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  1. Thanks for your help it led me in the right direction. Just a corrupt file. FWIW , I now have 4 different copies of Sim Connect Client running to accommodate other add ons but the Falcon is flying nicely.
  2. Solved. I found two copies of MFS Sim Connect Client running. Removed the older version and now everything is fine.
  3. I'd never noticed the button animation before. Animated ...yes but stuck down ...and then rises when pushed. Quite the reverse of what you expect. FWIW , FSX Steam Beta was installed last night but no change so back to the original. As P3D is working normally with the animation , I'm going to give up now ; thanks again for your help DC
  4. Thanks for your help , at least I know that it's my FSX problem not the downloaded file I've worked through all combinations of things to kill the lights , even a cold start (where the lights are off initially) brings up the same fault. I then went back to 1.9c and the problem persists so proving that it's down to me. Every warning light from the annunciator panel to auto pilot in the pedestal to overhead is ON unless the test switch is held down with the mouse. DC
  5. Thanks for your help Al I started fresh installs in both FSX SE and P3D this afternoon so no saved flights to delete but did as you suggested and replaced the .MDL file. No change at all. In FSX SE ; the test button still operates in reverse but fine in P3D with the original file..... weird.
  6. Anyone else getting this: After 1.9H , the Caption Panel and other lit warnings are permanently lit in FSX SE. It's as if the the Test Button works in reverse. Hold it down and the lights go out. I've tried a variety of MS Default aircraft to start but no change so far. FWIW things seem to work as expected with P3Dv4.4
  7. Rather clunky 19fps in FSX Steam on my older 1gb video/8gb RAM system with options wound down. Generally not as pleasing as I'd expected but it may be when I get around to a new computer.
  8. Just Flight are still calling the file v4.2e. It seems to be 4.2f. Many thanks to the devs for their continued support
  9. And another thankyou from me. Looks fabulous.
  10. Just loving the new wheel whine sound.
  11. I bought the Falcon yesterday and I have the Lear , C441 and the Mu2 so clearly I like what Flysimware does. Still learning but not disappointed at all even before the new textures. " if you like the Lear you'll love the Falcon" .. oh yes
  12. I like that idea. The continuing support is appreciated...thankyou
  13. Even before BitDefender started to reject the new version I'd had no luck installing it in P3Dv4.1" The application rexdownloadmanagerlite.exe accesses a web resource "cut" that has been detected as infected. Virus name: Gen:Variant.Mikey.76707. The web resource has been successfully blocked and your PC is now safe."
  14. For the moment I've given up on WX Advantage Radar with P3Dv4.1 as it's not working with my Flysimware or Milviz aircraft. Two installations have crashed the sim.
  15. I try to channel my Amex usage through PayPal for security and have made 3 successful purchases with Carenado in the last two days. I'm sure the problem will be sorted once they know.
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