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  1. LeightonPC

    Small Corporate Jet

    It does really seem as though there isn't much on the market. I have just tried both the Lion Heart LJ24B and the FlightSimWare LJ35A but I am not really happy with them. I may need to broaden my search by the look of it. Ill take a look at some of those planes that you guys have suggested.
  2. LeightonPC

    Small Corporate Jet

    Duhh, sorry mind blank there. I will for sure look into it then mate Just a little bit newer than what I was looking for mate Nice aircraft but I am looking for pretty much all steam gauges. I like the aircraft and I may look into it in the future but last reply pretty much fits this one too, as a matter of fact I believe it is the same aircraft Thanks guys
  3. LeightonPC

    Small Corporate Jet

    Sadly I only run steam edition so I am therefore unable to run that Learjet 24B although it is a really nice aircraft indeed. And I will have a look both at FlightSimWare's radar and Roland's. Cheers
  4. @AuthurSLima it is definitely something you would need to be able to do by yourself to some extent before going in with me. If you want to find out about it go to www.pilotedge.net
  5. LeightonPC

    Small Corporate Jet

    Gday, I am just doing some late night pondering and looking for a good small business jet. I have a few things that I want from it, I want it to be hands on and somewhat old fashioned (none of this G1000 crap) but I also need it to be quite small as I want to try to bring it into small airstrip on Pilot Edge. I also want it to be as realistic as possible. I have come to the conclusion that the FlightSimWare Learjet 35A is my best option... Am I correct on that or is there a better option that fits my needs? Also I am wondering what weather radar you guys would recommend too as I would want to fully fit it out. I use active sky next but I want a fully functional one unlike the little ASN integration you can do. Do note that I use SE so I don't believe the Reality XP one that is intended will work. Thanks, Leighton
  6. LeightonPC

    Recommended Addon GPSs

    I think I am going to be getting the 650 too but I would definitely like to ha E a less overpowered GPS sometimes. I think I'll get it and just hope I can integrate it via the 3D panels of my aircraft. I don't like pop out windows so one fan only hope
  7. LeightonPC

    Recommended Addon GPSs

    Okay, thanks for that. As for integration with payware aircraft it should work fine right?
  8. G'day. I was just wondering if anyone here is on Pilot Edge and if so, if they'd like to do a group flight or A320/Q400 shared cockpit. I am in New Zealand so I am time zone limited although I will try and make things work Let me know. Cheers, Leighton T.
  9. Hi there, I am looking into purchasing another GPS for my planes. I already have the Garmin GTN 750 from Flight1 but I would like to mix it up with something like the GNS 430. I have read around and there has been no definitive answer on whether the Reality XP or Mindstar GPS is better and the posts were also quite old. I am not sure if the RXP one would even work on steam edition. If anyone has one of these GPS systems in FSX:SE I would love to hear about how they work for you and with the Mindstar how well integration went with other aircraft. If there are any other decent GPSs id also love to hear about it Cheers, Leighton T.
  10. LeightonPC

    Resetting Scenery Database?

    The weird thing is I have deleted that folder entirely but it still seems to have my scenery I used to have installed in there. I am struggling to find where it is located.
  11. G'day, I am currently in the process of resetting up my sim after a reinstall but I must have missed a file when deleting everything now I get this error when starting my sim: http://puu.sh/owegj/569ff10d78.png If anyone knows where I can find the database to reset this I would love if you could let me know Cheers, Leighton
  12. Hi there, I use FSX-SE and I have a lot of scenary with multiple jetways or in Imaginesim WSSS no jetways work without AES. I know on FSX-ME AES will let you connect more than one jetway and I bought 10 credits for it but from what I can tell around there is NO way to get that to work... If there is a non-offical way I would love to know, if not are there any other addons or tricks I can do to get this to work. Thanks, Leighton
  13. LeightonPC

    Problems With My New Plane :(

    That is one of the two pages. I didn't even go to that when I bought it because I didn't have to... You can buy it right off the products page in which it should still be stated there. Sorry, I got mixed up between my triple 7 documents which contained this: Overall I dont think anybody is in the wrong here... Steps can be taken to prevent this in the future and I think it is the best thing you can do. Even if you "dont support it" you should do what you can to help people that made the same mistake as I did. It shouldn't be a matter if you have to or not, they are your customers and were expecting to be able to fly a plane that cost a lot of money especially for people my age. I went a bit to far with the money grabbing part but I get mad when people dont do what they can to prevent stuff like this when it isn't that hard. Sorry if I came across as rude but I did just spend $70 NZD (That is a lot of money for me) on a damn plane to realize it didn't work. I fixed it in the end but dont let this happen to more people...
  14. LeightonPC

    Problems With My New Plane :(

    Now I am just confused. I read document that came in the ZIP and it fixed all my issues. Is your support just not informed about this document because it would be very easy for you to tell people about its existence. I also agree with Christopher in that a lot of new people to the sim community didn't even know there was a difference (That is me). I bought your 777 and it worked just like that so forgive me for trusting a company I had a very good experience with. Sorry to "fire up" but it wouldn't be hard to prevent this from happening to more people by just saying at the top of the page on the products page for this and any other plane that doesn't support SE. To me it feels like you would prefer to take our money. Leighton Thompson