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  1. ideoplastic

    Desktop Speakers

    Hi Bill, Had a look at them but they don't have a sub-woofer. Based on your experience do they handle low bass OK? regards
  2. ideoplastic

    Desktop Speakers

    Klipsch is an obvious contender but unfortunately unable to find one here, Amazon used to sell the 2.1 but no longer available. Shame.
  3. ideoplastic

    Desktop Speakers

    Looking to buy desktop speakers for P3D of reasonable good quality. Would appreciate your feedback/recommendations that are available in the UK market. Primary role for the speakers is to reproduce as accurately as possible various aircraft sounds. regards
  4. ideoplastic

    Spanish and italian vfr sceneries maybe??

    I works fine in P3Dv4.4 and the quality is excellent. As far as I know there is no autogen that in my case is not an issue because most of the time I fly heavies.
  5. ideoplastic

    Spanish and italian vfr sceneries maybe??

    For Italy Photoreal here is an excellent source.
  6. ideoplastic

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    I recently did a clean reinstall of v4.4 and ORBX (FTX, Vectors, All available landclass, All North American regions, All European Regions, Australia and NZ plus all the many airports for all the previously mentioned regions. Easy? Well yes FTX Central managed all downloads but it took a hell of a long time to get it all installed. Ideally perhaps Orbx ought to create ready made editable xmls so that we can transfer all the files out of the sim without having to re-download everything. regards
  7. ideoplastic

    Short freezes & FSUIPC autosave

    Jim thank you for the post. For me this seems to me the only cure at present. regards
  8. ideoplastic

    Short freezes & FSUIPC autosave

    Neither have I until now, used it on all flights with payware aircraft, PMDG, Qualitywings etc. After reading Pete's response on his forum (my link above) I don't think autosave has something to do with it, or PMDG and others, for autosave worked flawlessly with them all before. These pauses may have something to do with graphics settings and will check them out tomorrow after the New Year festivities.
  9. ideoplastic

    Short freezes & FSUIPC autosave

    Thanks for the feedback, just to expand on some questions above. I have no antivirus and Windows Defender Firewall is disabled on the P3D PC. Never had any issues with autosave through all the FSX & P3D versions. I fly online and initially I thought it could be the AI when materialising in the scenario, but after removing AI still had the pauses.Only when I did a test with the PMDG 747 on a default airport scenery and it kept ocurring after 5 minutes that I disabled autosave and problem disappeared even while ilater flying in a busy online environment with Orbx, photoscenery and payware airports, Orbx, etc. Yes there is a FSUIPC forum where support can be requested, but this post is just to get an idea if this is being experienced in v4.4 by many, or not, as the case may be, I've checked the forum and Pete replied to a post from user with similar issue, but after a brief search didn't find many users posting on this issue. See last entry in the post. It could also be that P3D reacts badly when autosave goes into action. - Thinking of setting autosave at much longer intervals to avoid such regular pauses that can come in the least wanted situation. Hopefully this will be solved or disappear on next P3D version. A Prosperous and Happy new year to you all
  10. I started experiencing short 5 to 10 sec freezes since full install of P3Dv4.4 and then noticed that the freezes ocurred at 5 minute intervals that coincided with the Autosave setting of 300 seconds. I appreciate that disabling autosave is recommended when experiencing such events, but cannot understand why it has never been a problem for me until version 4.4. Is this related to some of the changes to the sim in this new version, or perhaps is something to do with FSUIPC. Are many other users experiencing this with autosave? Be a shame to disable it as it has proved a life saver during unexpected crashes. Feedback appreciated.
  11. Got the latest PTA plus Matt's v1.8 preset for v4.4 - When enabling the preset the VC MCP and rest of panel looks very dark brown and the VC lighting is very dark. Do I understand correctly that HDR in P3D has to be turned off? If so the result I get is a VC panel that looks like default colour wise. Is it possible to make the VC and it's natural lighting more realistic? Thanks and a happy New Year to all.
  12. ideoplastic

    Merry Christmas AVSIM Community

    Merry Christmas to everyone as I stand here with glass of the finest Port. May the months ahead make you all prosper with much love and well-being. "Hey Santa, pass us that bottle, will ya!
  13. ideoplastic

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    Same here I was getting 8fps lowered the shadows sliders and all is well.
  14. Thanks for the feedback and apologies for not having read everything, these days I have little time due to work, etc. best regards
  15. I'm having an issue when applying presets. No matter what preset I try to load including Matt's Dec18 I keep getting the error below. Applying [Turn off HDR luminance adaptation effect] to D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Applying [Alternate tonemap adjustment] to D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Applying [Contrast tuning] to D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Applying [FXAA quality] to D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess\FXAAResolve.hlsl Applying [Tweak main config (prepar3D.cfg)] to Main config file Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Shaders cache cleared My Shaders default on version 4.4 and cannot find the log mentioned in the error. Advice appreciated whenever possible. best regards