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  1. I have been getting this since the beginning, whenever I try to fly the PMDG747 it crashes after a short time. Similar message. V5 works great with my GA aircraft and with Henrik's AI ships, and the so far relased updated scenery. Could this be due to a memory leak? All my heavy iron flying has to be in v4.5 for the moment.
  2. Very good explanation Rob, thanks for making things for me.
  3. My favourite airports are based on difficult approaches. LXGB, LPMA(05), LEBB(12), LOWI (LOC DME West), Kai-Tak(13), MHTG, SKPS, VQPR, SPZO(RNAV28), and more. Likewise there are also so many beautiful airports excelling in accuracy that the list would be too long. The latest version of EKCH is right there among the top for me. regards
  4. Hi Rob , I'm running v4.5+latest hotfix and v5 on the same PC. I didn't realise that v5 doesn't require simconnect based on your comment, does this apply to all aircraft, etc on v5? regards
  5. Have been using the multipanel with Spad.Next for a few years. Not being knowledgeable in programing profiles was only interested to use the panel in its default state, by that I mean it will work as indicated on the knobs and lever, so looked in the online profiles inside the software for 737 and 747 profiles. Out of all the published profiles for these aircraft found only 2, one is the 737 by c0nnex and the other the one by Ulrich51 for the PMDG 747 QOTS II . Recently and since updating P3Dv4.5 to the latest hotfix the 747 profile stopped working correctly, you can twiddle the buttons and it will alter the items on the MCP but the display doesn't work and gives strange readings. I have posted this on the Spad.Next forum but responses tend to take some time or not at all. There are many profiles for this aircraft as far as I know bar the above, they have all been tweaked to achieve different results and won't work in default state. Ulrich 51 is the owner and developer of Spad.Next. Hope you find what you seek for your panels.
  6. Thanks I was baffled why this was happening but of course wasn't selecting the V4 option. Many thanks
  7. PC12 - SC337 Skymaster - 500S Aero commander and the H850XP. They all work fine in v4. For v5 installed the patch and the aircraft but unfortunately all the VCs suffered the same fate. See screenshot link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kdsbz0vookkvar/CARENADOPC12.bmp?dl=0
  8. Well there is a lot of scenery out there that doesn't require an xml file. eXtensible Markup Language (xml) is not something that everyone understands, also many developers create their installers that don't place the scenery where you want it and needing to move them and amend the xml file, Always thought this was the wrong way to go and much prefer scenery configuration software that can be linked quickly to the scenery.cfg . This issue may well prevent me to continue following the V5 progress but in the future. if some developer creates software with an easy interface, similar to the current scenery config editor, that will allow me to select a folder and quickly generate an add-on.xml for all its contents, then I'll consider it. Lorby's works but found it too confusing and dificult to understand. My personal opinion and totally respect other's choice.
  9. Wondering if anyone knows if there is any scenery config type editor to add scenery to V5? I've tried the current one by repathing to V5 but unfortunately it screws up the scenery config. Seems the file now appears to be type UCS-2 LEBOM. Not interested in xml. Thanks
  10. Thank you Michael and Gerard, always wanted a photoreal germany, tried the one in the 2m european photoreal but it has too many colour changes. regards
  11. Hi Gerard Could you let me know where to get Germany Phoptoreal2? Did a search in the FSXForum.de but only found one post mentioning Germany Photoreal2. Thanks and regards
  12. Like others using latest 4.5 hotfix and very happy. A user of P3D since its infancy and subsequent versions to- date, always looked at the sim as a work in progress and V5 is no different with many bugs and other issues as well as great potential. I prefer to spend my time trying to find out updates and what aircraft and scenery will still work on V5. Reckon that by v5.1 things will get a lot better.
  13. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated guys, was just annoyed to spendso much time extracting and installing 12 zip files
  14. The only thing that really annoys me about their products is that while decompressing the bgls is done at high speed when it gets to decompressing the .agn files it takes forever. An example I bought Greece Photoreal North and South and it took nearly one hour to decompress the .agn files and that is on one of the 6 compressed files that make up the scenery. Does anyone know if removing the agn files affects the actual photoreal bgl files? regards
  15. After flying around over certain areas of the world with which I'm acquainted have found lots of water bodies that do not exist in real life and all the issues the issues found in this thread. Cannot understand LM claim that the vector data is better than on V4. Also ground textures look a lot worse than in v4 in quite a lot of areas. Cannot understand why Orbx has discontinued Vector for v5. Let's hope this version will soon be superseded by a better one.
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