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  1. I had this issue once where I installed a non P3D ready scenery using the migration tool. Before was fine, happened after installation. I had to do a reinstall to fix this. Have you installed any scenery thats not P3D ready?
  2. haha!!... you're the lucky few.. my wife takes the mickey out of me. She laughs at my 'silly hat' whenever I wear it for trackir I try to get her involved and interested... if I do a long haul flight, she can be the air hostess and bring the captain drinks. Since 911 I keep the door locked and issue a different knock code if she needs to come in.... and just on short finals is when she will start talking, "What shall we do for Christmas?"..
  3. I call it the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).... all product reviews should include this.... for example: KPSP Palm Springs Graphics 10/10 Build Quality 10/10 Compatibility 8/10 Replay Value 10/10 WAF 8/10
  4. Very interesting.. would love to see more pics or/and a video!
  5. I actually think that shimmering lights are realistic as you would see in the real world. The lights from a distance would flicker as they are refracted though the polluted atmosphere
  6. Good to see Tim is on it. REX4 is crucial if you have P3D 2 IMO
  7. Yes, I have this enabled and my cockpit zoom set at 0.60
  8. On my modest machine, have an old i7 920@ 3.2ghz, but quite a nice GPU, the EVGA Superclocked GTX680. I notice a nice improvement in fps. Only before I installed this patch, the same flight, I was getting a drop into the teens for fps, now they pretty much stay around 25 I think its a bug that we have to live with (for now I guess)... I don't see it much and don't create too much of a distraction for me. Im more concerned with the spinning clouds that still exist. I think there is an improvement with the shadows for sure with this latest version. When I patched from 2.2 to 2.3, I was disappointed that the shadows didn't look as prominent. But thats back now, fist thing I noticed. I don't really see what you're seeing to be honest. The main thing for me, is that I can enjoy this sim again. But everyone is different and have different expectations. But I think it all depends on what your zoom level is to wether you set wide aspect or normal view. I do most of my flying in the cockpit and have my zoom level set at 0.60. When you switch to external and zoom out to anything greater, then you are bound to see this 'fish eye' look to the sim. Thanks for your comments and feedback though I have all shadows enabled, cast and receive
  9. Im using Opus weather engine with its built in dynamic head movement. Very easy to set up Thanks John
  10. I updated from the patch and found no issues at all. All updated smoothly Must say, I am impressed with the improvements LM have made here. Performance is much better as does everything looks sharper. With the shadows now fixed, looks even more immersive than ever. This video was taken over Portland, so there was quite a bit of autogen around. With all my graphic sliders far right and with shadows enabled I have frames set at 25fps. The counter hardly dips as you can see from 2:16 into this video. Using Opus to generate the weather, there was a fair amount of cloud cover. Very happy with LM and their improvements
  11. Rob Newman from Orbx has found and posted this tweak. Looks really interesting. Here's the original quote from Rob and link to forum post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/84653-p3d-autogen-treenight-lighting-view-distance/ Hi all... I adopted P3D back at the 2.2 stage and have been a very happy camper since then... But one thing that always bugged me a little was how the autogen buildings were always visible from much further away than the trees (and subsequently, the Orbx Night Lighting). After some experimenting however, I appear to have found (what to some may be quite obvious!) a solution that works for me. Basically, the LOD_Radius in P3D no longer applies to trees it would seem. The Autogen trees have been completely separated from the buildings and now obey the rules of an entirely different setting line in the config files. These settings are not found in the P3D menu, and have to be adjusted by hand in the prepar3d.cfg file. Open up the prepar3d.cfg file (in my case, C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\prepar3d.cfg) and look for the following lines in the [sCENERY] section: AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=9500.000000 AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=2500.000000 Adjust the number how you like, but for me, I prefer: AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=12000.000000 AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=6500.000000 This gives me trees that appear at the same distance as buildings (the 12000.000000 setting) but still can thin themselves out in the far distance to help frames and VAS usage. It's worth noting, entering anything higher than 12000.000000 is pointless, as this is the highest setting and it will automatically reset to this number if you do try higher. As for how 12000.000000 (for the trees) equates to 6.5 (for the maximum lod radius), I'm not sure... I'm guessing that LM uses nautical miles for LOD radius and kilometers for tree draw disdtance Anyway, applying this adjustment gave me trees as far as buildings, at much higher distances, and had the knock on effect of increasing the night lighting view distance to a very respectable level too. Remember, you can't get something for nothing, so VAS usage will be higher, but if like me you just want your buildings and trees to match, then this might be your answer
  12. Wow, that is a very impressive shot. The haze/fog looks so real.. and I know what you mean how the HDR interacts with the environment, weather, time of day. Every flight is a unique experience and not knowing what weather you will get makes all the more exciting. Would love to see more shots pls
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