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  1. ideoplastic

    New airport from Flightbeam

  2. ideoplastic

    Looks like Steam for P3D - SimStall Announced

    Having to reinstall everything is a long and tedious task and when P3Dv4.2 came out decided to change the way I would tackle this issue. Did a clean OS install and all relevant Microsoft updates, then installed P3D and all the payware aircraft and proceeded to create an image of the whole thing, i.e. OS and P3D. If at some point something goes wrong I can easily restore the PC with the image in less than an hour. Also have made sure that all my installed sceneries are on a separate drive and need not be disturbed. If P3D is on a drive other than C:\ follow the above but then create an image for P3D separately after making the C:\ image. After rebuild just install any other programs you need.
  3. Error: No flight plan was found on the server. - Could this be related to Vatsim server or vpilot? Posting this just in case. regards
  4. ideoplastic

    Latin VFR KMIA P3Dv4.2

    This scenery has been working well but suddenly and for some unknown reason some of the terminal buildings are missing. I've removed it and reinstalled it and used the xml method and also tried by adding the scenery to the scenery.cfg, in either case buildings, etc missing. The executables are LatinVFR_KMIA_P3Dv4_4.1.exe and LatinVFR_KMIA_P3Dv4_4.1patch.exe, installation with or without the patch still give same results. Have tried to post on their forum after login but apparently I'm not allowed to post. A bit weird. Would welcome some feedback from anyone who has experienced this issue and has managed to fix it. thanks
  5. I've installed it and I'm very happy with it. I've had two rare opportunities to fly on jump seat in the cabin and the flight deck sounds (excluding switches sounds) are spot on. The outside sounds seem more realistic because as you pan from front to back of aircraft they change nicely to I would consider more realistic (just a guess). However this install has caused a minor issue and that is that I no longer can hear any ground staff & push back sounds. Would be grateful if anyone knows how to fix this. .
  6. ideoplastic

    Severe fps drops while approaching KBOS

    During a recent KBOS Vatsim event my experience was awful, just before entering the scenery area fps were locked 25, when entering the scenry fps began to reduce and by the time I landed it was like 7fps and had to disconnect because it beacame a slideshow. Textures 1024 - AA MSAAx2 - Tex filtering x2 - Water detail low - Radius detail High - Tesselation Medium - Mesh 5m - Textures 1m - Scenery complexity Dense - Autogen Draw Distance Medium - Autogen vegetation Normal - Autogen Buildings Normal. - Special effects medium. Orbx FTX and American Landclass, FlyTampa KBOS, AS P3D 4.2, PMDG 747 - Rex Sky force for sky textures and clouds at 512. Matt Davies latest PTA version and his latest preset. Afterwards I placed PMDG 747 at the airport with clear skies and the max fps were between 19 and 22 fps. Possible that my PC is no longer able to run all the above with reasonable results.
  7. ideoplastic

    Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    I have been using Process Lasso for a few years and when P3D v4 came out contacted the developer asking his advice on what settings in his opinion I should use for the sim. His reply was that to just use default settings. I have to admit I was surprised by his advice but to date all is running well and haven't had any issues issues. For what is worth.
  8. ideoplastic

    Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    thanks for the info.
  9. ideoplastic

    Benefits to assigning controllers through FSUIPC?

    I have never assigned anything using FSUIPC since I've always felt it would be a rather complicated job due to my lack of experience in this matter. Does anyone know if there are any tutorial videos out there that explain the process of assigning all the various buttons, rudder, brakes, etc.? Thanks
  10. ideoplastic

    Freeze! Cold Weather Operations, Part 1

    Simon A very good and comprehensive article as usual. Bests
  11. ideoplastic

    Fsimstudios- Calgary International

    Their website tells you it is compatible with v4. Performance wise is fine and the scenery is good enough for me, not bothered if taxiways, etc not covered in snow in winter time.
  12. ideoplastic

    Fsimstudios- Calgary International

    Please disregard. It is compatible with P3Dv4. Apologies.
  13. Thinking of buying this scenery. Does anyone know if this scenery works in P3Dv4? Thanks
  14. ideoplastic

    Aircraft sounds stop

    Yesterday I wiped the HD and did a clean reinstall of the OS (Win7 64) and of P3D v4.2 then all the PMDG aircraft I have (737, 747 & 777) and all is now working perfectly. Not sure what the issue was but since I have full images of the OS with all latest updates it didn't take too long to rebuild and install P3D (all my sceneries bar Orbx are installed outside P3D folder on a separate drive). A fellow simmer did mention to me that the current version of FSUIPC was causing issues on v4.2 and suggested I revert to version 5.122, which I did on this rebuild. Thanks for the support. regards
  15. ideoplastic

    Aircraft sounds stop

    Hi Kyle Sounds are correctly set up in windows and P3D v4.2 - If I chose a PMDG 737 the sounds work OK but the front wheels don't respond and on the 747 all works except I get no sound. I guess this has something to do with the latest version of the sim. Had been thinking of a new clean reinstall of Windows and sim, so perhaps this is the right time to do it. Thanks for replying. regards