscensed of course), while the FMS's were always integral part of the whole aircraft.
  11. Funny enough, once I posted it, it currently works again, and the FO switched off the floods at 10k with the entry added. The last 5 flights when it didn't work I tried the F/O takeoff, but took control before finishing the climb check, maybe something got stuck there.. maybe there could be an internal reset logic once you state 'my controls'. I guess this was the culprit.
  12. The flood lights are set by the FO on ground, but are not touched while in the air. So he/she won't turn them off passing 20k, or back on in the descend. I added he entry because you stated: However, as there was no Lights10K entry before, I added it. Version installed is latest Maddog and your 1.5.
  13. Hey, I have the issue that my F/O doesn't set the flood lights anymore. It worked some versions of the MD before, but now the lights are set during the cockpit preparation flow, but not in flight. Here is what the INI file looks like.. maybe there's a hickup in there? [FS2CrewData] Accent=8 Volume=2 USBDevice=0 AES=1 Doors=1 GateDep=1 GateArr=1 PbUnits=1 PbDist=25 TA=100 TL=100 ArrElev=0 UGCX=1 VOICE=1 Lights10K=1 The last entry was added by me, however it makes no difference.. Best, Matthias
  14. MatzeH84

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Nevertheless I'm with Gabe here. I have the GTN in the Lear 35, in the Twin Otter, in my A2A GA fleet. What I expect from PMDG is a different approach. I will certainly not buy a J41 with a standard GPS unit capable of nothing. You have to keep in mind, the GTN dosn't come with the Jetstream, users who don't own the unit yet would still have to buy it! The XLS made the Jetstream unique, fun to fly, it was different, something new to learn. The use of the GTN makes it another addon which relies on a 3rd party addon to navigate properly.. sorry, but no. The XLS is not the most complex unit in the world, I guess PMDG would be able to re-do it.. if they wanted.. but from what I read they just want to port it with minimal effort. A pity. So the Q will stay the only true complex turboprop addon there is.
  15. MatzeH84

    Sound Issues

    Hey Bryan, I am afraid I can't be of any help soon. Due to work I'll be available for limited testing at the weekend earliest..