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  1. ideoplastic

    Issue with FlyTampa StMaarten on v4.3

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to find a full tutorial on xml and then how to use it correctly on P3D. I don't really like this way of doing things, seems more complicated and prone to errors unless one learns how to correctly write xml files.
  2. P3Dv4.3 on Win10 Professional - Installed version 1.9 which automatically placed the folders and the Libraries in the FlyTampa folder in the sim root directory. Inside each folders there is an addon.xml file, that covers folders such as AI ships, World, Effects, etc. Then created 2 folders one for Libraries and another for StMaarten in the Documents\Prepar3D Addon folder and moved each addon.xml to the respective folder.. After starting the sim and selecting StMaarten it loads up to 100% then the sim just disappears, with no error messages. Seeing that the scenery and Library are being read by the sim on start up when it requests permission to load, what could be causing the problem. All other sceneries seem to work fine. Also rather confused about the different ways some developers ask you to activate xml file, some using command line and others by dropping the addon.xml in the Documents\P3D addon folder. If anyone can point me in the direction of a clear tutorial about how to use the xml files in P3D and how to layer the order of the entries, would be most appreciated. thanks
  3. ideoplastic

    Advice before getting Windows 10 Pro 64

    Thanks for the fedback, looks as if I'm going to take the plunge and go for the Pro version. Win7 64 doesn't scale my 4k 3840x2160 Monitor and get all sort of display issues with various programs. Regards
  4. Hello Due to my 4k monitor not displaying correctly on my Win764 and having read some posts in this Forum, I understand that the 64bit version will work well on P3Dv4.3. However just wanted to check if the following items will still work. SPAD.neXt for Logitech/Saitek Panels Input Director Seamless connection to another PC on network running Win7 64. Grateful for feedback and for any additional information on any other sim software that won't work. Thanks
  5. ideoplastic

    747-400 Over banking

    First of all thanks to everyone, didn't realise there would be so many responses. The issue has been resolved. Turned off all the fuselage, camera shakes, etc in EZDOK and turned down turbulence effect scale in AS to 25%, enhanced turbulence was already off. So restarted the same flight I did yesterday with same weather and all went 100% well. There is only one item on AS I'm not sure about and that is the Maximum Wind Turbulence. Also will the 747 produce it's own turbulence effects? Have made a note of all this so in future I don't forget when installing a new version of P3D. regards
  6. ideoplastic

    747-400 Over banking

    Will do as you suggest when I get home this evening and will report back. thanks
  7. ideoplastic

    747-400 Over banking

    Kyle thanks for coming back. The banking is extreme to the point that slightly deviates from the LNAV path. I do have EZDOK and before this new installation of P3Dv4 never caused any issues, and Active Sky for P3Dv4 settings are default. Will look into this again but I'm not sure how to check if it has something to do with a camera, will also revisit the AS settings. Regards
  8. Have recently installed P3D4.3 and the PMDG aircraft 737, 747 & 777. However for some unknown reason the 747 over banks while turning and have so far been unable to find why this is happening seeing that I have reduced the angle to minimum and even set it to auto but to no avail. Feedback much appreciated. Thanks
  9. ideoplastic

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Some of my purchases which include products from Aerosoft, RFScenery Building, JustSim, Cilosim and SimsceneX have no download links anymore. I wrote to them but have received no reply, does anybody know if any of these developers would provide update links if one sends proof of purchase, serial, etc? - Very disappointing situation.
  10. ideoplastic

    Desktop Speakers feedback

    Need to change my desktop speakers and was wondering what would be a good pair for P3Dv4. Due to space limits I'm unable to have a Dolby 5.1 type. Thanks in advance.
  11. ideoplastic

    Improvements in V4.3

    I do concur with others that the sim is smoother and DL now doesn't reduce my FPS that much. It was a lot worse before. One thing that has also changed for me is that it takes longer to load the scenery, but that's a reasonable price to pay in view of the improvements.
  12. ideoplastic

    Feedback from networked users

    It appears that the problem was caused by the removal of my simconnect.xml when upgrading to P3Dv4.3 - All restored and simconnect now works on networked set-up. best to all.
  13. ideoplastic

    Feedback from networked users

    Since upgrading to P3dv4.3 I have not been able to use any software that resides on the remote PC, such as ActiveSkyP3D4 (updated to v4.3), etc. The error message is that the sim on client cannot be found. Sems to me that Simconnect is not working on remote in this new version, but wanted to check with networked users if they have had similar issues before I post on the P3D forums. Feedback appreciated. Other issues encountered have been: P3D hangs during start up and on various ocassions and having to use Delete Generated Files. Extremely slow loading of sceneries sometimes taking up to 4 minutes. regards
  14. ideoplastic


    I have all the items mentioned on this post and tried them all, and in the end I still use all clouds from REX Skyforce and weather from ASP3D4 - I am at this very moment parked at Stansted on a clear very sunny day. The only cloud textures that come closest to reality after tweaking the light levels are those by Rex. I live only 3 miles from the airport and when I tried all these programs in different types of weather all were lacking, except for REX and the reason has always been for me that I found it impossible to achieve a correct level of atmospheric lighting and clouds looked rather dull and washed out.. On a very cloudy or overcast day there is always light glare and only managed to achieve it with the Rex textures and some lighting tweaks. Of course this is my subjective opinion and respect those of others with a different view, just wanted to tell my own experience.
  15. ideoplastic

    Track IR & EZDOK

    Thank you very much for all your replies. I think I will go for TrackIR and give it a try. Now i need to find a tutorial in YouTube for using the combo. Bests