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  1. I had this issue once where I installed a non P3D ready scenery using the migration tool. Before was fine, happened after installation. I had to do a reinstall to fix this. Have you installed any scenery thats not P3D ready?
  2. haha!!... you're the lucky few.. my wife takes the mickey out of me. She laughs at my 'silly hat' whenever I wear it for trackir I try to get her involved and interested... if I do a long haul flight, she can be the air hostess and bring the captain drinks. Since 911 I keep the door locked and issue a different knock code if she needs to come in.... and just on short finals is when she will start talking, "What shall we do for Christmas?"..
  3. I call it the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).... all product reviews should include this.... for example: KPSP Palm Springs Graphics 10/10 Build Quality 10/10 Compatibility 8/10 Replay Value 10/10 WAF 8/10
  4. Very interesting.. would love to see more pics or/and a video!
  5. Mine is default the same as yours too GROUND_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 CLOUD_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=512 Hmm maybe this is irrelevant then ​Thanks for looking though John
  6. These are the two additional lines that have been added to the config since 2.3 GROUND_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 CLOUD_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=1024 My cloud shadow has a default value of 512. I guess less pixels to render in the shadows gives the improved performance
  7. I wonder if it has anything to do with the shadow map count thing LM introduced to the config? This was not tweakable before on 2.2. Cloud shadows I think defaulted to 2048. In order to improve performance, cloud shadows are now 512 in the config. Can be adjusted, so might give this a try later. Those who are not seeing this issue, please check your config to see if your shadows are 2048 or 512 as to those who DO have this issue Would be interesting to find out if this could be the case
  8. I have never had this issue up until latest build 2.3. I do use trackIR but in the video, I am showing the issue with trackIR disabled and panning with the mouse and space bar in spot view
  9. I mostly do all my flying from inside the VC... If you see most of my videos, they are 95% in the VC. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH3Cfp6sBorkqnAqGnCrz0A But it was from the VC and panning with trackIR I noticed the cloud shadow popping issue. I did the video from spot mode to better show the problem. But, if you're saying why don't you just fly from inside the VC... That kinda defeats the object from having the spot camera view. Thanks for all your comments guys
  10. Hmm, wonder if there's a tweak to render particular objects that are not in view
  11. Assumption it only was. Kinda makes sense. Its more obvious if you are in spot mode and panning. But when in the VC, its not so apparent. Thanks for your help and comments guys
  12. What I did notice before I saw this issue was the lack of cloud shadows in general viewing/flight. Only when I pan my head/viewpoint with trackir or no trackir, the shadows appear. Overall, the performance increase is great with 2.3, but these issues are really disappointing to the fact I would rather roll back to 2.2 until a fix can be made from LM
  13. Posting this here as well as will be posting this on the Lockheed Martin support. Has anyone else experienced this with cloud shadows in 2.3? First I noticed the lack of shadows, or apparent shadows in 2.3... but then noticed this bug. As you can see clearly in the video, when I pan slightly, it causes the shadows to switch on and off. Its a real immersion killer that also distracts. Please see the video below for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeWSZjKGBAg
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