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  1. Do you run FTX Global or FTX vector?
  2. breakwin

    "flash" after changing view in P3D.

    Try turning HDR off
  3. Thanks for your answers guys My addons are Ftx global and Vector aswell as rex 4 Thats about it, except things like fsuipc and AXE. Ive done zero tweaking.. and ive desperately tried changing every setting in p3d with no avail. Funny you say that TrafficPilot. These are the only scenery addons i have. However I can't stand the default scenery/terrain. I will try removing ftxglobal/vector this weekend. What add-ons do you guys recommend instead of ftx?
  4. Thanks for your reply however, still the same problem :/ I lowered all three slider to the density and the draw distance is still really bad
  5. Hey! i'm having some serious render problems in p3d 2.4. I spent the entire day trying to fix this but with no luck. I've tried changing FFTF and Lod_radius to all kinds of numbers but none of them do anything for me. As you can see there's a clear line where it stops rendering autogen and terrain. As my aircraft moves forward the "line" moves forward aswell. It's like there's a huge bubble around my plane, and outside of this bubble it doesnt render anything. This is really annoying. Any ideas?