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  1. erichihill336

    LJ35 Random Flame-out

    Stans might be on to something. I hadn't consider that possibility yet. And, since no one else seems to be having the issue I'll do some testing. Will report back.
  2. erichihill336

    LJ35 Random Flame-out

    This happens at all altitudes and and weather. No consistent timing either. I've tried with all available heat and anti-ice on as well as the igniters to no avail. I should add that I hold a LRJet type and have been trying to isolate the bug but, have found no resolution yet. Eric
  3. erichihill336

    LJ35 Random Flame-out

    Thanks Al, I tried that after the fact last time just for giggles but to no avail.
  4. erichihill336

    LJ35 Random Flame-out

    In P3Dv4 I have been experiencing unexplained engine flame outs multiple times per flight with no rhyme or reason. I can manually restart no problem but it will happen again 30 mins later. Any thoughts?
  5. erichihill336

    P3Dv4.1 Freezing

    UPDATE: I isolated the problem to trying to use my REX/MILVIZ radar with the MD after selecting another client it works.
  6. erichihill336

    P3Dv4.1 Freezing

    Brian, I have tried both. I have updated to P3Dv4.2 , uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the MD80 and FS2Crew. All to no avail. Is there some trigger at +25 on the pre-flight procedures that might be causing it to hang? Eric
  7. erichihill336

    P3Dv4.1 Freezing

    When using FS2Crew and running the pre-flight events P3d will consistently freeze and no longer respond after the the FO checks the landing gear warning. No relevant error log either. Any ideas? Eric
  8. erichihill336


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still have an Aussie fuel guy ALL over the United States. Very confusing. How does FS2Crew determan our region anyway? It's not a huge deal but it never did this in v3!!
  9. erichihill336


    I only fly in North America generally so I don't understand why it's only Austrailian...
  10. erichihill336


    Anyone else have only Aussie fueler voices regardless of location or voice set chosen?
  11. erichihill336

    P3Dv4 737 FREEZES

    10 seconds or so into launching the NGX its functions freeze. Controls are stuck, switches move but do nothing, and P3D is still functioning. I can look around the flight deck, flip switched and push buttons but no function. If i change scenarios to a different aircraft in the P3D menu everything is fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the NGX twice. Have no anti-virus running, have reinstalled the P3D client, and submitted a support ticket. Anyone else have this problem or any ideas?
  12. erichihill336

    Can't add scenery to library in v3.2

    I'll give it a shot, thanks.
  13. Ever time I try to add scenery that's installed to the library I select it click add the window closes and nothing is added to the library. Any ideas??
  14. erichihill336

    MILVIZ WX radar

    Any idea if the Lead 35 could be compatible with the new milviz as radar?