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  1. Double-click on the icon. 😉 I have set track IR to always run in admin mode, otherwise there is nothing I can think of. I had the same problem back when I still had FSX, but since P3Dv4 I could start it anytime and it worked.
  2. Works flawless here, regardless if started before or after the sim.. Be sure to update your game profile within the TIR software (upper right corner).
  3. How is a good question. I googled it and followed a YouTube tutorial. 🤣
  4. Regarding the fact that we talk about stock aircraft here, I am quite pleased at the lower end, and it gets worse the bigger the plane gets--in my personal opinion. Turboprops still are far from realistic when it comes to engine simulation, but also much better compared to a stock P3D/FSX plane. I flew around in the Diamonds and must say, for a stock aircraft, they behave pretty well. The navigation devices (GNS, G1000 etc) are very basic with no real improvements from P3D, except for synthetic vision and the wx radar. My conclusion is, they look great, sound good and fly well FOR A STOCK AIRCRAFT. But anyone looking for a highly detailed and accurate rendition will have to wait for developers to jump in. As it has always been in the sim business.
  5. I'm still amazed what has been achieved here. Sure, there are some things that annoy me. But it's the first release of a platform that will be the reference for years to come. What else looks so good, brings so many features and still runs that good? I went to PNG yesterday to check out some bush strips, and guess what.. the stock scenery already is nearly as good as a 20€ ORBX package. We have great live weather, accurate mesh and scenery EVERYWHERE, no need for extra shader programs, most airports are at the region-improved ORBX level (regions, not dedicated airports). We have live airliner traffic (what needed another addon before). We have icing, which only a few addons could deliver if it was custom coded, same for windshield rain effects. The stock sim already saves a ton on money here! Sure, there are things that really need to be improved. But even now in its very first iteration it's a VFR and Bush pilots wet dream. Not talking about airliners or the pretty bad, undockable GPS. Or the fact that you have to quit to the main menu to change your location, plane or route. Or the completely different key bindings. Sure, many areas need to and will be improved over time. But the base is absolutely fantastic. Just don't expect a sim that can deliver everything on day 1. No piece of software on the entertainment market ever did that.
  6. I felt the opposite. Install went well, nearly all input devices were detected and pre-configured (Ryan, they did that) and had a flawless 6 hour test run yesterday. But as you said - that should be the case for everyone.
  7. I didn't have any issue with my install, however after it was finished I wanted to have a look at the folder structure and was told I didn't have permissions/rights to do that (yes, just open the FS root directory). I took control later to do anything I want with the files on MY computer, but this felt completely unnecessary.. no rant though, just for information that those might happen and can be resolved easily with a few clicks.
  8. Glad you like them. After a PC change I still had to work my way through setting everything up again. I have a contact within Air Alliance, I can message him to see which livery is the latest for CFCF (there are different ones, I suppose the white livery with the ADAC colored nacelles is the most recent), and maybe I could try painting it next week. However, as I'm not an experienced painter, it could take some time to get it right. And when I'm on it, I'll likely fix the stripes on the dorsal fin on the Alliance liveries as well.
  9. I put the config through two different PSU calculators. Both state 400W is max usage, including 50W safety buffer. I now opted for a 600W, this should be sufficient. After reviewing many posts concerning the 3700X and flightsim, I ordered the AMD system. The money saved (opposed to getting the Intel) I invested in a better Mainboard, RAM, PSU and bigger M2 SSD. I acknowledge that Intel is still leading in single thread performance, but I am not going 4k, ultra high details etc anyway. Just want a good looking and smooth sim, nothing more. And the AMD just gives more performance per coin. Many thanks for your inputs!
  10. Interesting, many thanks. Seems the AMD isn't a wrong choice..
  11. To start off.. here is what I am running with today: CPU: i7 2600k, oc'd to 4,3GHz. Running stable like this for 8 years now. Cooler: Scythe Mugen CPU cooler RAM: 8GB Corsair XMS3 Dominator Mainboard: Gigabyte Z68X UD4-B3 PSU: Corsair TX750M GPU: Gigabyte GTX1070 SSD: Samsung 750EVO SSD (system) HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB for the sim, and another 1TB for games. As said, the core system is getting 8,5 years by now. Which speaks for the components. Right now I am looking for a new system. Maximum is 1200€, but lesser is better. I have made out 2 options at this time. 1: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 Mainboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max RAM: 32GB G.Skill RipJaws V 3200 PSU: 500W beQuiet! PurePower CM Modular 80+ Gold Case: Corsair Carbide 275R SSD1: 1TB Crucial MX500 for games SSD2: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 for the sim Current 250GB SSD will be kept for windows. The current 1070 will be kept and may be upgraded at some point later. Total cost (parts only): 1007€ 2: CPU: i7 9700KF Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 Mainboard: MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC RAM: 32GB G.Skill RipJaws V 3200 PSU: 500W beQuiet! PurePower CM Modular 80+ Gold Case: Corsair Carbide 275R SSD1: 1TB Crucial MX500 for games SSD2: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 for the sim Current 250GB SSD will be kept for windows. The current 1070 will be kept and may be upgraded at some point later. Total costs (parts only): 1180€ Personally, I am a long-term Intel supporter. However, I found that the current AMD generation gives far more value for the money. And I am happy to trade 5FPS for 100€. What do you think about the systems, or do you have other suggestions?
  12. I use the original file and adjusted the fuel bias to 23%, and the drag bias to -4,3%.. looks quite good, at least on short- to midrange flights.
  13. I'd consider myself as a Noob in painting, so for me it's usually many hours until the outcome comes even close to what I expect to see on the model. So I can feel your pain 😉 As said before, import a similar livery as a new layer, and make it half transparent. This way you have a great helper in the background. And I second the suggestion to use MCX- I really saves a LOT of time! Once thing that is really nasty (at least for me) is when certain parts are getting distorted/ torn/ spread (I guess you know what I mean) on the model. For example the small part above the tail fin, the area around the front landing gear door, or generally the belly and roof textures. So you actually have to paint a curved something to make it appear straight. So what degree you have to distort it when painting.. you can only try. I hate that part. I am currently painting a med livery for my VA, and getting totally mad to get some belly textures matched with the side textures (the checkered paint). Some paintkits offer helper lines for such problems (like the Aerosoft Twotter for example), but most do not. SO for me it's trial and error, a lot of swearing and a lot of coffee to tget it done 😉 BTW: I am saving the textures as DXT1 no alpha via DXTbmp, would there be any reason to make that DXT5? AFAIK the alpha isn't needed anymore with PBR in place..
  14. Today I completed the next German fleetpack.. this time for Jet Executive International, who operate four Lear 35A (and one 55) as an international air ambulance service. They are based in Dusseldorf (EDDL) and Munich (EDDM), however they are flying all over the world, including Asia, Africa and North America. A pilot of them has a small youtube channel, where you can watch some landings or takeoffs at interesting and exotic destinations. Yes, the grey stripe indeed is interrupted by the front landing gear doors.. looks a bit strange, but that's how they did it. As the original aircraft have the Avcon fins, I had to get a bit reative with the tail to match the single fin.. also, the logo on the vertical stab should be bigger, stretching over the rudder surface, however this is not possible as the rudder uses one single texture which is mirrored.. looks good nonetheless! Features some small details like the different registration font on the D-CGRC, blue or white antennas on the vertical tail and white/ black noses, all what I could find on latest pictures. File is currently uploading on Avsim, download ID 376632, Jet Executive fleetpack. Have fun!
  15. Ok, just landed and made sure everything was shut down properly, and it indeed seems I missed to switch the gens to off out of bad habit. Once off, the external objects display properly- once gens are on, they are removed. Thanks Al for the heads-up. This was on my end. Good to see it's reproducable. My workaround for now is to first load the fuel, then the pax, so I get a valid readout.
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