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    Real world Air Traffic Controller and Pilot of light singles
  1. nippa

    Lear 35A major update coming soon!

    I like that idea. The continuing support is appreciated...thankyou
  2. nippa

    WX Advantage Radar

    Even before BitDefender started to reject the new version I'd had no luck installing it in P3Dv4.1" The application rexdownloadmanagerlite.exe accesses a web resource "cut" that has been detected as infected. Virus name: Gen:Variant.Mikey.76707. The web resource has been successfully blocked and your PC is now safe."
  3. nippa

    REX Wx Radar into Bert's Panel v57

    For the moment I've given up on WX Advantage Radar with P3Dv4.1 as it's not working with my Flysimware or Milviz aircraft. Two installations have crashed the sim.
  4. I try to channel my Amex usage through PayPal for security and have made 3 successful purchases with Carenado in the last two days. I'm sure the problem will be sorted once they know.
  5. I've used Kaspersky from time to time since it was first introduced and it's always been one of the best in independent AV tests . For extra security I run it with Malwarebytes Premium as it's is designed to run alongside other security software. Anyway , Kaspersky repeated the deletions this evening so I've had to create exceptions which can be found by selecting "settings" ( little cog symbol bottom left of initial screen ) then "additional" then " threats and exclusions" then add the offending files or folder.
  6. If you use Kaspersky Security Software and store the original download files on your hard drive this might affect you........ This morning Kaspersky deleted six of them claiming that a Trojan was present ; almost certainly a false positive caused by the latest update.. I retrieved all the files from the Quarantine.
  7. nippa


    I had Kaspersky AV do the same thing. Just exclude the file if you can.
  8. nippa

    Unhide Yoke? + Owners User Manual

    Did you find the hotspot on the floor at the base of the control column?
  9. You're spot on! The texture was missing so I copied the daylight version renamed it by adding "_night" and a "different" version shows on the panel. Adding the word night changes the effect ; now I didn't know that. Thanks for your post
  10. On the missing Glare Shield texture Carenado support (as of yesterday) appear not to understand the problem. Perhaps more support tickets are needed before they act.
  11. nippa

    Mitsubishi MU-2B update 2.4

    Wow didn't expect that ; hasn't arrived at JustFlight yet. Much appreciated
  12. Some of us are having engine problems with the Turbo Arrow IV ( a temporary glitch I'm sure ) but the Turbo Arrow III is just terrific. This Just Flight addition matches the looks of Carenado with the flyability of Flysimware AND I got a discount. A great buy.
  13. nippa

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    I wish DoveTail well but For the first time ever I've requested a refund from Steam and have uninstalled the software. A combination of very long loading times and poor frame rates led me to conclude that it wasn't worth more effort until the software is beyond the Beta stage. Even maxed out , the Graphics couldn't match FSX ; so I guess that I need a top of the range Graphics Card now and a new processor. What happened to 64 bit improvements?
  14. nippa

    Payware planes (all) bank to the left

    In the past I've had a number of aircraft that want to fly left just like the OP. As a former real world amateur pilot I've found the torque and p settings too ferocious and quite unlike my real life experience..they are now set at minimum. In most of the light aircraft models that I own , unequal tankage or one single occupant has far too great an effect on stability...I'm looking at you A2A!
  15. nippa

    If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    It's on JustFlight. Just a quick flight and all looking good except for the keyboard/joystick command to engage/disengage nosewheel steering may have changed. I've not had time to look too closely.