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  1. Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    thanks for the info.
  2. Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    I have never assigned anything using FSUIPC since I've always felt it would be a rather complicated job due to my lack of experience in this matter. Does anyone know if there are any tutorial videos out there that explain the process of assigning all the various buttons, rudder, brakes, etc.? Thanks
  3. Freeze! Cold Weather Operations, Part 1

    Simon A very good and comprehensive article as usual. Bests
  4. Fsimstudios- Calgary International

    Their website tells you it is compatible with v4. Performance wise is fine and the scenery is good enough for me, not bothered if taxiways, etc not covered in snow in winter time.
  5. Fsimstudios- Calgary International

    Please disregard. It is compatible with P3Dv4. Apologies.
  6. Thinking of buying this scenery. Does anyone know if this scenery works in P3Dv4? Thanks
  7. Aircraft sounds stop

    Yesterday I wiped the HD and did a clean reinstall of the OS (Win7 64) and of P3D v4.2 then all the PMDG aircraft I have (737, 747 & 777) and all is now working perfectly. Not sure what the issue was but since I have full images of the OS with all latest updates it didn't take too long to rebuild and install P3D (all my sceneries bar Orbx are installed outside P3D folder on a separate drive). A fellow simmer did mention to me that the current version of FSUIPC was causing issues on v4.2 and suggested I revert to version 5.122, which I did on this rebuild. Thanks for the support. regards
  8. Aircraft sounds stop

    Hi Kyle Sounds are correctly set up in windows and P3D v4.2 - If I chose a PMDG 737 the sounds work OK but the front wheels don't respond and on the 747 all works except I get no sound. I guess this has something to do with the latest version of the sim. Had been thinking of a new clean reinstall of Windows and sim, so perhaps this is the right time to do it. Thanks for replying. regards
  9. Aircraft sounds stop

    Yes I have Dave, but no joy, thanks for replying. regards
  10. Have updated P3Dv4 to 4.2 and also the latest fix via the Ops centre. However when I load the aircraft to the scenery in cold & dark I can hear the default outside sound and some VC default background sound but shortly after all sound dies and cannot hear any sounds during start-up procedures, including engine sounds, etc. Should I reinstall all the PMDG aircraft and if so, are there full installers available for this 4.2 version? thanks
  11. Live ATC Chatter

    Well Paul you know what they say...Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today. You will enjoy Vatsim and will have no regrets.
  12. PTA + Reshade

    Thank you all for the feedback, I'm going to try and disable Reshade and only use PTA and see if there is big difference in fps, etc. Update I have removed Reshade completely and was pleasantly surprised by the immediate increase in FPS. Tested it UK2000 EGLL with ASv4 and PMDG 747. Not vvery long ago did a flight from this airport on Vatsim with same type aircraft and similar weather and barely got 21fps in the VC. Now after removing Reshade VC fps with unlimited setting 32fps and up and outside 45+ fps. It appears that Symbol's advice was correct at least in my case. All I need now is a decent PTA profile that gives some real life vivid colour and contrast. Best regards.
  13. PTA + Reshade

    Currently running P3D v4 with PTA and Reshade. Not being an expert in matters relating to this subject would like to know if the visual effects of PTA + Reshade can be accomplished by PTA only, and if reshade can affect frame rates in a big way. Using 3rd Party sceneries like UK2000 and the like with a PMDG aircraft my fps are in the region between 20 & 25 fps. Would appreciate some feedback before I try and mess around with the current set-up. Thanks
  14. LorbyLiveTraffic V4 - Error Message

    Very thankful for the new version installer which is working great. Not too worried about following AI. best regards
  15. LorbyLiveTraffic V4 - Error Message

    email sent to you. Thanks